rm125 2 stroke

It’s about a dynasty of bikes, championships and riders that goes back to a glorious era in the history of motocross.

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As a mature adult, the 250 is more appropriate (IMO remember folks!). Typically a 125 needs to be in the upper RPM range to make power which isn't always so fun on the trail.

This bike lives to jump. Once in your garage, submit another post and we'll bombard you with responses on what to add to make trail riding a little more enjoyable than with the stock bike. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Gidday mate, I recently bought an 06 RM125 for woods / trails and it is a blast! 2-Stroke History this week is all about the Suzuki RM250 and we have an insane Yamaha YZ125 project from the crew at Faster USA featured in this week’s Behind The Build section. The 2006 MY RM125 has received several tweaks for improved performance. The bike is a 2004 Suzuki RM125, my wife Jill has owned it since 2005. The RM125 has a bigger piston ring knock pin, a narrower reed valve intake passage, a reshaped intake reed valve air guide, a narrower crankshaft, a new exhaust chamber shape and a revised ignition map. Suzuki Motorcycle 2002 RM125 STAND - FOOTREST (MODEL … This may possibly be related to changed class structure. The wheelbase was 57.09 inches (1450 mm) long. It doesn’t pull hard down low like a 250cc four-stroke, or YZ125, or even the MIA KX125. The Suzuki rm125 & rm250 began production in 1975 and continued until 2008.
This means a new piston, redesigned exhaust ports and valves and plenty of other improvements in the frame, suspensions, brakes and ergonomics departments.

ATV Service and Repair Manuals. If you normally do long rides, you might want to spring for an IMS tank. I am intermediate at skill level and really want to enjoy off-road riding with my son who will quickly get better than me. The bike is a 2004 Suzuki RM125, my wife Jill has owned it since 2005.

The 2006 RM125 features much more realistic suspension for the average motocross racer. The RM series is a model range of two-stroke motorcycles manufactured by Suzuki. Bill’s Pipe also reconfigured the silencer to line up better with the new Polisport RM Restyle plastics kit. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-disc, manual. Sure there are several other bikes out there that would be better suited to a 195lb, intermediate rider, but that doesn't mean the RM125 won't work. However, since you may have a potentially good deal on a 2005 RM125, IMHO you should get it. My Suzuki RM 125 is manufactured by the Japanese Suzuki Motocross bike that can get the shields. A: It’s hard not to like the RM125. If you have a good price lined up on the Rm125 go for it! THIS WEEK’S BIRTHDAY BOYS: A DUTCHMAN, A SOUTH AFRICAN, A PRIEST & A NORTH…, MXA RAW VIDEO: JEREMY MARTIN ON YAMAHA, MOSIMAN ON GASGAS, PLUS WILSON & MCADOO, JUSTIN BARCIA VIDEO: RIDING HIS TROY LEE DESIGNS RED BULL GASGAS MC450, BREAKING NEWS! They set aside R&D time and seed money to make the 2006 RM125 better than the 2005 model. Small, lightweight, nimble and yet punchy to the max, the RM125 shares the upgrades with its quarter-liter sister. Which, shockingly, is something that they were unable to do to the better-selling RM-Z250. As it sits, the 2006 RM125 is a cornering fool. This bike has gained popularity of the high-efficiency motor with a maximum power of 38 hp (28 kW) at 11.250 rpm.

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Don’t waste your time trying to lug it down low. Uphills. It loves to dive inside. The last one I rode was in 1985. Kudos. Video: First Day Malcolm Stewart on the Star Racing Yamaha. In America, we loved flat track and hill climbing. If we were to throw all the 250Fs in the mix, that leaves the RM125 eighth on the list. Whether it’s simple maintenance or more extensive repairs involving engine and transmission disassembly, these manuals provide the information you need to maintain, troubleshoot and repair your quad or ATV. The RM 125 is usually light yellow motorcycle. Since that day the bike sat under a sheet in the garage until November 2019 when we decided to build it for the upcoming world 2 stroke championships.

rpt50 "hit it on the head" - the RM125 will be just fine on the trail - especially a 2005 model. doesnt do too well for mileage but all my friends ride 2 strokes too so we're all out of gas about the same time.
While the 2004 model year looks very similar to the previous versions, the changes will make a solid difference on the track. The 2006 RM125 is a great entry-level machine for young riders making the jump up from the mini ranks, or for someone in the market for a fun bike that will be cheap to maintain. It is more than enough bike to carry you around and if the price is right its definately worth it.

As i get older I notice it takes a lot of energy and "on the edge" reflexes to go fast on a 125.

You can find an 18-year-old bike and when it’s done, pass it off as a new one. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

It feels well balanced in the air. The RM125 was fitted with a 2.11 Gallon (8.00 Liters) fuel tank. I've trail ridden 125 2 … Fall off the pipe and you start from scratch. The reason you get throttle revving is because the rear is working overtime to hold excess weigh. You’ll be living on the edge, but sometimes that’s the only thing that makes life worthwhile.

They increased the diameter of the piston ring knock pin, made the reed valve intake passage narrower, reshaped the exhaust chamber, created a new CDI ignition map and put Renthal Fatbars on it. The bike is derived from championship-winning machines, and is loaded with race-ready components, despite its diminutive dimensions and displacement. yeah i race harescarmbles and i just got an RM125. I take my 11-year-old son (TTR90E) riding with me very often, and although I ride a 250 2-stroke (RMX250), I wouldn't hesitate recommending an RM125. If an eighth-liter machine is next on your shopping list, you'll have no regrets getting this one.

it makes you ride better. That's why i ride a 650 now. I'm actually your exact specs to a tee. This is one of Suzuki's highly-popular dirt racing machines, so it is natural that the house of Hamamatsu loads it with the best features and parts from the top shelf. No offense to 125 riders, but to me 125's seem to be fine if you're 14 years old. There's a rumor that the KTM SX '04-15 models pegs work, but I've never found confirmation of this, apart from a MXA article where they used some expensive Ti pegs.. oem part number for the '07 RM 125 (partzilla); This Suzuki 43561-37F00-019 FOOTREST, LH (BLACK) fits the following models and components: . Mix and Match your component colors. For your height and weight , you'd probably want the 250 , since you wont outgrow that for awhile , you might get tired of the 125's power , who knows! I've had every other size (2 stroke and 4) around and the 125 isd THE most fun I've had in a long time. To make the most of the RM125’s power profile, the best strategy is to fan the clutch on the exit of every corner. Yet, amid all the doom-and-gloom for tiddlers, there are a few bright spots and Suzuki’s RM125 is one of them. You have to keep the RM up in the rev range. [citation needed] The 2007 model had an approximate output of 38 horsepower (28 kW) at 11,250 rpm, and 24.7 nm of torque at 10,500 rpm. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Small, lightweight, nimble and yet punchy to the max, the RM125 shares the upgrades with its quarter-liter sister.

Suzuki RM125 1984-1985 (North America) Suzuki RM125 1986-1988 (North America) Suzuki … Fuel was supplied via a rotary valves. The rm125 & rm250 was discontinued due to the decrease in demand for 2 stroke motocross bikes. The stiffer springs make the forks ride higher in their stroke and just give the bike an overall better feel.


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