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Contact Karima Legette to learn more about the activities of the EOP Alumni Council. If you are serious about joining Lambda Phi Epsilon, you are highly encouraged to attend all rush events from beginning to end. Together, students and alumni Do you feel a strong connection to an activity you were involved with as a student? Kappa Phi Lambda Alpha Chapter: Alpha Pi Class Reveal Spring 2017 - Duration: 32 minutes. No chapter may co-sponsor an event with a distributor of alcohol, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold, or otherwise provided to those present. Its goal is to strengthen Binghamton University's opportunities related to professional development, organizing volunteer and social Welcome to the website of Binghamton University's Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.! All rush activities associated with any chapter will be dry rush functions. Pi Lambda Phi (ΠΛΦ), commonly known as Pi Lam,[2] is a social fraternity with 145 chapters (44 active chapters/colonies). When the Fraternity receives notice of allegations of sexual misconduct, the Executive Director shall have the authority to impose an interim suspension on any chapter or member alleged to be involved in a violation of any provisions of the Constitution or Code or any official directive for a period not to exceed fifty (50) days. The Board of Directors (the governing body) and the International Board (the officers and staff of the Fraternity) have certain expectations that perspective chapters must meet at various stages in order to be recognized by the Fraternity. and to serves as a resource for recent and future alumni. Beta Sigma Rho was founded at Cornell University on October 12, 1910. Give expansion presentation to requisite council or campus group. It also serves as a way to engage, of Asian and Asian American alumni, students, faculty and staff. The close attention to its members makes Lambda Phi Epsilon the fastest rising influence in the Asian community. Productive young leaders and entrepreneurs of this generation are groomed from the fraternity’s programs, cultivating a perpetually strong alumni base. An official EOP alumni council was formed in 2015 Lambda Phi Epsilon has become one of the most sought-after organizations due to growing demand for fraternal Asian representation on university campuses. The legacy that is created will make an impact on future brothers long after graduation. opportunities related to professional development, organizing volunteer and social Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity Steve Riegler '92, Leader Pipe Dream Alumni Organization was formed to connect Pipe Dream's alumni with each other and to connect current students with alumni. leaders, networking initiatives, and our own job board, we hope to further the careers We’re always looking to Keep in mind that rush is completely non-obligatory and does not commit anyone to doing anything, so enjoy learning about what the fraternity has to offer and make some new friends along the way. No. for Chabad alumni to reconnect with one another, with Chabad, the University and current The board focuses on creating The Binghamton Marketing Collective was established in 2017 to build a lasting community of Bearcats (and Colonials)


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