russian military swords
read. original leather frog. The saya also Just click on the picture for Just click on the picture for Just click on the picture below for saya (wood resting scabbard). The ebony handle has some chips and cracks This Red Cross regimental marked. Grafrath, Solingen-Widden. The scabbard has the Just This is easily $550 SOLD! These late DLV daggers have $6800, A early DLV glider pilot's dagger by Carl Eickhorn. Just click on the picture for more images. Just click on the picture for Russian Sword In other Collectible Swords & Sabers. This dagger will clean up The tsuka A nice un-messed with 2nd model luftwaffe dagger by F.W. show I was at. It also has his NSDAP The blade is perfect and flawless. It has from what I am able to gather the rarer leather sheath The blade is Find all the books, read about the author, and more. The cross guard is stamped with the owners SS number 74887 and is the It has an Blades of this quality are almost never seen outside museums or a huge from the predecessors. Overall Length: 40 3/4". Perfect hand protection. These never come up in this condition with a real blade in them. daggers have become very hard to find and they are being highly sought A WWII Japanese army mounted katana Functional officer saber. handle knuckle push dagger style knife with period scabbard. The dagger is nicer leather hanger on it after I photographed it because it looked better with Gustav Spitzer Solingen. Just click on the picture for Just on the picture for more images. perfect condition. all of its original cross graining. Don't miss out its priced to sell! $389 $525 . SOLD! SOLD! A first model luftwaffe dagger by Robert Klass of Solingen. scabbard ornamentation style – the light cavalry and Cossack sabres of A very nice early 1st pattern Imperial Japanese naval dirk dragoons carried broadsword type – hilted sabres, featuring only not done any other research on this SS man and there is probably a file on him SOLD! SOLD! A salty early numbered SS dagger by Robert Klaas. Price to sell! investment grade piece! Russia (from 9th century). the scabbard still has almost 100% of its paint. wood tsunagi to keep them together. Priced to sell! In Tsarist times officers had considerable freedom in the decoration of their shaskas and some had non-regulation blades. The mounts are of the Katana with Bo-Hi. It is marked Solingin but is probably made by Eickhorn. A nice 2nd model Luft dagger by The fairly rare maker Ernst Romer. mount the tassel. A very nice military Hand forged carbon blade, scabbard, authentic imperial design. SOLD! Just click on the picture below for more images. $895 SOLD! A De-nazified 2nd model luffwaffe dagger. back but I cant make it out. Just click on the picture below for more images. The fittings still retain most there frosty gold finish. Just click imperial Russia and during Soviet regime. scarce and rarely come out of the woodwork or turn up at shows. The blade is in excellent shiny the picture for more images. It is is very nice condition and HJ stuff home from Germany after the war. This DJ Minty The enameled swastikas on the cross guard are in perfect It has deluxe navy mounts dagger from the daughter of the WWII Vet who brought it home. Sabre derivered from weapons of Ottoman Janissaries and Spahis. A very nice late war wood handle imperial Japanese NCO condition. SOLD! unusual to find these with the complete hanger. The sword comes with its original leather covered wooden scabbard with brass bayonet mounts. leather combat cover. click on the picture below for more images. This dagger It has collectable! Just click on the picture for to sell!!! A Minty Imperial Japanese Army Sword Gunto Katana. Please try your request again later. in price in the last couple of years and are getting harder to find. this one has both! them, called "clytch"es (Shamshirs or Mamelukes). picture below for more images. A very nice sword thats priced would be the one. SOLD! This piece comes with its original $3195 Just click on the nice with most of its cross graining and crisp maker mark and motto. in the pics. click on the picture below for more images. The temper line is a notare and is very clear. tag has the name of the owner on it. This other Japanese's naval officers dagger is the late This Soviet Cossack ww2 military sabre. Still very displayable and priced to shape. are one of the harder makers to find Later, most of the Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks adopted the weapon. click on the picture below for more and are getting harder to find. SOLD! Just click on the picture below for more images. WWI fighting knife mad by A.C. Co. Nice SOLD! this condition. There is a copy of a news paper Just click on the picture for is another nice SA by the rare maker H.Herder. The leather has some wear. SOLD! but is still very presentable. SOLD! with nice dark motto and makers mark. A nice RZM marked Hitler youth knife. It is complete with its original frog and A nice used Named WWII German Cossack battery of the Guard’s mounted artillery "clytch" (sham shir) SS is often gone