ron bennington and his wife
I woke up to a message that my appearance on the Bill Murray Show with Mark Malkoff, on My Damn Channel was up! Heavy D had seen him performing at The Comedy Store and asked him to be in his video which is how ho got to meet Brett Ratner, and what eventually led him to be in Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. In an emotional radio broadcast Tuesday, Ron Bennington of The Ron & Ron Show announced that his partner Ron Diaz' wife has AIDS. !. He seemed really thrilled to get it and said he was looking forward to reading it, after I got the chance to tell him a few of the stories in the book, including how Eddie discovered Chris in 1986. GET CREATIVE AND SEND IN YOUR IDEAS RIGHT NOW TO JO@YOUPOP.COM WITH A CC TO JEFFREY@JEFFREYGURIAN.COM, AND DON’T FORGET TO USE THE COMEDY MATTERS PROMO CODE OF JG20! Recently I ran into him in the street, at a street fair, and when he heard about my new book he said he wanted me to come on the show one day to talk about it. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Prior to coming to  SiriusXM, Ron hosted shows on New York’s WNEW and WFNY Free FM, WJFK in Washington DC, and a nationally syndicated show in Tampa, Florida. The “Referral/Promo Code” for Comedy Matters people is JG20. Patrice and I had a very special friendship. (L-R) Fez Whatley, Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV holding his new book “Make ‘Em Laugh” with Chris Rock, and Ron Bennington up at Sirius XM Radio! 3. It is believed that this is the main reason, someone did not want them to continue helping children and people quickly relate it … Bennington apologized to his audience for not getting serious about AIDS awareness before now. YouPop, the new social media craze that will soon sweep the nation! It was truly one of the great honors of my career to get that respect from Patrice. And then afterwards seemed shocked as the reality hit him, of the enormity of what he had turned down! FOR YOUR IDEA, FOR SETTING UP YOUR PROFILE AND YOUR “I WILL DO” VIDEO OFFER. These days he’s very particular about what films he appears in, and according to Ron has turned down over 100 million dollars worth of work, which he smilingly agreed with. Two of them were with Rob Barnett and one of his MDC stars, Grace Helbig who does the “Daily Grace” Show and has become an internationally known internet star as a result! "Whenever Ron Diaz wishes to return, whether that is tomorrow or two months from now, we're here for him," Bennington said in a phone interview from St. Petersburg after the broadcast. She also said that nothing good ever happens in an alcoholic blackout! I will drive a store clerk crazy by asking non-stop questions for $20. Mark’s really funny, and told me he travels with Amy on the road which must be a fun gig. The Ron & Ron Show is syndicated in 11 U.S. cities, including Orlando on 101.1 FM (WJRR). Then there will be a national ad campaign. I will tell off someone in your office for $10. . I have an opinion, and if it’s good I’m willing to share it, but if it’s not, I keep it to myself. In June 2010 he resigned from his positions at the Ron and Fez Show after asking Siriusxm for more money because he was not paid enough to support himself and his family. She got huge love from the crowd! Tags: "ChrisTucker", "Comedy Matters TV", "Friday 4", "Ice Cube", "Jackie Chan". Send an e-mail to, with a CC to me at with the category and character you plan to portray for the video greeting cards, along with your idea. He’s a really smart, and intuitive guy! Ron Bennington was commenting on how likeable Amy is, and how popular she is, and they actually showed my red carpet clip on the show over the internet. So today was a special day, … not just for the non-stop press, but for the fact that it feels good to be acknowledged in a positive way, for trying to put positive energy out into The Universe, ’cause that’s what Comedy Matters is about! Chris started out as a class clown, which is a skill never truly acknowledged by anyone’s parents or teachers. Chris grew up in Decatur, Georgia and made his comedy debut right there, even though he was underage. I used to travel around holding an iron, (for no particular reason, except that it’s easier to carry than a large appliance! Register using my Promo/Referral Code of JG20. We always had the best time, while I was putting him back together, since he was always getting punched in the face, while making our city safe! Comedy Matters Round-Up With Artie Lange,Golden Globes, Angelo Lozada Tribute, Holiday Parties and Other Cool Stuff!!! Diaz' wife, Debbie, who is in her early 30s, was diagnosed with the illness about a year and a half ago, Bennington told listeners, adding that it was not known how she contracted the disease. He got huge laughs and endeared himself to the audience by saying, ” I think this might be the best I’ve ever done!”. It’s a way for any creative or talented person in the world to make money over their Smart Phones and become a You Pop star! or more depending on how unusual and fun your suggestion is. He was like, “How can you complain about having to need a layer of something between you?” ” Hey Dad, give me a hug! jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(formId == 6) {if(typeof Placeholders != 'undefined'){ Created by Darin Myman of WallyWorld Inc., the company’s logo is “Hire Anyone To Do Anything, … Well Almost!”. I was there for his Chris Tucker interview and it was really great! Some walked into the network office with flowers, said Ross Reback, president of The Ron & Ron Radio Network. Ron joked that every day Ice Cube wakes up asking if Chris Tucker called about being in his 4th Friday movie which he’s currently writing, and wants Chris to be in! They were years apart,that I did those things, and I never even realized it until this moment! You’ll come to a page that has a few options, one of which says ” I Will Do”. Chester’s wife Talinda Bennington affixed the post-it note on Chester’s coffee mug, so he’d see it before he hit the studio. I did however also receive an MP3 of my appearance on the Curtis Sliwa radio show that I did last Friday. Patrice Oneal and Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV at an event Jeffrey produced at Gotham Comedy Club. Amy Schumer is the new Amy Schumer! I broke the news recently on Sirius XM during my one-on-one interview with Ron Bennington of Ron and Fez fame! Bennington replay airs daily on Raw Dog Comedy Hits 99 on SiriusXM satellite radio. Tune in to hear all these incredible stories and find out why so many people are calling Ron Bennington one of the best interviewers today. 3. Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV with Chris Tucker, up at Sirius Radio with Ron and Fez, holding Jeffrey’s book with Chris Rock called “Make ‘Em Laugh”, about the 35 year history of The Comic Strip! A Panel Conversation with Dana Gould, Eliza Skinner, Deanne Smith and Eddie Pepitone, Moontower Comedy Festival, 800 Congress, Austin, Texas, Moontower Comedy Festival: Palm Door, Austin Texas, CROWD SOURCE: An Hour with Ron Bennington, Moontower Comedy Festival; Antone’s Nightclub, KESWICK THEATER WITH ROBERT KELLY, RICH VOS, JIM FLORENTINE, UNMASKED with the stars of HBO’s CRASHING. These would be found under the heading of ” I Need” and would be great for people who like to make viral comedy videos, and do pranks and dares! Past guests have included great performers and writers like Joan Rivers, Dick Cavett, Wanda Sykes, Louis C.K., Richard Lewis, Jimmy Fallon and Bob Newhart. MODELS: THEY WILL PAY $75. Although she is currently well, he said there had been "two scares" in the past year. Ron Bennington Net Worth and salary: Ron Bennington is an American talk show host who has a net worth of $2 million. I was one of a small, select group who got invited to attend the interview up at the Sirius studios, where I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing press for my new book ” Make ‘Em Laugh” with Chris Rock, and Richie Tienken the owner/founder of the legendary comedy club “The Comic Strip.”.


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