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} else if (ftypes[index]=='date'){ } She has been married to Gregory Lunceford since July 28, 2012. } catch(e){ Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. I watch the show in Nigeria and really luv it however I think Quad is fake and should be off the show. } See ya M2M. So true,we do have black women out there that’s not fighting, backstabbing and acting with no respect for themselves and others. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Like Toya, Quad is tied to the medical field through her husband, psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford, and her work as a medical sales rep. … [CDATA[ She came into the public’s notice through her role in Married to Medicine. I think Heavenly told the truth. Quad Webb-Lunceford and husband Dr. Gregory are getting divorced. God don’t like ugly!!! }, As I said in my previous blog mature adults, hear both sides, apply logic, and then draw a conclusion. bday = true; input_id = '#mce-'+fnames[index]+'-month'; } else { She wants ALL the spotlight on her. Quad Webb-Lunceford was born on May 13, 1980, in Memphis, Tennessee and it is only known that her parents lived there and raised Quad Webb-Lunceford in that place. $('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').show(); var fields = new Array(); Contessa is dope imo. Haha, I would definitely, pour some wine and be entertained by Quad trying to convince herself she’s pretty, by doing her usual self complimenting. Thank you all for being honest the show is going to be boring I will not watch it Jackie is sneaky quad should not be on the show She’s Not Married to Medicine anymore dr. Heavenly should have been fired a long time ago talking about somebody’s mama she is so unprofessional I wish dr. G the best of luck the best thing he could have done was gotten rid of quad Webb I feel like he’s going to be just fine as far as Mariah she’s going to be fine too I hope we see her again. Born in Memphis, TN #36. A businesswoman, a philanthropist, and a reality-TV star, Quad Webb is a woman out to change the world. Sh-t where is Carlos King’s messy a-s?! To Mariah and Dr. G the old saying is true one door closed but another will open. After suffering a headline-grabbing divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford in 2018, and numerous fizzled romances with random men, Quad Webb, 40, has revealed she is […] Quad Webb-Lunceford Wiki, Husband, Net Worth. return; Quad Webb-Lunceford was born on May 13, 1980 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA as Quadrafinka Webb. options = { url: 'http://quadisverybusy.us7.list-manage1.com/subscribe/post-json?u=58f97d273ebecf4b4dc6a44b5&id=73ea2975b5&c=? And, that isn’t far. Dr. G alleged that Quad had pulled a knife on him, while she claimed that he had slammed her to the ground. Taurus Reality Star #28. During the season 5 reunion of Married to Medicine, Dr. G admitted that he had gone into a hotel room with two other women, but he said he did not do anything with them. Avigail has a background in marketing. Quad Webb-Lunceford Is A Member Of . Fedora: Club Monaco Blouse: Anthropologie Wide Leg Pants: BCBG Shoes: Christian […], Blog, Married To Medicine // August 18, 2015 // Anonymous. Beyond excited. this.value = fields[0].value+'/'+fields[1].value+'/'+fields[2].value; I will not be watching the show and I hope the ones who said they won’t, won’t. ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Suspect Shaunie O’Neal May Have Responded to Tami Roman’s Comments, Traci Braxton, Trina Braxton & Towanda Braxton Respond to Plastic Surgery Accusations, Martell Holt’s Mistress is Reportedly in Talks to Appear on ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’, Quad Webb Was Reportedly Demoted on the Upcoming Season of ‘Married to Medicine’, RHOA Tea: More Details Released About Cynthia Bailey’s Messy Bachelorette Party. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the blogs. Sister Circle has been canceled, she check chasing. I won’t be watching. Quad said, “Us having a child was not something that we continuously talked about day in and day out … There were so many other issues that needed to be talked out before I could even think about having a child. if (resp.result=="success"){ She starred alongside Toya, Jacqueline, Mariah Huq, and Simone. $('#mc-embedded-subscribe-form').each(function(){ Celebrity Article, Biography and Net Worth. Most Popular #10816. She met her husband in a grocery store. Phrase: To exude an exceptional presence. Lisa Nicole Cloud and Heavenly Kimes joined the series beginning with the second season after the departure of Wells, while Huq … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But now that Sister Circle was canceled, she’s taking her a-s right back to Married to Medicine where she’ll continue to be boring and not actually married to medicine. WikiNetworth.com Webb seems to stand at an average height. Quad Webb-Lunceford Popularity . if ( fields[0].value=='MM' && fields[1].value=='DD' && (fields[2].value=='YYYY' || (bday && fields[2].value==1970) ) ){ Hats off to Jackie and Simone for not wanting to divide the group, […], Tags : Cheetahs, cherry, dancer, empowerment, liar, Married To Medicine, stripper, true colors, Adjective: My best Gay Queen. To be amazing. Your email address will not be published. Howeve, I’m soon ooh tired of watching black women fight and backstabbing each other. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. fields[2] = {'value':1970};//trick birthdays into having years jQuery(document).ready( function($) { var bday = false; Quad Webb Lunceford is famously known as Black Barbie, who is more than just a pretty face. Just, yuck! Everybody loves Mariah. if (fields.length == 2){ She is sooooo annoying and fake. The color block on this Club Monaco one ties the entire look together! } catch(err) { 0, This episode was loaded with truths.  