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AND since Mueang Man was colonized by the West, ML is considered a British prisoner/citizen, so Chiang Prakam would be punished for "kidnapping" and harboring her in secret. I decided to write a review for this because no one wrote one yet. I like the newer ost version. She has a close friend name Kwanta who is also her competitor at the same time. Yes a sequel might be nice! There is but it will take time. I thought I was not going to cry, but the scene when JN arrived at MM's death got me. Still no news about someone pick this lakorn to sub? I am so in love with Taew I don't even have words to describe my obsession with her! Time to binge and rewatch her old lakorns until her new ones come out. 13 of 13 episodes seen . Pailin travels to a rural province where she will continue her quarrels with village Chief Damrong. Pailin decides to challenge everyone's opinion by agreeing to work in a rural district. Dr. Pailin (Aoey) prides herself on being perfect. For anyone who's interested in learning specifically about each episode/chapter/storyline, this is a good Chanel to go to! Ugh! I do agree that Mark and Taew did not have that much screen time, but it is nice just to see them both. Plus this can help with your Thai if you are planning to learn the language! Completed 0. Lol! I think it proved that finally she understood that he has loved her all along. Oh good I'm glad guns version isn't the main theme song. You know, maybe all this time the death scene has always been interpreted wrong? Just 2 days more, i can see Mark in new lakorn. Ban Sai Thong ~ The Golden Sand Mansion - Streaming link down, 22/25 or 134/178 clips (new progress) Bhoop Paeh Leh Rak - Download here, Streaming 3/18 ... Love in the Market ~ Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sode (2012) - Streaming no subs, videos Manee Sawad ~ Lovely Gem ... Rak Nakara - Download, Streaming links 13/16 eps subbed . If Pailin loses, she will quit being a doctor for the rest of her life. I had a great laugh. I had chills to the bones! Never watched the old version, so I'm now finally understanding why MM's death would free Chiang Ngern. Seriously, Westerners are scary. Now that I understand the complexity of this plot, I enjoyed the entire lakorn even more. I'm such a great fan of yours! I do agree that Mark and Taew did not have that much screen time, but it is nice just to see them both. I might have to consider watching more lakorns of Mark now since he did better in this! Wow! 109K likes. I do wonder how they are going to end it for mark and mew. And let me just tell you, this lakorn was film in a lot of before places in Northern Thailand. She choose to protect and love him in the end through action (by saving his life). She had a hard life at a young age, which has hardened her heart and turned her into a selfish person. Then towards the end when he placed the flower from their first meeting on her grave got me too.


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