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Important bloodlines also mark Paint Horses out as a distinct breed. TD Kid 2001 Sorrel Overo Stallion APHA #630137 / AQHA #4481511 15.1-1/2 hh / OLWS … Registered breeders who sell an American Paint Horse maintain these strict standards of both ancestry and coat colour patterns. Financial - 1 August 20 to 31st July 2021. 1.6K likes. Newsletter. Trail 500 € ~ 564 $ (Stud Fee) Add to watch list.   2021 National Futurities Stallion Breeding Reports; Subscriptions; APHA Plus; Education. Click here to view website. While some people, including the native Americans, revered and cherished the horses for their colour, intelligence and sensitivity, others found them unattractive and excluded them from events. We are super proud for Doc to be listed here, beating out Quarter Horses and all other paints for the years listed!!!! About the PHAA. Standing between 15 hands (60 inches/152.4cm) and 16 hands (64 inches/162.56cm) high, the modern American Paint Horse combines a refined appearance with intelligence and strength. Website Design by Tobiano Pattern; Overo Pattern; Tovero Pattern; Solid Paint-Bred; Coat Colors; Color Requirements; Registration Guides. Breed to the Best. Bronze. Equestrians who decide to buy an American Paint Horse are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Copyright 1999-2020 • ehorses GmbH & Co. KG • - for private and commercial customers. CATEGORY 1 - ARENA PERFORMANCE Foundation stallions include Painted Joe and Mr J Bar, while mares Calamity Jane and Crystal Eye were famed at cutting and racing respectively. All of our Paint Horses come from lines that produce unique athleticism, disposition, conformation and talent. Membership Now Due 2020/2021 Membership Year Renewals are open. Thanks for submitting! Now combined with the American Paint Quarter Horse Association, the APHA has one of the biggest registries on the planet. This form of prejudice also existed in the UK historically. Coat colours should be a combination of a base colour, such as black, sorrel, chestnut, brown or bay, plus white, although the solid-coloured foals of two registered Paint parents can also be registered. Our get from these bloodlines continue the Paynter’s Paint Ranch tradition. We specialize in producing quality, race bred APHA performance horses. He also has earned National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) and National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) monies, as well as numerous regional and club awards. The APHA actively encourages its many international members and their talented horses to take part in activities as diverse as racing, showjumping and western classes. The tomb of Menna, an important official who lived in the reign of King Amenhotep III (1400–1352 BCE), has an image of a pair of spectacular chestnut and white chariot horses. In addition to standing DIABLOS PAINTED DOC, Paynter’s Paint Ranch features Paint and Quarter horse broodmares from these famous bloodlines:  Color Me Smart, JR Red Diablo, HB Instant Choice, Genuine Hombre, Cats Moonshine, Paddys Irish Whiskey, Genuine Doc, Shining Spark and Mark This Spot. STALLION SERVICE. with your personal request to your desired horse. Reining The two basic coat patterns are tobiano, the most common, and overo. Paint Horse Association of Australia Ltd. Docspaintedfrostylady, a  black and white homozygous Tobiano mare, is out of Markanotherspot by Mark This Spot. Western Other - Leisure FR-11400 Saint-papoul. Docspaintedsmartlena, a sorrel and white Tobiano, has also been sold and has winnings in the American Stock Horse Association. are about prestige, and honour; the winning... Do you own a registered paint horse? SMOOTH CAT. The American Paint Horse Association is proud that its members “dare to be different”. than forty years on, we have experienced enormous growth in members and the Paint Horse Breed. We are so proud that the horses that we have raised have become reined cow horses, reiners, ropers, cutters, penners, sorters, ranch riders, or just great horses to ride and enjoy for our customers. Their eye-catching, athletic horses always draw plenty of attention as they compete across a range of activities. Overo consists of dramatic splashes of white scattered across the coat, with dark legs. 2020-standing-committees/ Regional Clubs; APHA Annual Reports ; Hall Of Fame; Official APHA Rule Book; The Breed. Technically, the colour is pinto, which can be found in other types and breeds. Horses with attractive coat colours like the American Paint have existed since ancient Egyptian times. American Paint Horses are known for their unique coloring with large patches of white mixed into their coats. Please feel free to discuss and post all things Paint Horse related but NO advertising within this gr... © 2020. Renew/Join NOW. With this option your advertisement will be extra advertised on the top page of search results. Paint Horse, Stallion, 8 years, 15 