As I said in my previous blog mature adults, hear both sides, apply logic, and then draw a conclusion. Since then, she’s been a part of the series until it’s seven seasons. There may be a million reasons why Married To Medicine alum, Quad Webb, will be looking for a new man in 2020, but it won’t be to help her become a mom. Now, I would be here for Dr.G and his new “pretty” woman on the show ; to engage with the ever insecure, ever over compensating for her looks, Quad. I have lost interest in that show with the fake beef with each other. I am responsible for that, and she’s going to get that.”. Don't miss our piping hot exclusives, interviews, breaking news, daily scandals and recaps of your favorite television shows. Quad talking to the Big Dogs all the time because she needs the job. Quad Webb-Lunceford and husband Dr. Gregory are getting divorced. Quad Webb-Lunceford was born on May 13, 1980 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA as Quadrafinka Webb. mce_init_form(); Yuck, I hate when his unloving, unattractive self is on the screen. Verb: To stand out amongst a group of people. $('#mce_tmp_error_msg').remove(); ‘Married to Medicine’ Quad Webb Makes A Move On New York Governor Cuomo! Exactly she when begging for her job back because she had got the big head and thought she was to good but God will humble your a-s real quick..just saying. As a young black kid growing up in Memphis, Quad struggled a lot for her education. No Mariah, no viewership from me. Quad stated, “So I know some of you may be wondering what’s the status of my marriage. }); They are going to be on Simone and Toya’s neck now. } '; Quad is just the Fakest, Phoniest, Extra Bitch on TV. } } index = parts[0]; if (i.toString() == parts[0]){
Their marriage resembled that of classic romantic tales. Who is always bringing you mess. If they want a show, you give them that. i = parseInt(parts[0]); Similar: Anne Bremner Husband, Children, Net Worth. Mariah start a new show. As reported, Quad Webb was fired from Married To Medicine and her hosting gig on Sister Circle ended with the cancellation of the TV ONE talk show in April. Mariah was the only reason I watched the show. Stay Connected With All About The Tea: Twitter Ι Instagram Ι YouTube Ι Send Us Tips. She is an actress and producer, known for, Married to Medicine: Season Seven Renewal; Cast and Premiere Date Announced by Bravo, Quad and Gregory Lunceford divorce on Married To Medicine: Everything you need to know. Quad Webb-Lunceford: Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts. She is an actress and producer, known for My First Love (2015), Battle Ready (2020) and AT Home with Joselyn Dumas (2013). Quad is so very fake, hair,eyes,breast and a-s. She is overly dramatic in her delivery and a bad friend unless it benefits her. It’s really disrespectful the way they treat the creator of the show. Contact Us, Quad Webb-Lunceford Wiki, Husband, Net Worth, Anne Bremner Husband, Children, Net Worth, Nona Gaye Husband, Children, Net Worth, Now. $('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').html(resp.msg); fields[i] = this; Avigail is an Entertainment blogger at All About The Tea, who specializes in The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Potomac. } catch(e){ Her name is Ariana. I’m so done with this boring a-s show,n Quad & Heavenly ghetto a-ses,and a bad look for professional black woman it’s really sad. I just want to be able to give her the best life possible. Exactly. Ironically, Quad’s refusal to have a baby played a major factor in the demise of her marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford. msg = resp.msg; “We have a new baby that’s on the way, and, so, we’re very happy about her,” Quad Webb announced during a recent IG Live interview with Deluxe Magazine. Adjective: Is a person that always stirs up trouble or drama filled. Quad Webb-Lunceford’s husband is Dr. Gregory Lunceford, a psychiatrist. According to ET Online, Quad said some fans of the show were blaming her not having children for the demise of her marriage. Do what you been doing and God will bless you. And I wasn’t going to be selfish and do what society says we need to do to have the ‘perfect family’ if things were not right with us. All Rights Reserved. index = -1; } var f = $(input_id); this.value = fields[1].value+'/'+fields[0].value+'/'+fields[2].value; $('.datefield','#mc_embed_signup').each( Last season you saw a few snippets of my entrepreneurial spirit and […], Tags : BCBG, Brand Contributor, Contributor, feature, Married To Medicine, New Guard, Quad, quad webb-lunceford, Blog, Married To Medicine // July 14, 2015 // this.value = ''; MORIAH needs to be on the show and QUAD THE FRAUD , DEVILIASH HEAVENLY,FAKE JACKIE,AND DRAMA QUEEN CONTESSA NEEDS TO BE GONE LIKE A TORNADO GONE PERIOD.M2M PRODUCERS HAS LOST THEIR EVERLASTING FREAKING MINDS. } else { f = $(input_id).parent().parent().get(0); Quad Webb-Lunceford, Actress: My First Love. K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations. While Quad has not gone onto details to talk about her early life, it was not an easy one. Apart from that, she had also received the earnings to her marriage with her former husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford. We’re going to refer to her as Ari. Quad Webb-Lunceford, Actress: My First Love. She is a graduate from Tennessee State University with a BS in biology and a minor in chemistry. But I have no reason to keep watching with Mariah being off the show. It’s already bad enough that Dr. Jackie felt the need to leave the show, but if they let quad stay on without Mariah and Dr. Jackie, I definitely will not be watching this show.


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