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From celebrity pups to famous names… From Abbie to Zoe and everything in between, we’ve got the scoop on girl dog names here at Rover.com. All rights reserved. For example, a French bulldog puppy might sport a French-inspired name like Chloe, while a Latin dog breed like the Chihuahua might be perfect for a name like Coco. All dogs are great, but your little girl is a cut above the rest.

Pay homage to an iconic role with one of these famous names: 21 Pumpkin Faces to Carve or Design This Halloween, 75 Creative Couple Halloween Costumes for Any Duo, 40+ Seriously Cute Halloween Cupcake Ideas, 32 Epic '80s Costumes to Try This Halloween, 100+ Unique Dog Names for Every Kind of Pup, 50+ Funny Dog Names for Pups With Personality, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. It’s not all just in a name. How do you know what breed is right for your family? Over the years, we’ve compiled plenty of names for you to peruse—and we keep our lists updated with new data each year. My Dog's Name. How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? Tips, stories, and reviews for people who love dogs, powered by Rover.com, the world's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. International Dog Name Survey Results. Start with the top 100 below, and then go deeper with our collection of dog name lists and our one-of-a-kind Dog Name Generator. In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like a common dog training cue, such as “Bit,” which could easily be misheard as “sit.”. What questions should you ask a breeder? Other great dog names ending in -y or similar include: Find out how real dog owners picked their pets’ names in this sweet video. Blossom, Daisy, Lily, Poppy, Rose and Violet … Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. Avoid names like “Kit,” which sounds like “sit,” or “Poe,” which sounds like “no.”. Most Unique Female Dog Names Celine Mimosa Alita Tinsley Rossi Reya Maybelline Matcha Envy Spring Betty White Cherokee Rouge Beulah Bird Saint Gouda Pepita Midna Rhubarb Milah Ireland Harbor Kiana Elena Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. Check out these cute girl dog name ideas to get your brainstorm started. This has shown the most popular names for girl puppies right now! We know your little girl will love whichever one you choose. You can go in 101 different directions when it comes to dog names — all them as equally cute and wonderful as your little lady — and there's no shortage of inspiration. We’ve got articles covering top Irish choices, male dog names, popular names for hunting dogs, small dogs, white dogs, Huskies, German shepherds, and many more. If you’re having trouble deciding, keep in mind that a name can come from many different sources of inspiration, such as your favorite foods, books, celebrities, your heritage, or even dog breed history. Are you still uncertain about which dog name to choose? To see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our Cookie Policy. Sometimes, her looks or behavior will inspire the perfect name. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid. To start, check out our list of the most popular names of 2019, and then jump over to unique dog names to see the contrast. But one of the best parts of getting a new pet is picking the perfect name. Caroline is the Health Editor at GoodHousekeeping.com covering nutrition, fitness, wellness, and other lifestyle news. But that’s only the beginning.

These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. Many dog experts recommend choosing a name with at least two syllables and a sing-song or vowel sound at the end. Updated December 13, 2019 | Getting a DogBy Irene Keliher. And once you have that perfect name for your gal, show it off with a customized collar. After all, this is a word you’ll frequently be saying for years to come. Top 10 Female Dog Names. ‘. Trending Dog Name Themes Popular culture is always a trending theme for dog names. NYC Subway Bans Dogs Unless They Fit into a Bag. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Download this e-book for guidance on these questions and other important factors to consider when looking for a puppy. Female Dog Names That Start With Y Y2K-9 Yanni Yankee Yapper Yoda Yoharn Yorki Yoshi Yuki Yukon How do you find a reputable breeder? Now that you picked the perfect name, register your dog with the American Kennel Club! https://www.akc.org/subscription/thank-you. After all, we’ve got the nation’s largest database of dog names to work with. You’re not alone. A third of pet owners have named their dog after a character from a TV show, video game, movie, or book, Rover.com found (versus 12% for a food and only 5% for a place). You’ll want to select a name that you feel comfortable repeating because you’ll be saying it…a lot. Your pup is one of a kind — so why not pick a moniker as unusual as she is? Don’t name a dog something that sounds a lot like the name of another family member. Give her a name that lets it shine! But, if you’re still stuck, this list of the top 100 girl dog names may help you decide. Queen; Opal; Hashtag; Dingo; Banshee; Faye; Penny; Holliday; Won Ton; Glorious; Below, you'll find 290+ more cool name ideas for any girl dog, large or small! You might not have the only Bella at the dog park. The Best Female Dog Names of 2019 from Tough to Sweet to Unique, our list of the most popular names of 2019, The 100 Most Popular Male and Female Dog Names, our guide to picking the perfect dog name. It’s easy to understand why. So use her name frequently in a positive context so she doesn’t associate it with punishment or something negative. When you’re teaching your new dog to respond to commands like sit, stay, or come, you’ll want to be sure their name isn’t a source of confusion. Plenty of pet parents agree.
Check the names you like the best to save them to your list. Don’t be surprised to encounter puppy playgroup pals named “Bella,” “Rey,” or “Arya.”, Nature-themed dog names are in the increase, with 78 percent more dogs named for nature themes, like “Daisy” or “Panda.” Food- and drink-themed names have also increased by 37 percent over the last few years, with girl dog names like “Latte” or “Marzipan.” If you’re looking for a more original name and want to steer clear of popular names, try out these unique dog names.
A female puppy’s name is an important part of her training and socialization. — a little something for every kind of personality. Some dog owners just know their pet is a Bailey or Lucy as soon as they make eye contact, but many other pet parents need time to try out various options.

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A whopping 81% of dog owners use them, a recent survey found.


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