piper m350 cost per hour

You won’t hear many complaints about a modern six-seater’s front office, but what about the rear cabin? Others may choose different parameters- but serious business aircraft buyers are usually impressed with Price- Range- Speed and Cabin Size.After consideration of the Price- Range- Speed and Cabin Size- we can conclude that the Meridian as shown in the productivity index Chart D is productive compared to the Kodiak 100. Piper Meridian | Are they in big city airports at sea level or in hot-and-high, rough mountain areas? There’s good news on this front, though.

The Meridian ($1.74) shows the cost per mile comparisons are considerably less expensive to operate (by 33%) per mile than the Kodiak 100 at $2.61 per mile.Total Variable Cost ComparisonsThe ‘Total Variable Cost’- illustrated in Chart C- is defined as the cost of Fuel Expense- Maintenance Labor Expense- Scheduled Parts Expense and Miscellaneous trip expense. Most of the models we’ll consider are priced around $600,000; the very capable Matrix costs around $940,000 and the top-of-the-line pressurized, six-seat M350 is about $1.15 million. Even Cirrus owners have been known to order Matrix or M350 airplanes because they’ve realized the need to carry more people without significantly increasing operating costs. Get current and accurate prices and operating costs for hundreds of aircraft, including jets, piston and turboprop planes, and helicopters on AircraftCostCalculator.com. Quest Kodiak | Become a member and get exclusive access to articles, contests and more! This breaks down to $305.47 per hour.

The Kodiak 100- meanwhile- has a much greater payload capability at 1-220 pounds.However- sourced from Aircraft Cost Calculator and also represented in Table A- the Meridian burn 43 gallons of fuel per hour (GPH)- 4.4% less than the Kodiak 100 (45 GPH).Cabin VolumeAccording to Conklin & de Decker- the cabin volume of the Meridian (106 cubic feet) is significantly less than the Kodiak 100 (248 cubic feet).The Kodiak 100 is more than three feet longer and the cabin height is almost one foot taller than the Meridian.

A computed curve fit on this plot would not be very tight- but when all business turboprops are considered the “r” squared factor would equal a number above 0.9. If your cargo needs are for hauling something slightly smaller than a baby whale, and you have to land on a 2,500-foot gravel strip at an 8,000-foot elevation with a low-time pilot, then the Cessna 206 is the only option. Still, good-quality used Saratogas abound. Because today’s six-seat singles offer a great combination of comfort, baggage capacity, speed, ease of flying and modern technology for people who need to cover a typical 250-mile stage length with four to six passengers and a lot of luggage.

What about useful load? Certification was achieved in September 2000 and deliveries began in November.Changes were made to the airframe to allow for turboprop power including larger wings and tail surfaces- and the Meridian has one pilot and 5 passenger seats in a pressurized cabin with the maximum flight ceiling operating level being 30-000 feet.

The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 20,000', a normal cruise speed of 185 KTS/212 MPH, and a 900 NM/1,036 SM seats-full range. Aircraft For Sale | It’s classy and roomy, and it’s a Beechcraft. If you can fly a Cherokee, then you can fly a Saratoga (as long as you have some dual and experience). Sign up for free aircraft sales alerts and digital aviation magazines now.
Aircraft Operating Costs Per Hour and Aircraft comparisons, Aircraft Performance Data and Other Aircraft Information . A Saratoga is really a new Cherokee 6, which is really a big Archer, so it appeals to the private, noncommercial, lower-time, newer pilot. quick links Main Menu.
A $21,500.00 loan over 120 months including $89.58 per month in interest equates to a $1,078.09 per-period payment. Also, anyone can fly a 206. It carries less luggage than other six-seaters, and the rear-most seats are a bit of a squeeze for anyone older than 16, but it still has an important place in the lineup. The Top 10 Planes Of All Time: WARNING: This List Goes To 11. Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the PIPER Arrow PA28R has total variable costs of $71,100.00, total fixed costs of $66,360.00, and an annual budget of $137,460.00. The volume of the Kodiak 100’s cabin is highly attractive to owners seeking aircraft that could be used to transport cargo as well as passengers.Powerplant DetailsAs mentioned- the Meridian aircraft has a single PT6A-42A offering 500 shp- with the Hartzell HC-E4N-3Q propeller. TEXTRON AVIATION BEECHCRAFT BONANZA G36 Home; Search/Compare; Performance; Operating Cost; Join; Blog; Advertise w/ Us; Register Login Member Home; Reset your Password IMPORTANT NOTICE 11/15/2016 21:07 GMT We are currently upgrading our site and are having some site issues. The Kodiak 100 shows slightly more range coverage than the Meridian.


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