robinhood vs fidelity reddit
Read our comparison chart below. I believe you should be able to wire money to fund a Fidelity account, but should definitely call them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. As an Amazon Associate and affiliate Compare Before Buying earns from qualifying purchases. Read more about us here. Only … I personally have Fidelity, TD, and MassMutual for my Roth, "dumb money", and 401(k) respectively. How does it compare to Fidelity? I'm getting old and I'm way behind and I'd like to be aggressive since I wasted 10+ years of time where I did nothing and should've been. Dyson vs LG Cordzero (2020): Which Cordless Stick Vacuum Is Better? Ran into $150 bucks. Sending money back to the US will cost about 10% due to foreign exchange - this may be unavoidable if I want to participate in US markets. iPad 6th vs 7th Generation (2020): Comparing Entry-Level Tablets, iPad Pro vs Cintiq (2020): How The Cheaper Cintiq 16 Beat Out The iPad Pro. Commissions with such a small amount of capital would make that a fool's errand. Closed the account in late 2017 to use money elsewhere. I will increase the monthly amounts as I earn/learn more. We're talking the slightest of differences if you're looking to setup a couple fund portfolio. I like their research info and interface. OC. We help you make informed spending decisions with our clear reviews and handy comparison charts. If you want to invest chiefly in mutual funds and ETFs skip Robinhood and just open your account directly with Vanguard or Fidelity - you won't pay any commissions on their products anyway and both will allow you to roll your 401ks into an IRA which is one of your main concerns. You can also use like Robinhood for brokerage and V/F for IRA? Robinhood does not have any tools for reinvestment while Fidelity charges 7.95 per trade. Personally I have most of my money in ETFs/Mutual Funds with Vanguard, and then some "fun money" in Robinhood to trade individual stocks. I personally use both and I have the fidelity active trader pro tool and it's absolutely wonderful, but you're not getting that with $150. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I can't really speak to any difficulties you would have with investing from Japan with these companies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’d say rollover your 401ks into Fidelity (or vanguard). I want to get serious and start steadily investing ($200-300/mo) in MFs, ETFs, and maybe pick some tech stocks & international stocks. They have a number of no commission options, and some zero fee index funds they’ve just opened last quarter. I have a bit of a unique situation though so I've created a new thread. TDA/SCHWAB: you get a person if you call, RH, cust svc sucks - Do you care about cust svc as it only happens once a while. Unfortunately Robinhood's watch has ended now that the big guys have implemented these excellent trading policies. Looking at options, the base fees charged are the same for both brokers, $0. That's effectively nothing. Fidelity has been in the investment game for decades and has continued to set the gold standard for brokerage firms. While more Reddit users recommend Fidelity Investments over Robinhood… As an affiliate we may earn from qualifying purchases. Robinhood vs Fidelity. For a complete commissions summary, see our best discount brokers guide. Iirc, vanguards S&P 500 fund be was .03% vs Fidelity's .04, and their REIT fund was slightly cheaper as well. I think Robinhood has $1/mo. But, Vanguard doesn’t charge management fees on individual stocks, right?


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