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The site also offers the "Rap Map", a Google Maps display featuring profiles and placemarks for geographical locations related to rap culture or mentioned in rap songs. song lyrics generator / song maker / ideas for lyrics / random songs. [1] In 2012, the company received an additional $15 million investment from Silicon Valley–based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (also known as a16z),[1][2][11] prompted in part by partner Marc Andreessen's own past effort to build a group annotation feature into a web browser. We'll also create you a cover and song title. Users can provide their own annotations by highlighting fragments of text. [21] However, the company also experienced some issues familiar to the online content field. [34] Nas embedded the entire annotated Illmatic album onto his website to promote the release of Illmatic XX. Aight!" In October 2013, Rap Genius was one of fifty sites targeted with notices by the National Music Publishers Association for the unlicensed online publication of song lyrics. [40][43] In September 2015, Genius partnered with The Washington Post to annotate the various presidential debates being held at that time. Spotify includes the ability to display lyrics from Genius for specific tracks,[72] allowing users to "watch annotated lyrics for songs as you listen to them". Need to write a song? Choose your own themes and topics or use our automated keyword picker. Instead, the top results showed Rap Genius' Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia pages, as well as news related to the penalty. As of now, IQ has no redemption purpose, but serves as measure of a contributor's impact and work on the site. The site changed its name to Rap Genius in December 2009 because "exegesis" was difficult for users to spell. In an effort to extend the concept into other genres of culture, Genius launched several new channels in 2013 including News Genius, Rock Genius, and Poetry Genius. [23], In December 2013, Google penalized Rap Genius for violating their backlinks guidelines,[24]—particularly involvement with blog networks—by removing them from its top search results. To reflect these new goals, the site re-launched as Genius in July 2014. [28], Ten days later, after removing links in violation of Google's Quality Guidelines, Rap Genius partially recovered from their penalty. About. [46][47][48][49] Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon has also been verified and has contributed several annotations. [67], Genius held a live event with Dropbox in 2018 called "Lyrics to Life," a four-day art exhibition featuring art installations inspired by music. [73] Bringing up the album art while playing a track reveals a black tab behind the art reading "Behind the Lyrics", which gives users access to the feature. [65] On September 7, 2017, Rob Markman interviewed Issa Rae before a live audience. That same year, an iPhone app was released.


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