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This website is owned and operated by the Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, who've been together in the fish business for more than 50-years. They are known to inhabit fast flowing waters, so the addition of a powerhead for some current may be beneficial.

A voracious eater, they should be kept with fast-moving (if any tankmates), although they do not appear to be aggressive towards each other in the aquarium. Figure 8 Puffer Fish (2 Inches) $ 22.99 $ 18.99 Add to cart. Fahaka puffer: This is a type of freshwater puffer fish for sale that is medium sized and may have reddish purple stripes. Puffers are wild caught and can carry internal parasites, a de-worming should be done if it hasn't been done yet. They are enthusiastic eaters and will learn to beg for food at the front of the tank quickly – the best food items for Mbu are protein-rich frozen feeds like clam, squid, etc.

In the aquarium, they are best kept in a species tank as they are likely to attack most tankmates. To train your Pig-nosed puffer to take frozen/dead food, use a pair of tongs with a large shrimp.

The Pignose Puffer or Arrowhead Puffer can be very aggressive.

A highly adapted ambush predator found in the fast-flowing waters of the middle Mekong, the Pignose or Arrowhead Puffer spends most of its time buried in sandy or silty substrate in the wild. The turned-up nose of this puffer fish gives it a pig nosed appearance and the black V-shaped mark on the back of its head looks distinctly like an arrowhead. All of our fish are Premium Quality Fish from the best suppliers in the world.

Regards, Looking for Aba Aba any size willing to pay a reasonable fee for one or two, I am very familiar with these guys and have the tank space, Should also have a strong source of aeration.

each one. Click here to learn more about using Lava Rocks in aquariums. "Once in the tank, they became very active and are now thriving in their new home.

A predator in nature, they should be given a varied diet including hard-shelled items like snails, clams, or whole shrimp to wear down their sharp beaks.

The Pig-nosed Puffer can be extremely aggressive so they are candidates for a single species tank. These features resulted in common names like Pignose Puffer, Arrowhead Puffer, and Hognose Puffer. Fingers are easily mistaken for food so only use tongs or forceps. This fish is also known as the Dragon Puffer and the Humpback Puffer.

In the wild this puffers primarily diet is fish, and it will kill just about anything that swims past.

This pufferfish generally has a whitish underside and varying shades of gray above with green to yellow patterning.

Click here to learn about aquarium temperature, aquarium thermometers, and aquarium heaters. Once the fry hatch and yoke sac is depleted, they will feed on brine shrimp. These puffers are very inactive. Freshwater fish compatibility chart and characteristics of different types of fish.

The food costs for these big fish can be pricey as their need for human quality seafood is necessary. Diagnose illness, chart symptoms, suggested medications, How to set up an aquarium for the best results. When a fish passes by the puffer explodes from the sand and brutally attack and kill its prey.

The Pignose Puffer is generally found in the muddy substrate, though it is also found in rocky substrates as well. Large canister filters the turn the water over 6-10 times per hour in necessary due to the nature of their eating. A smaller puffer species found in Southeast Asia, P. leiurus is found in both pure fresh and brackish water environments but is more commonly encountered in freshwater.

Comments: These are Puffers that we rarely see in the live fish stores or in the online stores that we visit. This species has been successfully kept in pairs and bred in an aquarium setting. Popularity: These are rare fish and so have not yet had a chance to be popular.
Jungle's Pets and Animal Speak - Newsletter, Freshwater Aquarium Guide: Aquarium Setup and Care, Animal-World References: Freshwater Fish and Plants, View (6) Animal Stories on Pignose Puffer, View (1) Buy/Sell requests on Pignose Puffer. Any tankmates are generally at risk of being eaten. Premium Quality Pufferfish for Sale : This page lists the species of Puffer Fish for sale at our online Tropical Fish Store.. Click here for more about how to buy Pufferfish from us. Guide to marine supplies, putting the aquarium together, cycling the aquarium water and adding fish!

The Stars and Stripes or White Spotted Puffer is typically found in marine and reef habitats throughout the Indo Pacific, but like several other pufferfish species it occasionally ventures into brackish water areas like estuaries and lagoons and are able to adapt to salinity as low as 10ppt. A rarely seen relative of the popular Amazon Puffer (Colomesus asellus), the Parrot Puffer is found in coastal waters of Northeastern South America where it inhabits light to moderate brackish environments.

