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Over the past 20 years, commercial shark diving has grown and matured to offer the very best of safe and remarkable shark encounters worldwide. Shame on you Brookdale.” more. Travelers today are seeking adventures that deliver the extraordinary. Dive with tigers, hammerheads, reef sharks and more at this tropical location with reefs and wrecks. In recent years, this shark has garnered a lot of attention at Tiger Beach, with many people coming here to swim with, and observe, these massive sharks. No certification necessary. When it comes to shark conservation efforts and shark diving industry lead protocols for ‘safe and sane shark diving,’ Shark Diver has been at the forefront of this growing shark cage diving industry trend. The area is teeming with amazing marine life and a vast assortment of birds as well. Length: 60 mins, maximum 4 participants per dive. Shark diving, free diving, snorkeling and swimming SAFELY UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with blue sharks, silky sharks, makos, hammerheads and other incredible marine creatures. We take GoPro video of you doing your dive and give it to you afterwards on a flash drive – $30 value! These  trips are run by Captain Al Manica who is an experienced U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain, Merchant Marine Officer and PADI Dive Master with over 25 years of professional offshore experience. We KNOW these creatures will be where we take you. Wear: Comfortable clothing, and bring warm layers. Then we have to wait 1976, to see the first cage diving tour for tourist in Australia, Rodney Fox was the first to organize it. “ knowledge of the area and familiarity with the waters and rigs ensured a SAFE fun dive which we were able to encounter great marine life for the area. Join us this year on board any of our hand selected shark diving vessels to meet huge great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) at the volcanic island of Isla Guadalupe, or curious tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, or bountiful bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in waters off Pacific Harbour, Fiji. You can share this excitement with other divers and snorkelers in the … Home Read More » will offer shark diving Trips Starting in 2013. ltra Dive Texas is a recreational dive boat charter service operating out of Galveston, Texas or Freeport, Texas. Texas Gulf of Mexico Scuba Diving  -  Experienced  -  Classes  -  Big Boat - FUN! WORLD CLASS SHARK DIVING IN TOTAL COMFORT AND SAFETY, ONLY 25 MINUTES BOAT RIDE! Many times, these goals involve traveling to new places and experiencing new and exciting adventures. Prescription masks available. Swim with Sharks Cabo Shark Dive Snorkeling Tour. Fly into Nadi Airport. Maximum weight 275 lb. This is the moment a great white shark lunges at four divers in a cage in waters off Guadalupe Island, in the north-western Mexican state of Baja California +6 The shark swims up to the cage … Yes, it's warm! Both Guadalupe and Neptune Island offer fantastic cage diving opportunities: 1. The drysuit will go right over these. Inclusive, 7-day Packages. Join the flock for news about animals, events, and more. We’re not here for the hype, and we never operate in places where you only ‘might’ see a shark. $2050 per person Fill in the form below and LiveAboard’s customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. It was one of the coolest things ive ever done in nature . Costa Rica is well-known for its lush greenery and abundant animal life, and the waters surrounding the area are no different. Team up with a local shark cage diving company to go and see all of these amazing creatures up close. Cape Town, South Africa has become known as the Great White Shark Capital of the World, due to the huge populations that live off the coast. Let our dive experts teach you the basics of breathing surface-supplied air, then guide you into a sturdy underwater cage in our 225,000-gallon warm water shark exhibit. Here Are All Of The Activities Families Can Take Advantage Of In England, 10 Of The World's Best Skydiving Locations, Cape Town, South Africa: Planning The Perfect Weekend, 10 Ways To Vacation Like A Celebrity In The Bahamas, San Diego, California: Your Essential Weekend Itinerary, The 2019 Travel Bucket List For Adventurous Millennials, There Is A Real Camelot Castle Where You Can Stay The Night, But The Trip Advisor Reviews Are Mixed, Pizza Only Appeared In New Zealand During The 1970s (And It's Pretty Unique), There's Something Strange About the Isle Of Wight, Where Things Literally Go 'Bump' In The Night, Traveling Through Europe? Minor Participation Agreement (for minors age 17 and under). RELATED: Cape Town, South Africa: Planning The Perfect Weekend. Inclusive, 5-day Packages RELATED: 10 Hidden AirBnB Gems In California. Get Up Close and Personal with Sharks in their Natural Habitat. We'll give you a dry-suit that completely seals out water, so you can wear street clothes underneath. Mako and blue shark cage diving is also popular and is available from Cape Town, South Africa, and from Cape Cod, USA. The cage diving consist in observe sharks while being in a cage underwater, using fish blood to attack those predators. A cage provides security for swimmers lacking confidence and for those inexperienced on the open ocean, or nervous of swimming with sharks. Connect with our expert travel consultants to plan your next trip. This includes Zoo admission – up to $80 value! Your vacation choices do make a difference in the places to which you travel. If you need special assistance, please fill out the special assistance form and send it to us as soon as possible beforehand. Thanks for checking out and we hope to hear from you soon. Ultra Dive is an experianced scuba diving charter boat out of Galveston or Freeport TX running mainly oil rig trips with an occasional whale shark encounter. Our all-inclusive pricing, record for shark diving safety, and valuable reputation make these shark encounters “once in a lifetime adventures!”