schwab mansion loretto, pa
Dr. Dixon died in 2013 before his dream could become fully realized. During the first years of World War I, Bethlehem Steel had a virtual monopoly in contracts to supply the Allies with certain kinds of munitions. In 2011 Schwab was inducted into the inaugural class of the American Metal Market Steel Hall of Fame ( for his lifelong work in the US steel industry. His innovative ways of dealing with his staff are given a mention in Dale Carnegie's most famous work, How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936). [1][2] All four of his grandparents were Roman Catholic immigrants from Germany. Schwab began his career as an engineer in Andrew Carnegie's steelworks, starting as a stake-driver in the engineering corps of the Edgar Thomson Steel Works and Furnaces in Braddock, Pennsylvania. [9] He circumvented American neutrality laws by funneling goods through Canada. Rather than raze the existing house, Schwab had the mansion moved 200 feet (61 m) on rollers to a new location to make room for the new mansion. Charles Michael Schwab (February 18, 1862 – September 18, 1939) was an American steel magnate. This elegant venue can be reserved for corporate conferences, educational seminars, house tours, and indoor recitals. Mayor Fiorello La Guardia rejected the idea of using the house as the mayoral mansion, feeling it was far too grandiose. Schwab's estate sold Immergrün after his death, and it is now Mount Assisi Friary on the grounds of Saint Francis University.[14]. The two-story brick front section was added in the 1880’s and has a mansard roof in the Second Empire style. He was buried in Loretto at Saint Michael's Cemetery in a private mausoleum with his wife. Situated on thirteen acres of rolling, verdant lawns, against a backdrop of a placid duck pond and majestic stands of 200 year-old oaks, Loretto was originally built in 1852 as a family home and has housed five generations. Schwab had no children by Eurana Dinkey, but had one daughter by a mistress. He would soon become Superintendent on the death of Captain Bill Jones, whose mansion still stands about a block away on Kirkpatrick Street. Early Century Mansion. To add to the layers of history in the immediate vicinity, not long after Schwab's departure around 1899 the US Steel Corp gained ownership of the mansion as well as the adjacent Corey Mansion, demolished around 1922. The mansion sat ghostly and vacant for years. *ET Superintendents who lived here were: Thomas Morrison 1897-1901   Morrison was present at the Millionaire’s Dinner in 1900; he subsequently lived in an Osterling-designed mansion in Highland Park near the King Estate.Charles E Dinkey (Schwab's brother-in-law, who had briefly been with the Mackintosh-Hemphill foundry) 1901-1920. The initial intent here was to document the restoration of this great structure in order to share with the community, but our Facebook page, linked from the tab on this page, has largely taken over that function.. [10] After America's entry into the war, he was accused of profiteering but was later acquitted. In 1928, Schwab was awarded the Bessemer Gold Medal for "outstanding services to the steel industry". Schwab would live here until 1898/9, by which time he had replaced Henry Clay Frick as President of Carnegie Steel and moved to JJ Vandergrift's "Highmont" (6200 Fifth Ave, Shadyside). At his death ten years later, Schwab's holdings in Bethlehem Steel were virtually worthless, and he was over $300,000 in debt. Schwab married Emma Eurana Dinkey (1859–1939) on May 1, 1883. The Dinkey children appear on the porch in the postcard in the Gallery at this site.OJH Hartsuff 1920-mid-1933.Frank Slick late 1933-1937 Before this, Slick lived at 809 Kirkpatrick, adjacent to Captain Jones’ mansion.Harry L Brindle 1937-51(According to our neighbor Mary, Harry's grandchilden Steven and JoAnn (Mary's playmate) lived in the carriage house with their mother. [2] Schwab was raised in Loretto, Pennsylvania, which he considered his home town. At age twelve Charles and his family moved back to Loretto, then a village of 300 inhabitants, where he attended a Catholic grade school, took singing lessons with a former pupil of Franz Liszt, and attended high school classes at St. Francis College.


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