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[6] The character strongly values freedom, and has a strong dislike for Doctor Eggman. Eggman reveals that he had been betrayed and captured by the evil Neo Metal Sonic, who has gathered everyone's data and then transforms into Metal Madness shortly after. Its maintenance is tied to Espio's concentration, meaning it will falter should he lose focus due to things such as being blinded by light or sneezing. During their adventure, the two of them built a good relationship as Espio proved his trustworthiness and helped Silver on many occasions. Colonel | He is seen as a ninja-typed character; his battle poses and shuriken stars support that portrayal. Sonic Rivals 2.

The two then work together to look for the Chao, pursuing Knuckles and Rouge the Bat. Signas | Resuming with the celebration, Espio later waved goodbye to the younger Sonic and Tails when they returned to their own time. Treble | In Sonic Heroes, Espio is the "speed" member of Team Chaotix, meaning he can run quicker than the others, and creates small whirlwinds for various purposes. Voiced by [7] Claustrophobia is his main weakness. After the successful capture Renfield T. Rodent and forcing Robotnik to flee, Espio has remained loyal to the Chaotix ever since. Espio finally confronted Silver with the Chao kidnappings, to which Silver replied it was to save the world. PlayStation 2. Roll | Heartless | While not shown to the same extention as Knuckles the Echidna, Espio has impressive physical strength, using sharp karate chops powerful enough to shatter obstacles and smash robots.

He can also perform the homing attack like the other speed members, and can create small tornadoes (known as "Leaf Swirl") while turning invisible. Espio has also demonstrated the ability to harness chaos energy from the Chaos Emerald to enter Hyper Mode. Sal | ¬. (i.e: Legendary: Baby requires the player to bring AiAi, GonGon, and MeeMee, as they share the same franchise as Baby. subheader Espio the Chameleon is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When the Chaotix were staying in Knothole to aid in the fight against Eggman, Espio went on a mission (with NICOLE) to investigate the state of Charmy's former home, the Golden Hive Colony. ThunderMan.EXE | He met Vector, Charmy, and Mighty when Knuckles requested their help to defeat Metal Sonic. Beware, for I have looked into the soul of our enemy and saw only darkness. Shadow the Hedgehog | He soon agreed to a fight with Rouge over the ownership of the Emerald and the Chao, where Espio acquired the Chao despite losing the Emerald. He is talented with computers, and plays the samisen as a hobby. In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, Espio attended and helped prepare Sonic's surprise birthday party. Ken Masters | As demonstrated in Sonic Rivals 2, he can run at speeds compatible to Sonic and Shadow's and his swiftness is potent enough to let him fool his enemies by appearing in different spots almost instantaneously. Marine the Raccoon | Sticks the Badger | During Eggman's destruction of Knothole, all of the other members of the Chaotix were teleported to the Egg Grape Chamber, but both the Chaotix and Espio were soon rescued by the efforts of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose, and were transported to New Mobotropolis. [13] Missions in the game Shadow the Hedgehog, which takes place after Sonic Heroes, are either "Hero"- or "Dark"-type; the missions selected change the course of the story. label8

At the end of their story, the client is rescued from Eggman's base, and turns out to be Dr. Eggman himself, to Espio's surprise. Chocola | Zack Temple | In the end, the heroes beat the doctor. Hobby Spider | Although confused, Espio worked with Silver to destroy Eggman Nega's Egg Liner despite inference from Shadow and Metal Sonic. Espio in Shadow the Hedgehog when Charmy and Vector are rushing him to hack into Eggman's database. In the last story, the Chaotix had arrived on the Space Colony ARK, where Espio was chosen to hack the ARK's main computer to recover some data. Raoul | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [18] After interruptions from Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and other characters, Espio meets Silver. Mega Man X | SEGA Heroes Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. While initially a hothead when introduced, Espio has since become a calm, soft-spoken, serious, and disciplined person whose wariness and soulful character makes him a vital member of his team, and balances out the foolishness of his friends. Mayl Sakurai | Some of his shuriken are also modified to explode within a certain time once they make contact to a target, like small time bombs (also seen in Sonic X episode 59). Tensuke | Emerl | Douglas | It can be noted that this appearance has green eyes instead of golden ones. (This Event is currently rendered obsolete.). SEGA Heroes Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Cyborg Sonic | Espio has seen limited inclusion in Sonic merchandise. Rotor the Walrus | In Sonic Heroes, he plays the instrument in the Chaotix' Team Blast, "Chaotix Recital". "Espio the Chameleon: It takes a mighty foe to trap a ninja. Espio does not entirely trust the voice, but Vector and Charmy had accepted the assignment after they get promised a reward of money, with Espio tagging along anyway after Vector reminds him of their policy to never turn down work that pays. Playground Events are unique, in that they reward different amounts of Gold depending on how many Stars you gain once completing a Stage, and that the health of the enemies you fight vary depending on the strength of the Heroes the player brings. •Espio is the second-most used member of Team Chaotix., Creates 3x 4-turn Shield tiles of strength. ", •Sonic Heroes (GameCube) United States instruction manual, pg.

