photocrowd vs viewbug

But the other selling points are that you ‘Get your photos showcased more often’ and ‘level up quicker’. each photo challenge is created by a fellow photographer. DeviantArt has an excellent design that lends itself well to customisation, photos can be viewed in myriad ways or as large as the uploader has permitted.

joining the best contests and launching your own challenges. Uploading your photos is a painless process and you can even buy a plugin for Lightroom to export directly to the site.

Judges often review uploaded photos and may reward photographers who show promise and talent. Like it or love it, Instagram is a juggernaut in the photographic space. Visit Photocrowd. If you want to find like-minded photographers and chat about lenses and f-stops then Reddit, Facebook and Flickr are great options.

Disable the emails you no longer wish to receive: Complete all entries and get a $250 gift card.

The competitions, organisations, companies listed does not constitute an endorsement by Photo Contest Insider. Explore Photocrowd > Check out some recent winners Drinks. My sub should entitle me to worthwhile stuff like lots of storage space or special deals on products.5) Simple onward sharing is nice.6) It would also be great if the site’s administrators were not complete wankers. It’s our policy to only list photo contests that are fair. Do you feel like your presence on sites like Instagram and Flickr aren’t offering enough exposure? We are committed to serve as a trusted source for customer reviews, where opinions from all over the world are freely accepted and informed decisions are made. In these competitions, members can enter any photo on any theme or topic. Not long after Instagram launched I downloaded the app, having heard that it was a great way to share your photos. Paid memberships help you increase your exposure by allowing you to upload more photos to your portfolio and submit more photo competition entries.

Gaining traction on Instagram is difficult unless you’re a celebrity of some sort or have a pair of tits you’re happy to get out, but it is possible. The site even has a built-in editor enabling you to tweak your photos once you’ve uploaded them. Your subscription gets you access to photography courses (ermm, okay, I guess) and an advanced search function (free everywhere else). Each contest will have specific guidelines that you’ll need to follow when entering your submissions. I love Photocrowd as it inspires me to get out there every chance I have and take photographs. Like the groups on DeviantArt, there are as many groups as there are ‘types’ of photographer. Several years later I downloaded the app again, discovered that there was such as thing as being ‘insta-famous’ and realised that I had missed the boat. That does not mean that YouPic is shit and that you should not check out. Photocrowd's Offices. Celebrate creativity and be inspired by following your favorite photographers, joining the best contests and launching your own challenges.


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