rh negative traits
When I was less wise, I used to curse my sensitivities to light, noise, people, emotions, etc. I have nearly all of these traits and has never known that any of this could be attributed to the Rh Negative blood type. 2) Yes. Even my RH negative while family growing up labeled me as the different weird one! Small piercing eyes. (That kind of disappointed me, but she made it with a 3 point average all her schools year) I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I have had lucid dreams like remote viewing with my boyfriend about Orion. Blood Type O Rh neg. My last pregnancy, 16 years ago ,I was pregnant with twins, I miscarried one baby and managed to hold on to my son who is -B. I’ve always felt different and instinctively know that I am an old soul. High sex-drive but I really don’t think that’s because of my blood type. But I was still young. We’re all sensitive in different ways, Mum is a terrible worrier and I am to lesser extent. Insomniac I would like to see! I was never a sheep. I recently started wondering about my blood type…it’s rarity and the stories behind its past or origin. Just read your message. I’m A- , daughter is O-. As An rh+ mom writing about my rh- daughter: ..but i dnt feel like an alien…. Connor SpringsBlood Type: B Negative. I also have a large forehead and almond shaped eyes i have stawbarry blond reddish hair I’m 6 feet tall. I’ve often wondered why, after all these years on Earth that I still yearn to learn more. The rest is pretty much dead on. There is also a great discussion on Facebook where you can share your thoughts and picture. Hey there I’m A- I am an empath, sometimes can feel like a curse to feel so deeply, others moods effect me, I can be depressed and weak for days if I’ve spoken or listened to someone that’s upset. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Hmmm. I guess you could say I’m very self-aware. 10) Many rh negative people have big eyes – yep 20) … and have a hard time showing any interest if they have none. But my advice: Let Facebook be like Vegas. I HAVE ALWAYS HAD STONG INTERESTS IN ASTROLOGY AND THE AFTERLIFE. Three different high schools in two different states, one in Ohio and two in California. And actually: Rh negative blood is even rarer than previously believed to be. And also realize the significance of trying to trace back to the where this blood factor is originating from; small, isolated regions. 15) When rh negatives are not happy, none of any positive energy can be felt. So 19 is the highest “score” you can receive. 16) Not when I was younger but as I have aged, much more Some instances with Deja Vu. 16) Rh negative men tend to be very relaxed with the opposite sex. Danielle DownsBlood Type: A Negative Finding none, she suddenly went to a picture of his parents on top of a tv set. This was back when the treatments were shots in the stomach once a week, not the easy treatments they have now. But mother had a larger type head while my fathers was small. I also have pronounced cusps on some of my teeth. I don’t have green eyes but I have very large blue eyes that are a very unique color. where your new post about this could be seen ? Brain is always thinking.. never shuts down. The others I do no have at all. Alanna RobertsBlood Type: A NegativeAge: 28 Sensitive to sunlight…, I’m A- …. Husband and daughter green eyed. Big eyes… larger forehead. It’s crazy! A few freckles on my shoulders.. sometimes my nose if I get a lot of sun. People always make comments that I don’t look my age. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? It’s not that we’re “Mentally Ill” it’s that we’re not like them. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I got my FCC Extra Class radio license to see if I still had enough memory cells left to pass the tests. I have blond hair blue eyes and an extra piece of spine. These pictures are of O negative Pablo Rodriguez who is from Basque Country. Don’t make me mad. Looking forward to reading any ‘new’ updates re: any new findings. 11) Many rh negatives have a large cranium. I have blonde hair with red undertones. doctors trying to “fix” me. We both have high foreheads and round faces. because AFAIK, only those of us who are Rh negative would even want to ‘be there’ anyway. I tend to be an introvert and also tend towards being an empath. Lifetime Membership on the Donor List ~ just $1.99, Copyright 2013, As You Wish...Personal & Virtual Assistance dba Rh Negative Registry View Disclaimer, Rh-Negative Celebrities & Those Suffering. 13) Many rh negatives have freckles. (On a sidenote, I like the song. Have any of you had a similar experience? Socially awkward in crowds. 5) Rh negative people pick up on energies from others easily. Have coincidently met other rheusus neg people and got on very well with. 15) When rh negatives are not happy, none of any positive energy can be felt: I believe this. BROWN HAIR, RED HIGHLIGHTS, FRECKLES AS A CHILD, Be careful. I would not be surprised to learn that the diagnosis of ADHD is more likely among those of us who do not possess the blood allele. We all have red, strawberry blond or auburn hair colors. 3) I have a few red hairs Had an uncontrollable 6th sense about things. Even as a child, I felt so different. I have all the qualities!! Thank you, Soraya Hallsworth, AB negative, for the picture! Does that also mean they should avoid fluid exchange with Rh positive people? Can pick up energies very well. Wow that is freaky. The ones that sometimes slide by are the sociopaths who believe themselves. I have access to the pictures of thousands of rh negative people through my fanpage, so I have to tell you that I have detected a similarity amongst the looks of rh negative people not too far (if distant at all) from the looks of the Basque people featured in above video. Still very strange though that someone can be talking to me and they know I’ve gone off course looking at someone else instead of them, and feeling that other person’s thoughts. 7) Rh negative people are more sensitive in general. Also two tone hair seems to be a trait with a ginger tinge. Rhonda TerryBlood Type: B NegativeAge: 52 Mum and son are most stubborn and I can imagine lots of trouble at school but I was a girly swot I always pick up on atmosphere/tension in a room too. I do much better with people 1 on 1. However, I have friends and relatives who have visited every home I’ve ever lived in and now refuse to visit me at all. My answers to your Q’s, re: me 3) Many rh negatives have red hair or a reddish shimmer. People have always, always told me my eyes are piercing; some would say they look like the waters of the Caribbean. She opened up the back and there were his phone numbers of other women. Optimist Sensitive Person Can be either I and my Aunt who was also an A-neg shared strange weeping like cuts behind our ears and on our ear lobes that wouldn’t heal properly even with copious amounts of antiseptic cream lathered on them. Low body temp 96.8. 11) Many rh negatives have a large cranium. Is there a Basque-Jewish-Rh Negative connection? I recall it feeling strange and scabbing up and start reoccurring without healing fully.


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