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Price: $100. At Reptmart we take great pride... Was: $149.99 Now: $129.99. Kenyan Sand Boa Price. The calico morph is beautiful in how very random the saddles appear. Obviously, breeders aren’t ready to sell any of these beauties quite yet. Ghost Kenyan Sand Boa. "Sand boa smuggling is more lucrative than that of tiger body parts," he explained. It differs in that the nuclear morph has much brighter colors.

A flying rat snake bites man’s butt in an internet cafe in Thailand! Very Hardy Animals That Are Friendly And Can Be Handled Often. They have been bred through generations to include some of the fantastic morphs you see here. As said in the Journal of Heredity, this gene results in an animal being unable to produce black pigments. Sand Boa snakes are said to have two heads as the tail of this snake also looks like a head, and they have are one of the protected animals that cannot be owned without proper documentation. We have a nice selection of sand boa morphs to choose from with overnight shipping and our live arrival guarante! This is not the first time that sand boas sellers have been busted. She was packaged ever so carefully with a nice warm side. Looking for a Kenyan sand boa for sale at a competitive price? Albino Paradox Kenyan, 100% Het Anery, 50% Het Albino. This resulted in the rufescens morph. Ste A Palmetto Bay, FL 33157. Three genera comprising 15 species are currently recognized as being valid. TMK £130. Captive Bred Babies. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. Meaning that the bottom third of the snake will be blank of saddles. Our reptile and amphibian feeder insects and lizards include a guarantee of live arrival. A line-bred morph has resulted in the nuclear morph, where these natural colors are incredibly bright and vivid. Anerythristic stripe Kenyan sand boas are beautiful, dark snakes with a pale stripe along the spine.

My baby girl sand boa arrived happy and healthy with a full belly. Amphibians are generally slower-moving, and have uniquely moist skin which means they are never far from a source of water. $ 99.99. Try browsing the Other Boas Index if you're looking for something specific. Its belly scales are pale, usually white or cream-colored.

Occasionally, the saddles will have a pale pink hue too. A flying rat snake bites man’s butt in an internet cafe in Thailand! A normal Kenyan sand boa is a snake without morphs, called a wild-type. I will definitely consider buying reptiles from here again.... Read more, The baby boa arrived healthy and I am so happy. The Indian Sand Boa is the largest Sand Boa, occasionally reaching over 4 feet in length. Snakes at Sunset offers gorgeous varieties of boas for sale all the time. A lack of pigment is made ever-more interesting by random speckles and splotches of pigment. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

This species is also one of the smallest boas in the world, so feeding them is not overly expensive. Obviously, breeders aren’t ready to sell any of these beauties quite yet. This is a recessive trait, meaning that both parents must carry the gene for albinism for a baby to be albino. Sand Boa snakes are non-venomous snakes that have attracted a lot of attention in the recent times. Albino Kenyan sand boas are quite popular and readily available.

Giant python eats man: Missing Indonesian guy found inside seven-meter snake’s stomach! Today, there are specific laws that prevent wild-caught snakes from being exported. Hognose.UK £275. As explained in The American Naturalist, isolated populations diversify for two reasons. This is a line-bred trait. As such, it is widely bred and readily available. All Kenyan sand boas in the U.S. will almost certainly be captive-bred snakes.

The reptiles are high in demand and are marked as one of the costliest creatures in the black market with a price range increasing from lakhs to crores. Snow Kenyan Sand Boa. Curiously, the splash morph only ever disrupts saddling on the lower third of a snake’s body. As such, this morph is quite rare and demands a higher price. This coloring really makes the characteristic paradox speckles stand out even more. Species of the subfamily Erycinae are found in Europe, Asia Minor, Africa, Arabia, central and southwestern Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and western North America. This trait is also one that developed naturally in the wild.

An anerythristic Kenyan sand boa will have no yellow or orange pigment. Making it, really, a paradox. We offer live crickets for sale, as well as mealworms, wax worms, nightcrawlers, and now even lizards, all at the lowest possible prices. This is shown well by the stunning albino splash paradox morph. Anerythrism is the opposite of albinism, and it is also a recessive trait. We imagine that a triple morph such as a snow slash paradox would cost anywhere between $250 -$350.

Shipping Your Kenyan Sand Boa We charge a flat $44.99 for overnight delivery to your doorstep, regardless of the number of reptiles, amphibians, or inverts you buy.

Adults are uniform brown in color, varying from tan to dark blackish brown. Similar to the albino paradox morph is the snow paradox morph. The first specimens were imported from Kenya to the U.S. in the 1970s. Copyright © 2020. I’ve always been fascinated by snakes and reptiles. Our live. While the Mumbai sand boa was priced at Rs 25lakhs, there are have been snakes that were priced as high as Rs 1 crore because of their rare nature. They are sexed correctly and you will always get the morph that you have bought without exception. It's always far more cost effective to buy feeder insects in bulk, which often saves up to 70% off pet store prices. Other morphs alter the saddles of this snake. We have a nice selection of sand boa morphs to choose from with overnight shipping and our live arrival guarante! Pigments vary in saturation and hue depending on parentage. Normal Sand Boa '19. Video of rare sight goes viral on the internet. Plus, the feeders are delivered right to your doorstep. Our reptile and amphibian feeder insects and lizards include a guarantee of live arrival. Our site saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. Normal Kenyan sand boas are found with dark brown saddles, dusky orange scales, and a pale white belly. More attractive, exotic morphs often sell quickly or have waiting lists. Normal Double Het Albino + Anery Sand Boa '20. Pretty as a picture is the Dodoma Kenyan sand boa morph. page before ordering. By browsing our website without changing the browser settings you grant us permission to store that information on your device. $350. The best thing about a sand boa is how beautiful they look and the most convenient thing about sand boas is how small and manageable they are. The attractiveness of the speckles may determine the price. Still, snow Kenyan sand boas can be found for a much lower price than snows of the more popular pet snakes. This unique attribute of the snake is a defence mechanism that helps it to escape predators.


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