persuasive essay on blood donation
Experienced and creative writers will make sure your paper meets all the requirements and presents the convincing position regarding any problem. Your blood can give a random stranger or loved one another day in life and that makes you an instant hero. Blood is one of the most essential fluids of our body that helps in the smooth functioning of our body. Introduction You may have even already had similar experiences. This teaching is base upon three passages in the Bible which prohibit the consuming of blood. II. The people I am talking about donate parts of themselves to extremely ill patients, Ethington Yet, only about 3% of the population currently gives blood. A. In this short persuasive essay, I argue that donating blood is extremely important for saving lives and can be even beneficial for donors … To draw the conclusion, I would like to say that blood donation is a key process that allows hospitals to provide timely help. Additionally, adult cancer and trauma patients may require platelet transfusions to survive. Loss of Appendages Do not hesitate and place the order right now! III. • Acts of altruism make you feel good! Did you know that blood donated to the American Red Cross saves XXX lives per year? • Free health screening: Every time you give blood, a medical technician, doctor or nurse will check your blood pressure and give you a free health screening. Yet only 5% of the eligible U.S population donates blood in any given year. Persuasive Speech: Donate Blood Summary: Objective essay to persuade people to give blood. Persuasive Speech: Donate Blood Summary: Objective essay to persuade people to give blood. Blood donation benefits extend beyond those who receive life-giving blood. A. Over 4.5 million patients need blood transfusions each year in the United States and Canada. For example, women with complications of pregnancies strongly require transfusion to survive after traumatic childbirth (WHO, 2017). Thesis: The need for blood donors is crucial it could save a life of someone you know or your own. Blood is only used when need. This blood donation essay is one of persuasive essay samples available on for reference. As argued by Boyle (2013), the lifesaving power of blood donation can hardly be overestimated, as it helps hospitals to deliver holistic and timely care. So, if I am understanding this correctly, the nation is still experiencing a blood shortage? Women who smoke have increased difficulty getting pregnant as compared to nonsmokers, and also have a higher rate of miscarriages during pregnancy. And even some how their life indirectly depends on all of us in this room today. Between 2 weeks to 3 months, ones circulation improves, walking becomes easier and lung function increases. Does anybody know how many people can be saved by one donation? Why should I donate blood? Although no conclusive evidence is available, numerous physicians have noted that blood donors typically have fewer cases of heart disease than non-donors. There is a continuous need for new blood donors, because the demand for donor blood is increasing, whereas the supply of blood is declining. One donation can help save the lives of up to three people and since blood is an essential substance that cannot be manufactured, It can only come from volunteer donors (,2013) Genesis 9:4: " but flesh with . Retrieved from II. Some people who smoke regularly over a long period of time develop a disease called "peripheral vascular disease". You just lay back and let the nurses do the work Contrary to the common misconception, blood donation is a fulfilling and even beneficial process for donors. I. Because the blood cannot be manufactured in the clinical setting, there is a high demand for eligible donors ready to donate their blood regularly (American Red Cross, 2017). The actual process takes no more than eight-ten minutes, during which a donor sits comfortably while nurses or other medical staff take the required amount of blood.   Currently only 5% of those eligible to do so actually donate blood even though 1 in 3 people will need this blood at some point in their lifetimes. SPE 103-02 Three kinds of blood cells are produced inside the marrow: red blood cells, disease fighting white blood cells and blood clotting platelets. As we all know, the Red Cross Society is responsible for providing blood to thousands of hospitals in the United States. Attention-getter: Ethos & Audience Adaptation – The reason I chose this topic is because I am a blood donator. c. It, PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE – ORGAN DONATION After the donation, it is recommended to have a nutritious meal and drink and then return to the daily activities with a feeling of pride and accomplishment (American Red Cross, 2017). Organ donation is a selfless way to give back to others, and to be able to make a huge difference by giving another person a second chance, 3.2. Blood Donation Persuasive Speaking 1497 Words | 6 Pages. Financial education needs, Persuasive Speech: Donate Blood Their life depends on such donated blood. 1. (2017). Preview – I want to inform you about who can donate blood, the process and how the blood is used. The main benefit is that a person receives a free and quick checkup, which allows making sure that everything is fine. Why donate blood. Sickle cell disease prevents oxygen from reaching the spleen, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, or other organs, causing a lot of damage (Feldman, 2009). The problem is that the body can produce its own blood to a certain limit, so the external sources are needed to help the organism to recover. Retrieved from, Donate Blood. First you should know that it is a safe and healthy thing to do. When I enrolled in speech communication class, I believed that this class will be a great opportunity for me to improve on one of my biggest weaknesses, and at the end, which I believe has successfully improved on. B. It only takes about an hour So let’s get right to the marrow, inside the bones where it all begins. Purpose: To persuade my audience to consider becoming organ donors after death . 2. A person ready to donate one’s blood should register and undergo a short checkup (pulse, temperature, blood pressure, etc.). Introduction: So I’ll like too speak something regarding blood donation… Similar stories happen every day in the United States.   • Reduced risk of heart disease: Some doctors and scientists believe that giving blood may prevent heart disease. II. While iron is an important element and necessary for human life, too much iron may actually damage the heart and circulatory system. Topic: Blood Donation A. But there is no substitute for blood. Smoking affects ones ability to procreate.


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