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Boas especially sand boas, would prefer a deep and loose substrate where it can remain safe. Choosing Between Soil and Sand as Sand Boa Substrate,, Finding the Perfect Gecko Species for You, Finding Pesticides Safe for Your Tortoise, Feeding Your Frogs and Amphibians with the Right Foods. The Charina boas consist of the rosy and rubber boas, and live in North America. This is comfortable, soft, and has the natural ability to fight odor. I just went to my friends house and found a baby garter snake got her 3 days ago. Human activity impacts different boa species in different ways. They’re certainly interesting and rewarding animals to live alongside, but you won’t directly interact with them much.

Read on to learn about the Sand Boa.

Best of luck!

Captivity Paper towels are easily available everywhere, and it’s not too hard to dispose of. We’re all bored at home, so as long as the snake doesn’t get too big (over 6 feet), we would love to have it as a pet!
Reptile sand is easy to clean and remove compared to soil.

You may find a Dekay’s snake fits the bill, because they’re small and subsist on invertebrates, but they shouldn’t be handled terribly frequently either.

Different species, and different genuses, live in different regions.

This snake is one of the most popular pet snakes, and this is because of their impressive appearance and docile behavior especially when well trained.

The only downfall with Kenyan sand boas is that sometimes they will be snappy when they are smaller, but when tamed, they have amazing personalities and are quite docile. Hey there, Teresa. Most kingsnakes stay small and make great pet snakes for beginners.

Three genera comprising 15 species are currently recognized as being valid.[1]. This type of sand is unlike the sand you use in aquariums and construction because it’s smooth and weighs more. Would really appreciate it.

{Nymeria "Nym" Sand}, the second Sand Snake, mothered by an eastern noblewoman.Named after the Rhoynar warrior-Queen Nymeria, the … Boas love to burrow and hide until it’s safe and cool enough for them to come out and hunt for food. Kingsnakes There are a number of different kingsnakes ( Lampropeltis spp.)

This material is better than newspapers because it does not have any ink and thus won’t be inhaled by your pet and won’t irritate it. These sand boas require a warm enclosure to match their East African natural habitat. [3], Media related to Erycinae at Wikimedia Commons,,, "Indore: Smugglers make crores with 'two-headed' snake", "Sarpamitra, foresters bust racket selling sand boa - Times of India",, Articles lacking reliable references from May 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 20:43. They reach sexual maturity at around two or three years of age, though this varies based on the species. aren’t especially popular among snake keepers, as they require relatively complex habitats, and they often have foul temperaments.

A pet snake that doesn’t eat mice?

However, many python species remain relatively small.

Poaching and smuggling of sand boas is often reported in India. If you love size, then you will love this beast of a snake! They breed readily, their small size making them an attractive option. Like most snakes, these creatures are solitary. Join hundreds of pet lovers like yourself and receive all updates in your inbox, for free. The corn snake would probably be the best choice, but any of those should work out.

Both make excellent “first snakes,” and they’re typically quite docile. A few of the most notable examples include: For a variety of reasons, small snakes generally make better pets than large snakes do. There are a number of garter snake species on the market, but most are relatively similar.

Your snake won’t miss you while you are gone, nor will he require a large yard – he’ll live almost entirely inside his habitat. Species of the subfamily Erycinae are found in Europe, Asia Minor, Africa, Arabia, central and southwestern Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and western North America.

Loose soil is easy to place inside the enclosure, Loose soil makes it easier for your pet to burrow but won’t be as heavy as sand.

They are usually not aggressive species, though they sometimes have a tendency to bite, and also spend the vast majority of their time hiding. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The maintenance for ball pythons is relatively low and the care is quite easy. [4][5][6][7] Most of the smuggled snakes go to the United States.

To camouflage with their sandy environment, most species have brown or tan scales.

Fossil erycines have been found in rock strata over 50 million years old, and were once widespread in North America. Reproductive rates vary from one species to the next.

There are several species of sand boa on the market, but Kenyan sand boas (Eryx colubrinus) are the most readily available.

Required fields are marked *. Their primary hunting method is ambush, where they lie quietly and wait for prey to stray too close. Ben is a life-long environmental educator who writes about the natural world. Finally, the Gongylophis species live primarily in Africa and India. If you prefer this type of substrate, then use two pieces of carpet so you’ll have a spare in case you’re washing the other one. Reptile sand is available in most pet stores and also online. Just be sure that you research the species you choose before bringing it home! Large snakes are not only stronger than small snakes are, but they are also equipped with larger teeth too. Serve food warm, make this a good experience for your pet so that it will associate this new tank with good food. But now I am interested in getting one. Either will satisfy all of the criteria you listed.

