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I regret expressing my feelings in a glib way that did not convey the importance of those needs. Therefore with regards to calls for me to 'apologize,' I have to ask, apologize for what? Wynn tweeted. The criticisms are all legitimate and fair, but they seem to have culminated into a larger statement about whether Natalie ‘ContraPoints’ Wynn, or other BreadTubers for that matter, should be entrusted the keys of the revolution when they haven’t made a concerted effort to cater to each and every single whim of every leftist subculture there is. This is compounded by the fact that it is even easier than ever to forget someone's humanity and only see them as a personality or a profile page. Many of us transsexuals are also appalled and upset at the hate and anger coming from the transgender agenda. His videos discuss philosophy through a left-wing perspective often informed by developments in contemporary politics. [26][27] He has been open about his struggle with suicide and self harm, represented by his "Cosmonaut" character,[28] and credits the UK mental health charity Samaritans for saving his life. Yes, from the looks of it, Wynn has displayed a consistent lack of proper understanding and support of the non-binary community. On August 2019, inspired by his friend Hbomberguy's Mermaids stream (which featured Thorn), he hosted a five day charity stream where he read the complete works of William Shakespeare for the Samaritans,[29] with special guests such as ContraPoints, Jim Sterling, Mara Wilson, Kyle Kallgren, Dan Olson (Foldable Human), Maggie Mae Fish and SonicFox, among others, voicing characters from the plays. I recently read a paper that actually repudiated Foucauldian sexuality theory pretty specifically -- it is Reclaiming Sexual Difference: What Queer Theory Can't Tell Us about Sexuality from the Journal of Bisexuality. As ContraPoints, Wynn has amassed a large following and mainstream praise in recent years because of her clever philosophical debates, her distinct visual style, and her hilarious yet well-written stable of characters (all played by Wynn herself) she uses in order to discuss transgender issues, as well as explain and expose the growing worldwide movement of white supremacy. Subscribe to learn and boost your brain power! It saddens us...". What Does the ContraPoints Controversy Say About the Way We Criticize? This situation can often feel like a transgender person or persons are being singled out because they are trans, with everyone else recognizing their "otherness." Abuse. Upon learning of the twisting of the narrative for far-right purposes, Wynn returned to Twitter a week later with a statement, saying "My discomfort with gender-neutral language and explaining my pronouns does not outweigh the need of other trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. It's perfectly reasonable to like some parts of a work or body of work and to disagree with other parts. If you're agitating to destroy the concept of femininity itself, you're also removing the rallying point around which women can gather; if womanhood is meaningless, then what does it even mean to have women's issues? Philosophy tube and Queer [not sure if it's relevant here, but since someone posted the video I think it's fine?] That is some top quality thumbnail right there. ", which was released in late July 2019. Trauma." This follows alongside a general sense of distrust critics of BreadTube feel, wherein they feel the media’s increased attention to this space has sullied what could’ve been exploited to put forth their message. [17], Streaming on Twitch,[3] Thorn began on Friday 23 August[23] and finished on Tuesday 27 August, streaming continuously with only a few hours per day for sleep. In our increasingly polarized culture, it has also demonstrated the growing issue surrounding an inability for criticism to become constructive.


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