pronator teres syndrome vs carpal tunnel syndrome
Pronator teres syndrome is often confused with carpal tunnel syndrome. We also learned in recent studies, 50% of pronator syndrome patients can recover in 4 months with conservative treatments (such as cortisone injection and rehabilitation). Although double crush syndromes in the medial nerve are documented, it is difficult to diagnose these lesions. This time we are going to talk about the physical examinations and rehabilitation for pronator syndrome. Pronator teres syndrome is a rare condition that may be easily overlooked and mistaken for a more much frequent carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Ipsilateral pronator teres and carpal tunnel syndrome are rarely reported concurrently. A missed diagnosis of the overlapping syndromes may lead to unsuccessful treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome . Both conditions are affected by the median nerve in the arm. Pronator teres syndrome vs carpal tunnel syndrome. [10] [11] No age group preference has been described, but one study reports a higher prevalence of pronator teres syndrome in men. In the previous article, we introduced differences between pronator syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be helpful to understand the difference between pronator teres syndrome versus carpal tunnel syndrome. Both conditions are affected by the median nerve in the arm.


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