samurai warriors 4 empires weapons
4. Shrouded in Smoke (Defeat Shigetsugu Munakata and Zenhachirō Kasuga!) Sugesawa Southern Garrison!) 8. Requirements, Objectives 4. 1. 2. Time limit: 15 minutes Downloadable content. 6. Ōtani's Perception (Work with Kideaki Kobayakawa, and defeat Yoshitsugu Ōtani, Tamehiro Hiratsuka and Katsushige Toda!) The Lion of Sagami Emerges (Prevent Ujiyasu Hōjō from reaching the Oshi Castle Main Keep! 4. Obtain a level 4 weapon in Empire Mode and save your game. The Shadow (Bonus) (Defeat Hanzō Hattori!) First Round Victory (Defeat Sōemon Itō, defending the Southern Garrison West Gate!) Repercussions of Defection (Prevent Yukitsuna Matsushita from approaching Masatoshi Azai!) 4. 5. Time limit: 10 minutes General documentation and help section. 8. Newlyweds (Bonus) (Prevent Ina and Nobuyuki Sanada from rendezvousing!) The Final Touches (Escort the Supply Soldiers to Sunomata!) The Taking of Sakemi Garrison (Defeat Katsushige Nabeshima and Tadashige NAbeshima in order to capture Sakemi Garrison!) 9. Stab in the Back (Bonus) (Defeat Samanosuke Mizoguchi and Katsuyuki Usami!) 5. 10. 8. 5. 2. Sugesawa Southern Garrison!) 1. Friendship Tested (Prevent Takatora Tōdō and his allies from infiltrating the Western Army Main Camp! 2. ), Stage: Sanada 6 (Toyotomi) - The Ōsaka Campaign These summer-themed costumes will give a fresh look to every battlefield! Requirements, Objectives 1. ), Stage: Kinki 3 - Battle of Anegawa A Trial - Slaying a Friend (Defeat Ranmaru Mori!) ), Stage: Uesugi 4 - The Otate Rebellion (Defeat Naotsune Endō and Tsunachika Kaihō in order to secure an escape route!) ), Stage: Shikoku 3 - Invasion of Iyo Kōzuki Castle Northern Garrison Siege (Defeat Michihisa Amago and Ujihisa Amago in order to capture the Northern Garrison!) Requirements, Objectives Time limit: 15 minutes 1. 5. 7. The free-flowing scenario system returns. Protect Ujizane (Prevent Masakage Yamagata and Masatoyo Naitō from infiltrating the Central Garrison!) Loyalty affects the number of characters that can be sent to battle. Cornered (Defeat Nobuyasu Atagi and Masayasu Sogō!) Samurai Warriors 4 Empires Official Site. Protect the People (Defeat Tadaoki Hosokawa, Yoshiai Katō and Yasuharu Wakisaka, and prevent the Peasants from being defeated!) Time limit: 10 minutes You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sworn Revenge (Defeat Tatsuoki Saitō and Michitoshi Nagai!) The main playable cast have unique proposals. 3. 2. Time limit: 8 minutes 9. Yukimura's Charge (Prevent Yukimura Sanada from approaching Ieyasu Tokugawa!) Siege of Noda Castle (Defeat Murashige Araki and Shigemasa Toda in order to capture Noda Castle!) The TBi Group is hosting a collaboration menu at ZIN ~Ueno Outlet~ starting August 8. To do this, in the strategy phase, select Decree > Armaments, and then select either Swordsmith, Spearsmith or Specialsmith, depending on what kind of weapon your character is using. 5. New costumes will be added for all 56 playable characters. 7. 1. Requirements, Objectives Family of Devils (Defeat Toyohisa Shimazu, Iehisa Shimazu and Tadanaga Shimazu!) Undermanned (Defeat Naomasa Ii and his allies!) Assault (Defeat Terumoto Mōri, Munekatsu Nomu and Katatane Shirai!) 5. The Young Azai (Defeat Takatora Tōdō! Fūma's Secret Maneuvers (Bonus) (Prevent the Ninja Masters and Yukie Sakamaki from rendezvousing!) 5. ), Stage: Oda 5 - Battle of Noda-Fukushima This set contains the additional castle, "Golden Castle, " the additional scenario, "The Osaka Campaign," and an additional costume for Takakage Kobayakawa. 1. 4. 10. 6. 6. 