sims 2 secondary aspiration
It is much easier to just use that, but you should make sure your sims are at platinum before you do or else they could end up with the "grilled cheese sandwich" aspiration. Sims will have one of eight aspirations at any given time. However, the Craft aspiration was re-used in the console versions of the game, where it is known as Creativity. More info and download links on, I'm Cindy and I play The Sims 2. Unlocks the Slower Motive Decay - Social and Fun, Impart Knowledge, and Eureka! There are three possible aspirations in The Sims 2 on Game Boy Advance. Unlike the way I play, EA presents secondary aspirations as a late-in-life change in one's character. Increases Fun and relationships with other Sims partaking in the song. | Theme. Favorite Answer. Five points are awarded for each (up to the 5th) conversation of the same type as the Sim's aspiration in each episode. Toddlers[1] and children can only spend points in the motives and work categories until they choose a primary aspiration when they become a teen. Enjoy! I think it would also be useful for the serial neighborhood. Sims with a. In the FreeTime expansion pack, Sims can have a secondary aspiration. What it does: Secondary Aspiration Attraction is a Global Mod which adjusts the attraction score between two Sims by taking into account their secondary aspirations. On the other hand, Knowledge Sims may occasionally want to have a baby (especially right after getting married), and often want to buy skill building objects., Most of the wants and fears mentioned apply to different aspirations as well, but less frequently. I feel it's much more realistic than randomly rolling, which was my previous method. "Slower Motive Decay" benefits reduce the decay rate for the affected motives by 12%, and are cumulative. moment; a "flash of insight" into the skill that provides a sudden bonus to the skill. Sims with this benefit gain Fitness points 50% faster than normal. 1 decade ago. Unlocks the Bottomless Stomach, Slower Motive Decay - Bladder, and Paint Grilled Cheese aspiration benefits. The Sim will receive 1.25x the normal salary for his or her job. I know a list like this could be helpful if you use my secondary aspiration system and you don't want to calculate for every single Sim manually. The amount earned from this benefit depends on the Sim's, The amount gained or lost is based on a variable percentage of the family funds. Now in one easy-to-find location instead of buried in my gameplay rules. For the secondary aspiration system in FreeTime, see Secondary aspiration. This does not increase the Sim's overall learning rate. It was apparently an abandoned thought, because it has no icon and its wants and fears are a combination of Popularity and Fortune aspiration wants and fears. Includes instructions, examples, and multiple ways to download (Excel or Google Sheets). You go to each of your sims rewards section then click on the icon that says aspiration rewards then click on icon that shows a child ann adult and a chest which is the lifetime aspir. Or if you have Nightlife (and University.. for safety reasons I believe) installed and enter "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" you can right click on your sim, go to spawn, and choose the "sim modder." 1 Answer. Since publishing the Sims 2 secondary aspiration calculator, I've had a few requests for a list of the secondary aspirations for The Sims 2 premades (specifically Pleasanview).. The base game does not allow a change of aspiration after a Sim is created or becomes a teen. Currently playing: Fairplay, © Pleasant Sims 2018–2020 If the normal probability of a positive outcome is >80%, it is reduced to 80%. Allows a Sim to select a Secondary Aspiration. However, this aspiration is not possible to get in any other way, and as such, is defunct. The effects do not appear to stack with the effects of. A Sim who can ask for instruction in a skill can also "Listen" to instruction in that skill. The only exception to this process is the Grilled Cheese secondary aspiration: Sims who roll that don't get their secondary aspiration assigned until they become elders. A mod to prevent this from happening on community lots is available. The "Plead for Job" interaction appears on all phones for 24 hours after being fired, with a chance of successfully being reinstated to the prior position. Answer Save. By choosing a secondary aspiration, you can unlock some of that aspiration's benefits. Mostly storytelling with the occasional download. Aspiration is the personality attribute that determines both the Sim's wants and fears. The "Power" aspiration usually involves making friends and gaining promotions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Some deceased/unplayable sims unusually have no aspiration, this isn't intentional by the developers and is due to incomplete character data. aspiration benefits. This calculator was created by one of my subscribers (thank you Shirley), and it uses the Sim's interests to calculate their secondary aspiration. This benefit does not appear to affect what the Sim will receive for a paid vacation day, and does not appear to affect a retired Sim's, Sims who have this benefit may use it autonomously if a computer is available. Payment is based on the author's Cooking skill. Use your Sim’s interests to calculate secondary aspiration for more realistic results. There is a chance that the Social Worker will grant the household a reprieve, giving them 24 hours to restore order to the household. Sims with this benefit have their chemistry with Sims of their preferred gender increased by 80 points. With testingcheatsenabled, players can find another aspiration, Power. Unlocks the Fast Metabolism, Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy, and Write Restaurant Guide aspiration benefits. The Nightlife expansion pack added the ReNuYuSenso Orb, an aspiration reward which allows a Sim to change aspiration. As well as increasing comfort, the soup instantly cures all. Learning skills in this way does not appear to build hobby enthusiasm, even if learning the skill from a bookshelf does. Unlocks the Skilled Negotiator, Slower Motive Decay - Fun and Comfort, and Financial Advice for Cash aspiration benefits. Fitness points reduce at a 50% slower rate when a Sim with this benefit overeats. The Sims Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Unlocks the Hospitality, Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy, and 3-Way Calling aspiration benefits. The University expansion pack allows a Sim to change aspiration immediately after finishing their sophomore year. There was also going to be a Craft aspiration, but it was removed early on in development, as it is only referred to in unused text strings and tiny bits of code. Unlocks the Massive Attraction, Slower Motive Decay - Hygiene and Energy, and Local Legend aspiration benefits.


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