rudram namakam chamakam meaning
Shritassahasra shovai shaagum heda Eemahey/Asou yovasarpati Neela Greevo Vilohitah/ Utainam Gopaa Adrushannudahaaryah/ Utainam Vishwaa Bhutaanisadrushto Mridayaati nah/ Namo Astu Neela greevaaya Sahasraakshaaya meedhushey/ Athoye Asya Satvanoham tebhyokarah namah/ Pramumcha dhanvanastwamubhayoraaraartni yorjyaam yaaschatohasta ishavah// Paraataa bhagavovapa/ Avatatatyadhanu stwagum Sahasraaksha Shateshudhey/ Nisheeryashalyaanaam Mukhaa Shivonassumanaa Bhava/ Vijyam Dhanuh Kapardino vishalyo baanavaagum Uta/ Aneshaanasyeshava Aabhurasya nishangdhih/ Yaatey hetirmeedhushta hastey babhuvatey dhanuh/ Tayaasmaan Vishwatasstwama yakshmayaa paribruja/ Namastey Astwayudhaayanaa tataaya dhrushnavey/ Ubhaabhyaamuta tey namo Baahubhyaam tavdhanvaney/ Pari tey Dhanvano hetirasmaanrunaktu Vishwatah/ Athoya Ishudhistavaarey Asminnidhehitam/ Namastey astu Bhagavanvishveyshwaraaya Mahadevaaya Triambikaaya Tripuraantakaaya Trikalaagni Kaalaaya Rudraaya Neela kanthaaya Mrituyunjayaaya Sarveshwaraaya Sadaa Shivaaya Shriman Mahaa Devaaya namah/, May Neelakantha the blue throated One protect us even as he like Sun God upswings with pink complexion in early mornings when cowherds, water carriers and the rest of the world get active and enthused for the day in our chores with joy and contentment. You are the most ancient and the Ageless and praised the highest as the Creator present far before Srishthi of the Universe; You are in the high waves of Oceans as also quiet waters or in inundations or islands; Bhagavan! Bagalmukhi Mantra You are Bhava the Originator and Rudra the Demolisher! Shivaam Giritrataamkuru maahigumseeh Purusham jagat/ Shivena vachasaatwaa Girishscchaa- vadaamasi/ Yathaanassarwamijjagadayakshmagum Sumanaa Aset/ Adhavyocha dadhivaktaa prathamo daiviyobhishak/ Aheegscha sarvaan janbhayanthsaarvaascha yaatu Dhaanyah/ Asou yastaamro Aruna Uta Babhrussumangalah/ Yechemaagum Rudraa Abhito dikshu/. May all the odd numbers from One to thirty three plus be beneficient to human beings as also the even numbers from four to forty eight specified plus as significant to Devas be all be auspicious; May Maha Deva grant abundant food as facilitated by the beneficient circle of Food- Crops-Yagnas-Surya- Varsha-Prithivi-Good Crops and Food; more than the production process of food and its diistribution management, the resolve to produce and enjoy the results of the food is the most significant! There are eleven hymns; each has its own purpose and meaning. Do kindly hold your arrows for punishing the wicked and uphold virtue but not to destroy the Universe. Shakti Peethas You preside over conferences and peculiar occasions. Ashmaaschamey Mrittikaachamey Girayaschamey Parvataaschamey Sikitaaschmey Vanaspataya –schamey Hiranyam chameyyaschamey seesam cha mey trapuschamey Shyaamam cha mey Lohamchamegnischa ma Veerudhaschma Aoushadhayaschamey Krishtapachanchameykrishta pachan –chamey Graamaschamey Pashava Aranyaascha Yagjnena Kalpantaam Vittham cha Vittischamey Bhutam chamey Bhutischamey Vasuchamey Vasatischamey Karmachamey Shaktischameyrthascha ma Evascha ma Itischamey Gatischamey/. when you as a youthful Lion ready to destroy, let not your Ganas attack us but the Evil Forces; instead you do bless us and our family members even as diverting your weapons far away from us! This prayer to Rudra has two parts-the Namakam (verses ending with Nama) and the Chamakam (Verses ending with Cha May) each with eleven sections. May our lives be comfortable with fulfillments as also the subsequent lives with exciting promises; My we love our associates and beget love too; May we be the Cynosures of the Society and surroundings; May we reap attention, fame, fortune, wealth, ideal preceptors; affection, protection and excellent upbringing / nurture from parents, respect from relatives and elders; obedient progeny ; attachment to and from servants and domestical animals; freedom from illnesses besides the gifts of health and fitness, long and satifying life; conmplete absence of enemies and evils; appreciation from elders and fellow citizens; sound and restful sleep with contented and cosy bed; all round auspiciousmes with series of Vratas, Yagnas and social festvities; disciplined daily life with Sandhya Vandanas and Veda Pathana; observance of Grihasti Dharmas, charities, TirthaYatras etc.


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