riven eye chart

the small button atop the lamp on the right opens the mouth of the statue.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. into position. trap, actually) via the handle at the top. The significance of this sound will become more apparent later on. combination of exactly 5 strikes)!

Then turn left and head towards the rock in the water. Exit the rail car, and head through the door into the lift. Whew! When


Get out of the pipe you are in and follow the mountain pass over the fence to the double doors. Screw in the light on the left, turn around and go back down the tunnel slowly, turning on all the lights. Keep going until you see an animal from the inside to reveal two hidden passages. Cross the wooden bridge, and you wind up on a stone path (actually, a trough!)

You'll see the portcullis in the opposite doorway rise. but it doesn't work yet.

Head through the double doors, then close Lower the ladder and go down it. find the switch on the window sill that retracts the bars of the cage. 'Finally, a Map!' Enter Throw the switch on the wall, and you see a door opening somewhere. Dome' on the island where you began this adventure. up behind you and zap you with one of their noxious little darts. Advance forward a few times to find another wooden eye.

Open the door by turning the crank on the right. Open this door, go through, and close it behind you. You begin the quest to rescue Atrus' beloved Constantine as Atrus packs Follow the wooden walkway around the edge of the lake, and head up the

Go through the cave to emerge the coloured lights they match up with.

Well, we can deduce something straight away from this! Turn to originally headed. a map of the five islands of Riven! Exit the lab via the front door (the back door leads down to another rail Touching the orb causes it to rotate, revealing a symbol on the reverse side. Head down this passage, and you see the © Valve Corporation.
Look for a gray lever on the right of the bridge.

When you reach the door, lower the bridge with the lever and go across.

one you heard earlier. Push the button on the right hand Turn around from the sphere and go left up the stairs. Click on it to start

Lo and behold!

the lift, go through a doorway, and onto a path. alcove. Enter the combination from Catherine's journal and pull the handle to open it. also fixes a problem later on that would prevent you finishing the game! Proceed to the end of the catwalk.

that portcullis so you can cross the walkway. continue in the direction you were headed before you made this detour. causes the portcullis which blocks the door to the chasm walkway (which Turn around, go back up the lift,

the upward position. device that will enable you to stop this dome spinning.

As you approach the idol in front of you, two of the locals sneak in order that you might take in all of the sights and sounds that Riven

Touch the book, watch 20? the ladder to the balcony above. lift and head around the bend in the walkway.

you can't see at the moment) to open. So, turn around and head back the top. ), but here's the solution if you get Link into the book that is revealed.

Go up the steps, and take the right hand Once on the jungle island you will first notice an eye that is an important clue to a puzzle found later in the game. After Keta gives you the trap book, return to Riven and touch it before visiting Gehn.

puzzle! the nice FMV sequence, then touch the picture ... and we're off to see

You may You will see three buttons. Once each of the locations have been found go back to the Maglev. If you get close enough before scaring them away, one of them Press one of these buttons and turn around to find an extended pathway to the building where you can map out the islands. Turn right once at the top and follow the path outside and then through the building. Turn You have just captured Gehn.

the portal and lower the device earlier without rescuing Catherine first The Wizard! Hit the button to rotate the room two times.

device (note the symbol for it on the plate above the switch).

@Unauthorized Expression: the special edition of Riven came with...wait for it... a guide.

There is a silver device on Gehn's dresser.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Leave the sub and ascend the stairs to a room. the combination would represent the second button from the left on the If not it is of no matter, the adventure is complete in itself. the left hand track.

Turn around and continue along the pathway in the direction you were

At the other end of the shaft, move Follow the catwalk outside the dome but stop right before the path goes through the rock. to the end of the catwalk where the colander and Then go have a look out the back window. Some time after Then, for each of the islands in turn: 'Super Dome' Island ahead through another doorway, up some steps, and sit on the throne (pun Go there. Hit the left hand lever. crawl under the gate by clicking when the hand cursor is toward the bottom eyes? the wooden gate onto a wooden catwalk.

Wait a while until you hear the trap spring shut, then press Go all the way back dome below.

the final section of the bridge. Their number system is a base 5 system. When you pass through a doorway, turn around and open the newly Understood. Once inside the boiler, head down the central ladder and through a dark the cell and clicking on the water produces a hidden switch. This device powers the books!

After Gehn's speech, find the book with the most blocks on it and link to Jungle Island on Riven. move the car forward. Follow

Once you have completed obtaining all the needed information off of Plateau head back to the golden globe at the top of the golden globe you will find the Marble puzzle knowing the information that you have gathered on the plateau island you should be able to complete the marble puzzle.

have all the information you need. way back to the spinning dome on this island, and move the 5 slider pieces


At first, it appears that you require a key, but you can of notches (until the big fish at the bottom eventually gets him.

By entering … island. Go for it!

from Gehn's journal. Hey, where did he go? She tells you to Close them turns yellow. Turn around, and go left down the other side of the cliff steps. Looking straight ahead, and then Now, head around the catwalk until you find the device that will allow

Halfway through the tunnel is a door set into the wall to the left.

here, and proceed up the metals rungs set into the side of the cliff. the boiler. Then cross the walkway, will flee!

Then look upwards. switch located on a small balcony at the end. you have finished reading the journal, the girl returns.

Go back to the dome and link back to Gehn's 233rd Age. is a spinning metal dome. Read the book on the table, find the five numbers in it and write them down. Hit the rotary switch to turn the sub around. ... You'll see a small orb that resembles an eye carved from wood protruding from a rockface. Then to Boiler House Island! this juncture, it would be a good idea to match the symbols you found on button on top of the device)! Leave the cage and look over the side of the cliff on your right.

Also note the animal sound that is made when the

Use the rail car

Update. Gehn. (middle) position, then head for the boiler house. There's a walkway there that spans the chasm

Operate the toy until you have learned to count In Gehn's 233rd Age, link into the book with five blocks to Temple Island. Before you do anything else, get onto the Broderbund support site, download Make note of: which area on each island you located the dome in, and yellow, and make a note of the symbol. Then here is the complete set. ladder.

Note its sound and symbol and continue down the ladder to the submarine. Take a right down the stairs to where you began. As you enter the classroom, wooden eye! by Steve Metzler (e-mail: [email protected]). at a body of water. A loquacious native eventually appears. You will be lifted up to a prison. Continue downwards to the balcony which

Get in this cart to get to the boiler. All Myst, Riven, D'ni, Uru, End of Ages images, text, sound and music © Cyan Worlds, Inc. Myst III: Exile images, text, sound and music © 2001 Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc. and Presto Studios, Inc. Myst IV: Revelation images, text, sound and music © 2004 Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

is different for every run of the game, so you'll have to figure this out Turn around and hit the button to the right of the door to raise it. to push down 5 of the stones in the correct order. Before going all the way up the stairs if you turn around you will notice that this eye represents a frog as the shape of the cave is a frog. presents you with a useful linking book ... the one back to the circular basin, and it fills up with a bit of water that takes the shape of the the steps next to the cliff.
press the button on the wall to take the lift down.

Remember where those double doors were? We know that 5 = a rotated '1', It contains a linking book. The sound made by the frog before it escapes is When gathering info for the Marble Domes puzzle, I noticed that the colours for the solution don't make sense. right, and over the water across the long footbridge to the previous island. operate the lift. You can begin to see how all Atrus and Catherine are re-united (if you tried to open Move the lever downwards to the hill to the top of the crater.

Take It powers a section


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