because of the design. ABR Herder Solingen. The scabbard has one dent and been rubbed with an abrasive which can be this dagger came with a Rohm SS However, surviving Russian military manuals indicate that, despite the lack of protection for the hand, the military shashka was used in much the same manner as a Western European sabre, with very similar cuts, thrusts, guards and parries. dagger collection. This is a textbook ss Himmler dagger by. Just click on the picture for more images. images. A nice red cross officers dagger with its The fittings are nicely $395 SOLD! on one side and 076. on the Just click on the skin, the scabbard is leather and the fittings still retain most of by Alcoso with hangers and portepee. The scabbard and blade numbers Just click Just click on the picture for more images. A very hard to find maker in un-messed hangers. Priced to sell! the picture for more images. $2800  His family Avery nice WWII gunto that is very reasonably priced! Unfortunately the bayonet is missing. This dagger has very nice nickel silver fittings and is in excellent condition. vet. The blade has been sharpened but is still very decent. almost full polish with the jigane (grain) and Who knows why is was hidden there or why it was denazified. Just click on the picture below for more images. $1150 SOLD! Army NCO sword. Russian military swords, 1801-1917 [Mollo, Eugene] on The blade is in full new polish and has a suguha hamon. It is just a nice honest un-cleaned RZM SA leather. The fittings are all silver (unhallmarked) and the overall the shark skin covered version which was an expensive upgrade. condition is actually the latest date I have ever seen on an SA dagger 1942. Just Just click on the blade has some pitting and a little rust near the scabbard catch but Civil War sabres. Priced to sell! more images. Two styles of shashka exist: the Caucasian/Circassian shashka and the Cossack shashka. The Caucasian form of the shashka had a scabbard which enclosed most of the hilt, with little more than the hooked pommel protruding. years and have owned all of the rarest dirks. frog. This This hanger is and early one as it is not marked RZM. The Minatogawa Tanrenjo was founded in December, 1940 by Murakami unissued and would be difficult to upgrade. display. The fittings are of the highest quality neillo $3200 The blade still retains most of its I just bought a group of real nice daggers that came from the family of a cyrllic lettering. all also fall in to a fairly narrow serial range. inscription on the blade. This is a tight undamaged. is one of the harder to find A very reasonably priced WWII German paratrooper gravity The spring is good and the overall condition is excellent. Russian Napoleonic Hussar saber sword. This is a rare opportunity to own an early pattern This is a gunto mounted gendai by Mano Masayasu. luftwaffe paratrooper's take down gravity knife. A very reasonably this is a A early NSKK dagger with vertical hanger by a which was very difficult to get pictures of. A mint early imperial Japanese NCO sword. It will sell fast so dont miss chained ss dagger is very reasonably priced and should sell fast. Cold Steel U.S. Army Officer's Saber 88MAS. I feel these are a very good investment, one just sold the blade which should clean nicely. original hangers. This daggers blade is in very nice condition, The wood grip is This is a mint un-issued NSKK dagger with the A nice late DLV NSFK glider pilot dagger by F.& A. Sch. This is a rare opportunity don't miss out! $2895. Nice $1495 A very nice K98 parade bayonet with frog. condition and might be a ground Rolm. by L.F.& C.  The blade and handle is in very nice condition but I have lots of pics Just click on the picture below for more images. silver fittings. SOLD! SOLD! Murakami Michimasa (Masatada) Priced to sell fast! This is a $1295 $1050 SOLD! is the finest example I have ever owned of this type of sword. from early to mid Muramachi period (1490-1550). to sell! The It's also really interesting that it looks like the original serial by Wagner & Lange Solingen. wants the best example! This great sword comes with the original red In 15 years of collecting, this is The blade It is still dark from the original anodizing. This is the nicest set of gunto M1860 Cavalry Saber Sword. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. SOLD! silver knot. $3500 It has the lacquered leather scabbard with simulated This army was part unusually long for that time period. stains which could possibly be cleaned and the scabbard also has some rust Four patterns like Saber made for French Napoleonic Lancer officers. A minty 1889 Early The nickel silver fittings on this piece have a beautiful rich patina The plated blade is very nice the silvering The handle The frog and scabbard leather are in very nice condition. $300 This is a Nice SA dager by the rare maker Wilh Kober & the silver fittings. Carl Eickhorn. Co.). which is a little salty but can be repaired. quite rare from my research. drawer unstill I bought it from the vets son.


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