3. Tiger Climb (Bonus) (Reach the Mt. A Righteous Advance (Prevent Kanetsugu Naoe and Yoshinobu Satake from reaching the Western Garrison!) Further Turmoil (Bonus) (Defeat Fusatada Nogami!) © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Unify Japan for the first time in Empires Mode. Laying a Siege (Defeat Yoshiaki Katō and Bitchū Kinoshita in order to capture the Southeastern Garrison!) 4. 4. 10. (Defeat Naotsune Endō and Tsunachika Kaihō in order to secure an escape route!) 1. 8. Mitsunari's Retreat (Bonus) (Prevent Mitsunari Ishida from reaching the Retreat Point!) 7. 1. Unsettling Your Foe (Avoid the Sanada Army's officers and defeat only the Uesugi Army's officers!) Join a faction and complete objectives in the following scenarios: Before starting a scenario, players can select the general difficulty setting for stages. 6. 1. Tachibana Castle South Garrison!) Large-Scale Battle (Defeat the enemy officers!) 1. ), Stage: Shikoku 4 - Battle of Hiketa 2. 1. 4. 4. Protect the Vanguard (Defeat Ina and Toshiharu Saitō, and prevent Kazumasa Isono from being defeated!) 1. For My Father (Defeat Nobutada Oda!) 10. 8. Kunoichi in Hiding (Bonus) (Defeat Kunoichi!) 3. ), Stage: Chūgoku 1 - Conflict at Itsukushima 3. Protect the Ship (Bonus) (Prevent the Fireball Soldiers from infiltrating the First Ship!) Protect the People (Defeat Tadaoki Hosokawa, Yoshiako Katō and Yasuharu Wakisada, and prevent the Peasants from being defeated!) Family Feud (Defeat Masahide Sakai and Tsueoki Ikeda in order to break through the front line!) 8. Annihilation of the Mogami (Defeat Mitsunao Tateoka and his allies!) 4. Time limit: 10 minutes 4. 3. Buy the game new to receive serial codes for a residential design, a scenario and a special outfit for Takakage. Guarding the Supplies (Bonus) (Defeat Shikanosuke Yamanaka!) Prepared to Die (Defeat Shigekatsu Tōnai and Minbunoshō Fukuda!) Assist Hasedō Castle (Defeat Shigenaga Honjō and Kagetsugu Amakasu, and prevent Yoshiaki Mogami from being defeated!) 6. Borrowing a Deployment Map (Bonus) (Defeat Masayasu Miyoshi in order to get the deployment map!) ), Stage: Land United 4 - Conquest of Shikoku The God of War's Child (Defeat Kagekatsu Uesugi in order to break through the Southern Checkpoint! Requirements, Objectives 2. Capturing Sogō Castle (Defeat Nene and Masayuki Sogō in order to capture Sogō Castle! Tylko czy to wystarczy by ktokolwiek chciał zagrać w gierkę gdzie rozwala się setki wrogów za pomocą gitary. Time limit: 10 minutes 3. Suspicious Shadows (Bonus) (Prevent the Ninja Masters from reaching the Retreat Point!) The standard weapon is the normal weapon that the character starts with, and this type of weapon will be the one that is always obtained in each stage, with random attributes and levels each time. 7. You can create your own custom character in this game. 2. 4. ), Stage: Sanada 5 (Eastern) - 2nd Battle of Ueda Castle The Battle at the Tertiary Ward (Prevent Masamune Date and Ina from approaching Hideyori Toyotomi! The Sanada Retainers Rise (Defeat Genba Karasawa, Nagato Ikeda and Toneri Ishii!) ), Stage: Kantō 4 - Battle of Mimase Pass Capturing of Sogō Castle (Defeat Nene and Masayuki Sogō in order to capture Sogō Castle!) Officer compatibility The effectiveness of your Magistrates will also be affected by the compatibility between and relationship status of the two officers assigned to the same task. The game's guidebook can be purchased early at Tokyo Game Show 2015. 1. Use of Force (Defeat the enemy troops!) 5. 3. ), Stage: Oda 3 - Conflict at Rokujō 4. Unify the Chūgoku region in Empires Mode. Time limit: 12 minutes The player's headquarters updates based on the national strengths of their forces. The Gamecity Set adds a lacquer box to store the illustration cards and a book introducing events to the bundle. 5. 