Wave the Swallow, Classic -Getting an A rank with Espio in Sonic Heroes. Eggman NegaTime EaterInfinite the JackalDark GaiaBadniksE-Series RobotsDeadly SixMephlies the DarkBabylon RoguesStorm the AlbatrossWave the SwallowJet the HawkGizoidsNocturnus ClanImpertor IxBark the Polar BearBean the DynamiteTeam HooligansDr. Another ninja-based attack includes his Shuriken where he throws a shuriken star at foes. Espio’s attacks deal 116 damage (max damage-84,458) while Elusive level 2 Created by As Eggman Nega summoned Metal Sonic 3.0 to awaken the Ifrit, Espio and Silver followed it into the portal to stop the robot. [9] A preview of Knuckles' Chaotix by Sega Magazine called him "[a]nother Sonic wannabe",[30] a position later echoed by GameZone. which is repeated from the previous level. Bass | Omega-Xis | Dr. Ivo "Eggman" RobotnikMetal SonicBlack ArmsBlack DoomNack the WeaselDr. Insulting. Sega. •Espio is the only playable character in Sonic Rivals 2 who did not appear in the story mode of Sonic Rivals. Chun-Li | As the team put pressure on Espio about the urgency of his work though, Charmy lost his patience and rammed the computer. Espio's signatures moves are the ones that combine his ninja skills with his camouflage trick. Glyde.EXE | He and the other two also have a run-in with Team Dark and Team Rose, the former due to Rouge believing them to be after Eggman's treasure and their likewise believing that Team Dark are affiliated with Eggman, and the latter due to a misunderstanding that causes Cream to think they had abducted Chocola the Chao after Espio tells her to give Cheese over to him.

Professor Gaudile | In Sonic Heroes, he plays the instrument in the Chaotix' Team Blast, \"Chaotix Recital\". He panicked and was cornered.

Knuckles the Echidna | The group eventually became friends, forming the Chaotix team. Espio the Chameleon | •Sega (24 June 2016). There is only 1 XP Rush Event that occurs each Saturday. While initially a hoth… / Espio: Hey, how'd you know I was there... / Rouge: Espio, these ears of mine aren't just for show, you know. Espio became friends with Knuckles like the other Chaotix, and joined the group some time prior to Knuckles' first meeting with Sonic. The Commander | According to the Japanese Chaotix game manual, Espio especially dislikes Dr. Eggman, although it's not stated precisely why. Sega. Bark the Polarbear | Eugene Chaud | Tron Bonne | He is a recurring character in the comic book series Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the Sonic X anime. (KCX), During the early reign of Dr. Eggman, the mad scientist managed captured Valdez - Espio's former mentor. Satella Police, Crossover Heroes Nicole the Holo-Lynx | Motion capture Cosmo the Seedrian | By attaching a rope on his kunai, he can also use as a grappling hook to swing between targets. Lyra | Kelvin Stelar | Dex Ogreon |

He is an anthropomorphic chameleon, who mainly serves as an intelligent ninja warrior and a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Espio runs on the ceiling in a level of Knuckles' Chaotix, with Charmy as his partner. After discovering that there were no survivors present and that Eggman had turned the hive into another of his outposts, Espio had it destroyed. PlayStation 2. Storm the Albatross | Team Sonic Sega. Shuriken - Espio deals 264 Dark damage (max damage-193,910 Dark damage) and inflicts 20% Darkness (max debuff-88% Darkness) for 5 turns Ninjutsu Master - If the enemy is inflicted with Volatile, Vulnerable, or Darkness, Espio’s matches inflicts damage in that type. He can perform the Spin Attack and Spin Jump, along with his own variations of them, the Whirl Attack and Whirl Dash (appeared in old games; he uses the spin versions in Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog). Iris | ), Wanted Poster: The player brings a team of any 4 Heroes and fight through 6 waves of enemies, with the last wave having a specific Hero Clone for them to fight. He is Silver's best friend and the deuteragonist of Knuckles' Chaotix, one of the four pentagonists of Shadow the Hedgehog (alongside Cream,Charmy and Vector) and the anti-heroic tetartagonist of Sonic Rivals 2. Espio when you get any rank in the fight against Team Rose in Sonic Heroes.-Forgive me, but this is our duty. (KtE: #30, #31, #32), While Sonic was gone for a year in outer space, Espio underwent extensive ninja training including the use of throwing knives and shurikens, non camouflaged stealth, and extensive combat training. There is only 1 Gold Rush Event that occurs on Thursdays and Sundays. Knuckles the Echidna | He is one-third of the Chaotix team of private investigators. ), Hunt: The player brings a team of any 4 Heroes and fight enemies that share a specific Hero color. Silver explains that he did kidnap the Chao,[19] but only to keep them safe. The relationship between Espio and Shadow the Hedgehog has changed very much since their first meeting. Goals

After this, Espio can be chosen in the Combi Catcher prior to stages.

label5 Heroes are the main playable characters in SEGA Heroes. Cyborg Tails | Espio can walk on walls and ceilings, and uses his own Whirl Attack instead of the common Spin Attack.


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