hh, Tobiano-all-colors. Notably, Blue One Time, Hickory Holly Time, This One Time, Color Me Smart and Gunner On Ice, as well as on our own DIABLOS PAINTED DOC. F: BIG KING KURT STEP | MF: DOCS RED ROBIN, F: MISTER PAINTED OLENA | MF: DOLL MOUNT CHEX, F: DUNNIT COWBOY STAR | MF: DOC SOLID GOLD, F: APACHES THUNDER BARR | MF: MR. Doc sires beautiful and talented foals with great dispositions. Working Cow Horse, 1 APHA Limited Amateur Cow Horse Challenge Reserve Championship, over $16,000 in National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) and APHA Reining Challenge earnings. Standing at stud is DIABLOS PAINTED  DOC, a 3 Time Equi-Stat Listed Top Jr. Reined Cow Horse Stallion. c. d. Paint Horse, Stallion, 10 years, 14.1 hh, Overo-all-colors. Online Registration; HorseIQ; Register Your Paint; Board of Directors; State Directors. The Association serves as an information centre for its members and the general public on matters pertaining to shows, contests and projects designed to improve and aid the industry. Tobiano horses often have solid-coloured heads with markings such as a blaze, snip, star or stripe, with dark colouring on their flanks, and white legs. Western Other - Reining - Cowhorse DE-18337 Marlow. Frosty was sold shortly after becoming a money earner in NRCHA. Financial - 1 August 20 to 31st July 2021. Paynter's Paint Ranch proudly offers breeding and sales of a variety of colorful American Paint Horse Association’s (APHA) beautifully marked Tobianos, Overos, and Toveros. All Time Fancy 1998 Overo Stallion. Since the breed originated from working stock, it’s important that every registered horse can still exhibit the skills that made them so valued on ranches and cattle drives across the USA. F: PEPSY POCO SMOKE. F: QTS CLEARCRYSTAL BEAR | MF: THREE BEAUS BO. Contact us today to breed to DIABLOS PAINTED DOC or to purchase your next winner in the pen or on your ranch! Western Hors... Find and follow us on Facebook for all up to date information and to post photographs and brag posts of your Paint Horses. The listing is compiled by how much money his get have earned in comparison to all other NRCHA Stallions. Learn More . By clicking on "Register Now", you agree to our. Only American Paint Horse and selected Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred lineages are permitted. Powerful hindquarters that instantly provide forward propulsion when required are also a feature. 11 WORLD HALTER TITLES CHAMPION BLACK TOBIANO PAINT HORSE STALLION Subscribe Form. Learn More. Remember, Doc's foals have great potential to become your money earning performers! Get our ehorses newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything! Western Riding F: NIFTYS WELMER CHEX | MF: JETABRAND. 500 € ~ 564 $ (Stud Fee) Add to watch list. Find Paint Horses for sale. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of our stock. Thanks for visiting! The primary consideration when planning to buy an American Paint Horse is that it is a colour breed, which means both colour and quality are usually essential for registration. Submit. The Paint Horse Association’s most prestige events are the annual futurities, these events run in conjunction with the National Show every year. Experts on the breed suggest that horses with paint colouring were brought by some of the early Spanish arrivals to North America. Breeding world class Homozygous Tobiano APHA performance Paint and AQHA Quarter Horses for Barrel racing, cutting, roping, reining, ranch working cow horses for sale, selling show prospects that have been imprinted from birth, had gentle training and are bonded with humans. Register now for free! 2003 Reserve World Champion . Tovero is a mixture of both, and there are subdivisions of overo colouring, such as sabino and splashed white. Listed below are several of his more famous get. Welcome to. Mar 30, 2014 - The essence of a true working paint stallion. Tribune APHA Stallion, Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Recognition of their fantastic qualities came in 1962, when Rebecca Lockhart and other supporters of paint stock horses decided to celebrate them by creating the American Paint Stock Horse Association. 4 TIME WORLD CHAMPION HALTER HORSE MULTIPLE WORLD CHAMPION SIRE Click here to view website. Now, more Spotted Fawn Paints. Stallion Barn. In addition, he has APHA Superiors in both events. It will be listed above the regular search results. 1997 Sorrel Overo Stallion APHA #395,671 / AQHA #4,808,153 16hh / OWLS-Positive / HYPP-N/H . The Association serves as an information centre for its members and the general public on matters pertaining to shows, contests and projects designed to improve and aid the industry. American Paints are not only beautiful to look at, but are also outstanding performers whose action is straight and true. See more ideas about Apha, Stallion, Horses. All rights reserved. 9035219573 ©2018 by Lazy Susan Ranch.


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