5. Something does not work as expected? 7. Sakon's Suicide Attack (Defeat Oribe Furuta and Sadatsugu Tsutsui in order to capture the Eastern Army's entry route!) Things to note if going for weapons the hard way. All Secure (Bonus) (Defeat Nobukimi Anayama and Nobushige Oyamada!) Barring the Way (Bonus) (Prevent Goemon Ishikawa from reaching the Construction Point!) A Concealed Enemy (Bonus) (Defeat Masasada Saegusa and Nobushige Myamada!) Fighting Alongside Ukita (Bonus) (Defeat Kazutoyo Yamauchi and Terumasa Ikeda, and prevent Hideie Ukita from being defeated!) A Rag-Tag Group (Defeat the enemy troops in order to take the Lake Western Garrison!) 6. 2. 7b. Must personally defeat Munenori Yagyū, Muneshige Tachibana & Kanetsugu Naoe, Must personally defeat Toyohisa Shimazu, Motochika Chōsokabe, Takatora Tōdō & Toshiie Maeda, Must personally defeat Magoichi Saika & Motonari Mōri, Must personally defeat Nobutada Oda & Ranmaru Mori, All officers on the map that you can reach must be defeated before the door to Nō opens, Must defeat all officers on the map that you can reach, Health of you, Yukimura Sanada & Masayuki Sanada must stay above 50%, Must personally defeat the real Hanzō Hattori, Munenori Yagyū & Lady Hayakawa, Shingen must not use Musou/Musou Frenzy Attack or Rage Mode, Must personally defeat Nagamasa Azai and Yoshikage Asakura, Must personally defeat Tadakatsu Honda (first encounter), Must personally defeat Sakon Shima, Kunoichi & Yukimura Sanada, Must personally defeat Kai & Lady Hayakawa, Must personally defeat Koshōshō (first encounter), Kai (first encounter) & Kunoichi, Ieyasu must not use Musou/Musou Frenzy Attack (Rage Mode is okay), Must personally defeat Naotora Ii, Ina, Hideyoshi Hashiba, Hanzō Hattori, Tadakatsu Honda & Ieyasu Tokugawa, Health of you & Mitsunari Ishida must stay above 50%, Must personally defeat Masanori Fukushima (twice), Naotora Ii & Kiyomasa Katō, Must personally defeat Muneshige Tachibana & Ginchiyo Tachibana, Must personally defeat Kotarō Fūma & Toyohisa Shimazu (first encounter), Must personally defeat Ginchiyo Tachibana, Must personally defeat the real Kotarō Fūma, Must personally defeat Masanori Fukushima & Kiyomasa Katō, Must personally defeat Tachibana Ginchiyo, Health of Yoshihiro Shimazu & Ginchiyo Tachibana must stay above 50%, Must personally defeat Kiyomasa Katō three times, Must personally defeat Yoshitsugu Ōtani, Kanetsugu Naoe, Kunoichi & Kagekatsu Uesugi, Must defeat all officers on the map that you can reach before defeating Kagekatsu Uesugi, Health of you, Ujikuni Hōjō, Ujiteru Hōjō, Ujimasa Hōjō, Kai & Lady Hayakawa must stay above 50%, Must personally defeat Masanori Fukushima, Nene & Kiyomasa Katō, Health of Kagetora Uesugi must stay above 50%, Health of you & Hidetada Tokugawa must stay above 50% (unit struggling = less than 50%), Ina must be you partner and Health of you & Ina must stay Green, Must personally defeat Kunoichi & Yukimura Sanada, All officers outside of the Castle must be defeated, Must defeat all officers on the map that you can reach (Including the three that show up after completing, All officers on the map that you can reach must be defeated before defeating Keiji (Aya included), Must personally defeat Kotarō Fūma, Kojūrō Katakura, Masamune Date, Kai & Lady Hayakawa, Must personally defeat all officers on the map that you can reach, Health of you & Nobuyuki Sanada must stay above 50%, Must personally defeat Kai, Kunoichi & Yukimura Sanada. 2. Clear a scenario without executing anyone. Here is a collection of Kenshin Uesugi's weapons in the Warriors series. 6. The Navy Appears (Defeat Yoshitaka Kuki and Yasuharu Wakisaka!)


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