Eventually the sun made an appearance though and as I walked around a boulder pile this gorgeous boa was stretched out and on the crawl! They are burrowing creatures, so many prefer substrate that is soft and sandy so they can easily tunnel underground. Should they use sand or soil to keep their pets in tip-top shape? Reptile sand is smoother and thus more comfortable on your snake’s skin.

This will kill mites and insects that may be found among the pieces. Green tree pythons are the “look but don’t touch” snake species. I really want a snake probably a Ball Python but my mum so scared of snakes so I can’t get one. Their heads are quite small and somewhat pointed to aid in burrowing behavior.

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Scientific Name: Python molurus bivittatus. Sand is a more aesthetically pleasing substrate for snakes than newspaper or paper towels. Babe. this will be my first snake ever so I probably need a beginner snake. Sand Boa and Human Interaction.

Right after feeding, avoid handling your pet for at least an hour or two to prevent regurgitation. I don’t think I will get one.

Instead, they prefer to bury their head in their coils when frightened. hi I want a pet snake that eats mice and is very calm. Thanks for reading! A Kenyan sand boa is an excellent beginner snake, and if you like the idea of frequently handling your pet, this might be the snake for you. Soil is available in your garden or yard. You may not find this in a local pet store, but you can order it online at Amazon. I want a snake that are gentle and friendly, and one that is not expensive.

I think you’re just going to have to accept a rodent-based diet if you want a snake you can handle.

Hi, im 12 years old and looking for a pet snake. Kingsnakes typically eat rodents in captivity, but wild individuals consume just about anything they encounter, including snakes, lizards, rodents, frogs and other animals. Let us know which snakes you think we missed in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends if you found it helpful. If you see a coral snake you will note the ring order is red, yellow, black, yellow, red. Most of the smuggled snakes go to the United States.

However, capture for the pet trade causes a problem for some species. Though their size varies based on the species, most grow to about two feet long. We’re obviously talking about Storeria dekayi, not Pseudonaja textilis. A pet boa is fascinating. We prefer a newspaper or paper towels since these are very easy to remove. The Kenyan sand boa is the smallest snake species on our “best pet snakes” list which makes it the easiest snake to handle (if tame). Kingsnakes have even temperaments and are gentle with adults and children. But before using cypress mulch, bake it in your oven for at least half an hour. But, you can never guarantee that a snake won’t bite, and even the tamest individuals can have bad days. This is smooth and will be perfect for your snake’s smooth skin. Scientific Name: Lampropeltis getula californiae, Lifespan: Approximately 20 years based on care. The skull is more compact than in the subfamily Boinae.

I’m in writing doing a persuasive letter and I’m trying to convince my parents to get me one. They worry if their pet boas may have ingested too much sand, especially when they have been using sand for a long time.

Reptile sand is dry and thus, your snake can easily burrow inside it. Gongylophis colubrinus, G. conicus and E. johnii are frequently available in the exotic pet trade and are often captive bred.

Best of luck!

Reptile sand is dry and thus, your snake can easily burrow inside it.

If we missed a snake, feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations below in the comments section.

One of the leading reasons that would-be snake owners are reluctant to acquire a pet snake is the fear of being bitten. I’m looking for a sweet snake that’s fun to handle and good around kids. do you have any recommendations for me? Some of the best species for beginners include the following: See our Ball Python Guide

Snakes find this comfortable, and it’s easy to spot clean too. so you don’t have to worry about rodents the males get 2-3 ft. long and the females get 4-5 ft. long I would suggest getting a female because since they are bigger they can eat the quail and bantam egg which are easier to find then the smaller finch and button quail eggs that the males eat.

Poaching and smuggling of sand boas is often reported in India.

Burmese Python, photo by Jim, the Photographer.

There are two species of green snake that are available to hobbyists: the smooth green snake (Opheodrys vernalis) and the rough green snake (Opheodrys aestivus).
This information may help you narrow down your choice, but don’t stop here – always strive to learn as much as you can about the species you intend to keep before you make your purchase. Deep reptile sand is the perfect hiding place if your pet wants to be alone. They don’t need much care, much attention, much food, or much space.


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