pat jul 972 trunk value
Used (normal wear), Very rare (pat jul 972) trunk! Thanks. google_color_text = "000000"; By signing up, you agree to our Latest Update - T103, T126, L100, L111, M107, M119, P101. We'll never post anything without your permission. Go to previous slide - Shop by Region of Origin, Go to next slide - Shop by Region of Origin, Camel Back Steamer Trunk In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Crouch Fitzgerald In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Antique Hope Chest In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Camelback Trunk In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Eagle Lock Company Trunk In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Syrian Furniture Indiana Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Antique Immigrant Trunk In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Trunk Hardware In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Antique Strong Boxes Indiana Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Chest Hinges In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Immigrant Trunk In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Antique Trunk Keys In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899), Chest Lock In Antique Chests & Trunks (1800-1899). Most were wooden flat-tops covered in canvas. Any info and/or value would be greatly appreciated. FIND ALL ENDING & FOLLOWED ITEMS IN ONE CONVENIENT DESKTOP LOCATION, View all items from Traditional Furnishings, Jewelry, Décor & More sale. ... Hartmann - This Racine, Wisconsin-based trunk builder built many wardrobe trunks. Steamer Trunk Posted by TiffanyLee. L- 24 in. Dome drunk, key not included. Website updated: October 21st, 2020 To check your device for updates: Using a device that is infected with a virus or other malware. Advertisement. Dome drunk, key not included. $645.00. or Best Offer. terms and conditions. A reproduction steamer trunk. When researching what your trunk may be worth you will run into a wide array of asking prices. Our trunks are carefully restored and refinished with only high quality materials and finishes. If interested additional pictures can be emailed to you upon request. - wear consistent with age and use. The inside of a chest is often covered with delicate fabric while the inside of a trunk is either left plain or covered with old newspapers. Terms & Conditions. Vintage Belber steamer trunk. Click Here to Visit Our New Online Store. Mar 1880 on hardware, Pat Jul 972 on lock, Victorian picture inside. The lock says Pat Jul 972 which is apparently the patent date of the lock as July 9, 1872. Saratoga - Designed for well-to-do travelers, these fancy trunks have luxurious hardware on them. $999.49. Moynat - One of very few female trunk builders, she built trunks for luxury buyers in Paris. On the front hinges it has "PAT JUL 972" and "CORP. BATES" written on top. About Our Workmanship: Trunk Value Information Thanks. Condition: Poor. Any info and value would be greatly appreciated. This trunk is from the 1920's, Good Condition. The most common are the flat-topped options because they could be easily stacked when traveling. Shipping & Info These manufacturers include: Many factors affect reasonably priced old chests. Antique trunks, original trunk locks, and other antique items are listed below. Trunks were often a stronger option, and they had fewer design features. The value of your cedar chest depends on its condition, the local market and level of demand. Pat. Maison Goyard - This Paris-based trunk builder is especially known for building steamer trunks. Guestbook-Forum Order Now $350.00 shipping. To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. Comes with inner tray. Don't know anything but through research found that it is a humpback trunk, the lock is from July 9, 1872 and it is possibly from the 1880's from the patent mark.


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