. Pregnant visitors may not dive. As such, chumming at Guadalupe is kept to a minimum, to protect the environment and the natural behaviour of the sharks. Cage diving is available both at the surface and at depth at Guadalupe. Welcome to american diving Full-Servicescuba diving center (956) 761-2030 Book Now Dive South Padre Island We are a world-renowned scuba diving center born from that high-adventure spirit which leads you from the office door to the hot sandy beaches of the Mexican border. Shark Diver is also a strong supporter of the Marine Conservation Science Institute, with a portion of our proceeds being donated to their Great White Shark photo ID project. This volcanic island, located off of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, has become one of the most popular spots in the world to find the great whites. #128 | Houston, Texas 77065 | Phone: 281-469-2846 | email:, Running out of: Galveston or Freeport,Texas. If you book 5 or more trips per year you will receive a free HUNTING TRIP! At the point where these two oceans meet, there is a wide variety of marine life. The great white gets the most attention, however, due to its sheer size and ferocity, and there are countless shark cage diving tours available to pick from in Gansbaai to get up close for a good look at these magnificent creatures. Divers and non-divers alike are the heart of Conservation Shark Diving. Yes! The main season is May to October, during which the average water temperature is 16 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). Cage dive with the most feared yet misunderstood great white at the volcanic Guadalupe Island. Please fill in your contact details in the form below and LiveAboard’s customer service will get back to you. Cage diving allows you to safely get up close to these amazing creatures - photo courtesy of Horizon liveaboard, Guadalupe, Mexico. For those unfamiliar with shark cage diving, you literally descend into the water in a cage, wearing full scuba gear so you can breathe underwater. We walk the walk, and our divers and research partners respect that. The scuba diving in Hawaii is diverse and there are cave dives, drift dives, reefs and shipwrecks to explore all year. Cage Diver San Francisco. I was forced to move her and she died one month later. Starting at $3095 per person With clear blue waters and year-round comfortable water temperatures, it is a premium destination for shark cage diving. In a recent survey shark divers were more likely to join operations that gave back to the environment in real and tangible ways. Join thousands of Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive participants who have signed their names in support of sharks. Experience your own Real Shark Week and find out what it's like to come face to face with the Ocean's most feared predators. Not too long ago, this pristine white shark site was relatively unknown. Ages: 8 and up. No scuba tank is used for this kind of dive so everybody can participate, no license is needed. will offer shark diving Trips Starting in 2013. Your next adventure starts with an email or phone call. Our sharks are warm-water species: Their water is a comfy 74 degrees, while the air is downright balmy. Available for households of up to 4 people. Shark Diver was the first commercial shark diving company in the USA to initiate, develop and support Mexican shark research efforts with Great White Sharks at Isla Guadalupe. While Isla Mujeres is well known for its large groups of whale sharks to see, Isla Guadalupe is known for a more ferocious visitor: the great white shark. Both Guadalupe and Neptune Island offer fantastic cage diving opportunities: Guadalupe is the premier destination for great white shark cage diving in crystal clear, warm, blue water. We provide Gulf of Mexico scuba diving day trips that run on Saturdays and/or Sundays. We are proud to remain industry leaders in safe shark operations, shark site preservation efforts, shark site research support, and positive media efforts for sharks. Some females also have bite scars, obtained from male sharks during mating. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. The best month for shark viewing is April; when the weather, water temperature, shark size, and other variables provide an optimal experience for divers. When cage diving with great white sharks, two surprising facts about them come to light; they have blue eyes and their colour varies from dark to pale grey and shades of bronze. You read that correctly. Call 855-987-4275 or 619-887-4275 or email us at Cage diving with great white sharks is also available at the following destinations: Great white sharks have been encountered by scuba divers when diving areas with a known shark population. They are commonly misconceived as aggressive and have been hunted and fished heavily since the 1970s. This Is What It's Like, Why Is New Orleans Often Called The 'Crescent City' and 'The Big Easy? Cage diving with sharks other than great whites is also available and equally as rewarding. If you're up for it, here are some of the best places t. There are many different things that people have on their bucket lists. Shark cage diving is a great way to experience first-hand the sheer size and grace of great white sharks as they glide by. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.


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