The Tetraodon suvattii was first successfully bred in captivity 1973 by Patrik Recher.

A hardy, active, and outgoing species, they will do well with similarly sized fast moving tankmates like Scats, Monos, or Chromides. In the aquarium, we recommend a salinity of around 15ppt with a gradual increase as the fish approach adulthood. It's very hard to distinguish males from females, only when trying to breed is it easier to determine, then the females may become plumper, as hey fill with eggs.

Basics on breeding some of the more commonly bred tropical fish. Our fish and our customers are treated with the best of care, and we work energetically everyday to make sure every customer enjoys their new fishy friends.
Few freshwater fish are as immediately eye catching and engaging as the Mbu Puffer, an African species of true freshwater pufferfish found in the Congo River Basin. As with all puffers the tank needs to be properly cycled with 0 ammonia and nitrites. Peaceful, hardy, and active, they will get along with most tankmates as long as they aren’t small enough to be considered a meal.

Mbu puffer: Mbu puffers for sale are known for being extra-large fish that can grow up to 26 inches. 386.295-8834 cel, LOOKING FOR ABA ABA if any one knows any store or person that has any size I'd be interested as they ship very easily because they breath fresh air, and are pretty hardy.

Heterobothrium Infection is also common, it is an infection of the gills.

A problem that comes with using feeder fish is that they may be diseased.

Aquarium Filter: Bio-Wheel Filters are highly recommended. With a preference for relatively soft, slightly acidic water they are a hardy and adaptable species that will generally do well in most aquariums. In the aquarium, we recommend a salinity of around 15ppt with a gradual increase as the fish approach adulthood. These Puffers do not need gravel, and a layer of gravel more than 1/4" thick will usually fill with bits of uneaten food that will contaminate the water. So we feel very confident that this is the fishiest crew anywhere.

They grow to around 6 inches 6" (15 cm) in an aquarium. If their tank has fine gravel or sand as the substrate, they will sometimes bury themselves leaving only their mouth and eyes exposed. Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium. This is a group of Tetraodon  freshwater puffer fish that are so-named because they all have a distinctive circular marking, or eyespot, on the back half of the body between the dorsal and anal fins resembling an archery target. It is also has a distinctive circular marking on each flank of the body half that resembles an archery target. Most Congo Puffers are a tan or beige, but a rarer reddish-orange variant also exists and is sometimes available in the trade. Its upward facing mouth and excellent vision allow it to lie in wait for other fish or invertebrates to pass overhead, striking almost instantaneously to take a bite of the unprotected underbelly with their sharp beaks. Piranha Fish Species, description, information, habitat, and more!

Like most puffers, they are prone to nipping the fins of other fish, so should be kept with hardy, fast-moving tankmates (if any). Simulate it swimming by the burrowed puffer, gently brushing its snout.

One of the smallest and most peaceful of all freshwater puffers, the Spotted Congo or Schoutedeni Puffer is found in stretches of the middle Congo River in Central Africa. Sexual differences are unknown though the females may be larger.

It is native to Southeast Asia in the Mekong River basin. The Arrowhead or PIgnose Puffer was then recorded as the first of the Tetraodon species to spawn in an aquarium. Water Conditions: This Puffer can tolerate a wide range of water conditions.

Fish tank care.

A hardy, active, and outgoing species, they will do well with similarly sized fast moving tankmates like Scats, Monos, or Chromides. Although territorial with their own species, individual specimen can vary in temperament, so may or may not be more tolerant of other larger species.

Want to buy sliver dollar fish male and female.

Intelligent, personable, but also extremely aggressive, this fish is a unique display animal and has a well-deserved following among keepers of large, predatory fish.

Amazon Puffers are primarily carnivores but will usually accept a wide variety of frozen and freeze dried foods.

In their natural habitat these puffers mostly eat other fish. I can send to any country, all legal documents paper ready to run.

This fish is also known as the Dragon Puffer and the Humpback Puffer.

Breeding: This Pufferfish has been spawned a few times in freshwater aquariums.

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