saturn hexagon cube
Site Manager: According to some theorists, the biblical Tower of Babel story is actually an allegory for one of the celestial configurations experienced in the past. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Rightly dividing without any private interpretation entering ones mind so it takes research and study. But just imagine setting up an experiment, an apparently chaotic setup with fluid rotating in a tank, and see these bits of order emerge from that chaos. All these vids are very informative, the symbols of evil are now recognized by many unsuspecting every day folks, like myself. Cassini's Grand Finale orbits pay off: Final dives tell the story of the previously unexplored region between Saturn and its rings. You can hear what they sound like on YouTube. "We're changing the world. The D-Wave II is housed in a black cube: An Argument Against Reincarnation Theory – Thomas Burgoyne, Ole Dammegard on False Flags, Hoaxes, Predictive Programming, Manchester, Saturn Death Cube, 666, and Subversive Symbolism in “The OA” TV show, David Ickes work on the “Saturn Moon Matrix.”,, Six, Sex, Hex, Vav, the Cube and the Fang | Upon The Face Of The Waters, Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Part 3, Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet (Part 2), Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Saturn is also emitting what NASA calls ‘eerie’ radio emissions. I've learned much from you on YT, but this website is killer! I believe these three deities are one and the same, and that they are different names for the gnostic Demiurge. In modern times they put Saturnian imagery in logos, movies and TV shows to influence the subconscious mind, as a subtle form of mind control and predictive programming. A study using Cassini data reveals a warming, high-altitude, hexagonal vortex emerging at Saturn’s northern pole. 9/11 reduces to 9/2. I should probably also note that the black cube in the UN meditation room is supposed to be an altar to ‘the god of all’. It goes back to the ancient mystery schools. According to some theorists, the biblical Tower of Babel story is actually an allegory for one of the celestial configurations experienced in the past. Unlike Jupiter, whose cloud bands are obvious in visible light, Saturn's cloud features are more subtle in visible wavelengths. his effects produced, his impact, his influences. Now when you take a cube and flatten it in 2D you get a hexagon. The Tower of Babel was supposedly a tower that reached into heaven. Scientists have developed a new prediction of the shape of the bubble surrounding our solar system. We are entirely crowd funded, show your favorite groypers that you have their back. The hexagon is a long-lived pattern in the clouds surrounding Saturn's north pole, which has been observed since the Voyagers passed by in 1980 and 1981. I believe the way out can be found within, through enlightenment. Just to mess with you, here's the south pole of a planet that does have a polar oval, courtesy of ESA's Venus Express. Having shown that the idea of wind speed gradients driving the formation of the hexagonal wave, they moved to the laboratory. The adversary's objectives as the thief......1-STEAL, 2- KILL, 3- DESTROY I was to go out of my body and in my astral body go into another room, a specified room, and go in there a pick up a pencil sitting on a table and make a mark on the piece of paper. Saturn occult symbolism is symbolised by a black cube. just be sure to put some vasaline on it before jam it up your arse. Scientists and philosophers alike are claiming we might be living in a giant computer or virtual reality. Learn how our members and community are changing the worlds. This is interesting, because my wife and I just started to watch this show on Netflix. Although it has been around for some time, the theory seems to be gaining a lot more traction lately, and has become somewhat of a meme. The hidden elites worship Saturn, which they also equate with Satan, and Set, from Egyptian mythology. Like I said earlier, the people at CERN also created the internet, which ironically uses www in every web address. So 666 reduces to 9. Shiva, however, has connections to Jehovah, the god of the Old Testament, as well as Saturn.


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