reverse trike roadster
While the ZTR does have a roll hoop (of sorts), its certainly not enough to save you in the case of the ZTR rolling. Furthermore, despite the trike being particularly exposed to the elements, all the connectors are cheap crappy plastic and not Econoseals (i.e. Once I had the moulds, I could cast them in a heavy duty fibreglass. The lack of a reliable fuel gauge, appropriate filling neck and the fact that the tank is not earthed means that you need to keep on top of your fuel consumption and its certainly inadvisable to fill up at a petrol station. Consequently, I called into an engineering company and had them manufacture a couple of high tensile steering rods that would fit my new track rod ends. Another angle of the new gear and handbrake positions. I’m mentioning this because I don’t want anyone to use my blog as an “instruction” manual, throw any old braking system on their trike and then wind up parked upside down in a ditch because they created an uneven brake bias. Although there are baffles in the fuel tank, I think this is more to prevent starvation to the carb and it doesn’t work very well at preventing sloshing. Driving has never been more fun. Luckily, the exhaust is located on the N/S of the trike. Apr 17, 2020 - Explore Joe Young's board "Reverse Trike", followed by 413 people on Pinterest. The wiring itself borders between poor to downright terrible. Moreover, as the trike has a limited form of suspension and the steering geometry is…well…almost non existent, there is an awful lot of bump steer. NB: This is not something I recommend unless you are competent with welding and have prior experience – if you get this wrong, you could kill yourself, your passenger or another road user – This is not a modification to consider lightly! The choke is a special “racing choke” and looks better than the old school chokes I think. While the gear shifting is OK on the trike, I’m not a huge fan. Since the pin sits inside the castle nut it can be a little awkward to remove. The best way to modify the tank would be to weld a new neck but the tank is aluminium and I’m only qualified in welding MIG, not TIG so I didn’t want to risk it. I started by modifying the steering wheel to accept the paddle assembly. The ignition switch, although a 3-way switch, only works in two positions – ignition on or off. In addition to the above, you’ll also come across problems such as an incorrect speedometer, inaccurate (or no) fuel gauge, no anti-freeze/coolant from the factory, poor tick over, poor choke settings, low oil levels in the engine, unacceptable welding in places (cracks under stress), bolts missing, cracking body panels, bolts not torqued correctly – some not even tightened – and poor electronics (the electronics may not even be connected or are just wires twisted together). They get in the way if you try to use anything else. The moment you collect it, it will require checking over thoroughly and some additional work to make them safer for road use. It allows me to keep both hands on the steering wheel when changing gears. No turning back now! I experienced a breakage while travelling at 55Mph, resulting in one of the fans flying out the side of the trike and smashing across the road. While the seats are functional, being so low to the floor means you feel every bump so they’re particularly uncomfortable for journeys of more than 15 or 20 minutes. I don’t want to wait until my head gasket pops before I know I have a problem. Front end view of the ZTR with fairings removed. The next step was to replace the steering rods and track rod ends. In the above picture, I drilled 4 holes and inserted M6 rivnuts into the tank. I feel a paddle system will allow me to keep your hands on the wheel at all times. With everything lining up OK, the next job was to take a mould of the hatch and create a copy in fibreglass: The fibreglass copy of the hatch, created in black gelcoat. So, just randomly throwing larger discs on the front or changing to (more) pot callipers, you end up increasing your braking distance rather than reducing it. It discusses the typical information such as VIN number location but then goes into topics such as camber adjustments while completely missing out the more basic servicing such as chain, handbrake and clutch adjustments!


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