princess wei yang chapter 117
I gave up on this novel around the 2/3 mark, which is after the fall of Chang Le (evil elder step sis) n Tou Ba Zhen (heartless husband in her first life). It’s probably not their fault though. If you don't like a particular user's posts, consider blocking (from their profile page) instead. That must have taken a lot of work, trying to make it all fit into history! At the very end of the book, he’s seen horsing around with Wei Yang and Yuan Lie’s two kids. I see, thank you! Even worse, she is bothered by a handsome man with a thick-skin who doesn’t know how to give up! I’m willing to give the author the benefit of doubt but there’s no smoke without fire !!! But it’s also pretty gory and disturbing torture parts so, fair warning! I’m sick and tired of it. I’m reading one of Su Jian’s earlier novels, and it feels like she took a lot of 锦绣未央 from that. Spoilers alert (below): *I don’t know how to set the spoiler settings . Who said being given birth by a concubine deserve to be bullied? Heehee~. I still really want to read Cang Yue’s Mirror City though, even though Cang Yue is also swamped in plagiarization scandals. And the poisoning scene of weiyang’s mother? And I’m so happy! I think i’ve been spoiled too much…. Thus, don’t ask me any question. Hope someone gets interested in this and decides to translate it ^^ It sounds similar to Mei Gongqing, which I’m liking so far. She’s involved with one of the Tuoba princes in the drama version, but not in the book. Super allergic to Vanness Wu lol!! No drowning no whatever. It’s been a while so I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I do believe he was led into a trap by 3rd prince Tuoba Zhen and the Crown Prince. p/s : i’m kinda biased since i really like this book (and i’m reading with google/bing/systranet translator since i didn’t know chinese but get the gist of the story)…hahaha…. I like most of the characters, even villains like Tuo Ba Zhen, First Mom, Jiang Hua. It is a pity to miss Empress Pei but … no regrets. But eventually, Tuoba Yu goes to the dark side and kills his brother to get the throne of Dali. Punishing her father’s first wife, her stepmother. Now i understand. clever? I thought I was the only one who was late in discovering this novel..I hope the rest of the chapters will be translated even if it’s slow..I really like the plot..I needed a strong plausible revenge plot where the protagonist is focused and consistent till the end. Ooh O: I actually really like this novel and coincidentally I am actually re-listening to the audiobook for the second time right now. But it was still a fun read. For 锦绣未央 you want to listen to the 全小全 version. I agree @Mint…Even the barbie doesn’t need to be rescued by her bf.Such a waste for the drama who shamelessly used novel name and characters but didn’t follow the plot line.We want strong heroine not the mary sue type. The [i]true[/i] birth secret of the male lead is revealed in an epilogue. Yes, it is a happy ending. and how they get together if her personality is so “unapproachable” (or at least…it seems from her evil schemes mentioned)? However, the plot twists in 庶女有毒 are keeping me hooked in. This novel is totally about reincarnation and vengeance?? The man she vowed to stay completely away from embroiled in matter of life or death for her. Is this story very palace-like 后宫 type conflicts between women or more political? but then just found out he married chang le which is my hatest character wtf.. can someone tell me pleaseeee. I really enjoyed Shu Nv You Du/Jin Xiu Wei Yang and would highly recommend it. Be prepared to do a facepalm every now and then. At least here we can enjoy imagining them falling in their own trap and swallowing their own bitter medicine. Every time they say his name, i couldnt help but think of the bad things he did in the book. Hence what should she do? However, they don’t try to torture their victims in horrifying ways. Not only that, it’s possible they’re even changing the male lead ugghhhhhh. The warm atmosphere of the family and the interactions between the brothers was touching and funny, especially when they tried to stop the male lead from trying to see her. I tried it for a while but it’s really just another Mary-Sue drama that Asia seems to like so much. Thank you for doing all the recaps of the drama! There was something like in some cases many were direct copy and the names were change. she did try to compromise if she can. so since they coupled WY with TBJ, the ending made sense bc in the history, TBJ only reign for 12….


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