scrubs episodes out of order
I'm not sure why. All nine seasons are available on DVD in Regions 1, 2 and 4. Writer's strike and rumors were that the show could be cancelled, so they pushed the (better?) For example, in "My ABCs," Denise puts on a faux feminine voice at first but then quickly drops into her real voice and naturally abrassive personality when J.D. A community setup to discuss Scrubs. Between filming the pilot and being picked up, his hair grew out. Then, there's "My Comedy Show," where J.D. [1] However, the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike ended up cutting the show's episodes down to 11, and Scrubs ended its run on NBC with a total of 150 episodes. In addition to the regular episodes, a special called "My Charlie Brown Christmas" was created by Daniel Russ and Ryan Levin for the Scrubs 2003 Christmas party, which is a re-cut and re-dub of A Charlie Brown Christmas, starring the cast of Scrubs.[3]. 56. It may have only been season 7 but I think it was the length of the series. Edit: Cox's hair also changes so much through out episodes. Why are the episodes in season 7 out of order on Netflix? The long running Medical Dramedy/Sitcom that ran from 2001-2010 and starred Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Ken Jenkins. NBC had originally announced that Scrubs would end after its seventh season, containing a reduced 18 episodes. That season if im not mistake is during the writers strike, also during that season if im not mistaken Cox is the head of medicine then next episode he's not. Posted by 4 years ago. The one-hour season finale, "My Finale", which was originally planned to also be the series finale, ranked third in the ratings and was watched by 5.1 million viewers, 2.1 adults 18-49 rating. In the first episode, JD refers to Denise as Jo because of her rough-around-the-edges nature. Are there any more episodes out of order like this? )", "Nielsen Ratings Thur, Apr 24: New CSI and Grey's Are Back, and Down Over Last Year", "Nielsen Ratings for May 1: Where Are The TV Viewers Going? Press J to jump to the feed. His hair changes so much through the show. Yeah, it was the writer's strike, and I don't remember the logic behind the episodes being out of order. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Basically episode 5 "My ABCs" is first. My guess is it was never changed to keep the order they were released in, because Netflix shares the order from the season 7 dvds. During the show, Dr C would just kinda shave his head. Yes they were aired out of order. Then she’s pregnant again next episode. - 'Scrubs' Season Finale Not Too Bubbly", "A Charlie Brown Christmas ... Scrubs style", "I. T. R. S. Ranking Report 01 Thru 210 (Out Of 210 Programs) Daypart: Primetime Mon-Sun", "Hollywood Reporter: 2004–05 primetime wrap", "Hollywood Reporter: 2005–06 primetime wrap", "Hollywood Reporter: 2006–07 primetime wrap", "Final 2009–10 Broadcast Primetime Show Average Viewership", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, November 30, 2006", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, December 14, 2006", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, January 4, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, January 11, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, January 18, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, February 1, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, February 8, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, February 15, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, February 22, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, March 1, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, March 9, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, March 15, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, March 22, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, April 5, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, April 12, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, April 19, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, May 3, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, May 10, 2007", "Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, May 17, 2007", "Overnight Results 10/25: Red Sox, Fox Win Again", "Overnight Results 11/15: CBS Sweeps Again", "Final Thursday Numbers: The Office vs. CSI – They're Both Great, But. As a general rule, all series episode titles begin with the word "My", unless the bulk of the episode is narrated by someone other than J.D., in which case they are named "His Story", "Her Story", or "Their Story", with Roman numerals denoting subsequent episodes by the same name. ", "Tuesday Ratings: CBS Tops Viewers, NBC's Biggest Loser Weighty in the Demos", "Tuesday Ratings: American Idol Dominates the Night, But CBS Stays Strong", "Tuesday Ratings: American Idol, Fringe Boosted By CBS Repeats", "Tuesday Ratings: American Idol, Fringe Lead Fox Sweep; CBS, NBC Fight For #2", "Wednesday Ratings: Better off Ted ABC's lowest-rated comedy debut since 2005", "Wednesday Ratings: American Idol strong, Lost low", "Wednesday Ratings: American Idol and Lost lead night", "Wednesday Ratings: American Idol wins again, Unusuals rather usual for ABC", "Wednesday Ratings: FOX wins, Lost rebounds a tiny bit The Unusuals still doomed", "Updated Wednesday Ratings: FOX cruises with American Idol but Lie to Me weakens", "Same Ol' Tuesday Ratings: Fox Wins; Better Off Ted's Dead", "Wednesday Ratings: Lie to Me improves, The Unusuals doesn't", "Tuesday Broadcast Finals (minus Presidential address)", "Broadcast Finals: Better Off Ted doesn't improve...or decline", "Twitter / BrianDBradley: Spent all day working on E ...". The cast returned to film an additional 18 episodes, which were aired as Season 8 by ABC, with much of the story coming to a close, and definitive though somewhat flexible endings for the characters. ... A community setup to discuss Scrubs. Why are the episodes in season 7 out of order on Netflix? My Jerks was aired first because Courtney Cox was a big guest star and ABC thought it will make a bigger season opener. Here are the 10 worst episodes of Scrubs, ranked. The season premiered on December 1, 2009. Close. I believe, at least for the pilot, he'd had his hair short for another role. Whoops! Then it can be watch with the airing order without much problems. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. "TV Ratings: CBS Repeats Win Slow Tuesday; "Tuesday Broadcast Finals, Plus American Idol Demo Ratings Breakdown",, Lists of American comedy-drama television series episodes, Lists of medical television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby", This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 19:24.


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