small white butterfly ontario

It has two broods; the first of these flies in May and the second generation flies until the end of August although some are occasionally seen in September. Adults that emerge in July feed on tree sap, building up reserves of fat.

The Western White butterfly (Pontia occidentalis) extends its range through much of the Rocky Mountain region to western coastal areas. These butterflies are characteristically chalky white on the upper side. Scientific name: Lophocampa maculataFamily: ArctiidaeDescription: Adults – a mid-sized moth, wingspan 3 – 4.3 cm, forewings rich yellow colour with 4 brown bands usually merging across the wings and with a partial 5th brown band near the wing base, hindwings  pale yellow and lacking any marksLarvae: covered with stiff bristles, this caterpillar is black at the ends and orange in the middle section, black tufts arise from the orange mid section while longer white lashes protrude from the endsFoodplants: woody shrubs and trees including maples, birches, oaks, poplars, willows and aldersHabitat: forests, edges of streams, rivers and northern wetlands.

The guide includes some of the common butterfly species, their description and even where to find the species. These moths have been noticed in more significant numbers this year across Ontario. This cutie landed on me the other night and hung out with me for quite awhile. Being a day flier with rapid wingbeats, the Hummingbird Clearwing hovers at flowers probing for nectar with an extended proboscis. Females come in two forms; the first is the yellow form which has a blue postcentral area on the upper side of the hind wing.

The males protect their territories vigorously, and they often pursue perceived intruders (including other males and even random insects) before circling back to the same place they were perched. In late summer and early fall, adult monarchs follow shorelines of Lakes Ontario and Erie, sometimes stopping and congregating in large numbers, particularly at Point Pelee. Can you tell me how many are typically in their brood? This is because their forelegs covered with long hairs making them resemble a brush. Gypsy moth eggs also turn into caterpillars before turning into moths. The springform of the butterflies the underside of the hindwing and near the apex of the forewing is pale yellow. My wife came across a large cecropia sized moth today with reddish rust color main and golden yellow trimmings. Normally gypsy moths brood outside – perhaps these somehow found their way into wooden crevasses? The Mustard white comes is visible in 2 forms depending on the season. Amazing. Member of Family: Pieridae French common name: Piéride du chou This is one of our most familiar and common butterflies. Butterfly watchers can see hundreds and sometimes thousands of these majestic butterflies in places such as Point Pelee National Park in Southwestern Ontario as well as Presqu’ile Provincial Park which is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. Today I found a black moth with spikes along its abdomen. […]. Would you be able to send a photo to – I could then help to identify it. Medium to small wings that are white, yellow, or orange, with some black or red. Some lepidopterists consider them an intermediary between butterflies and moths. In addition to that, the wings also have a wide black border that is dotted with a double row of white spots. Beautiful and extremely large. In such cases, location and even the time of the year may help determine the species of a butterfly. This is a family that includes Parnassian and Swallowtail butterflies.

A majority of them then leave in September although a few are still seen in October and sometimes even November. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This butterfly watching guide is ideal for those who are interested in butterfly watching in Canada. The undersides are a creamy white. This confuses predators by disrupting its butterfly shape. They are a common Western species. This differentiates them from females whose forelegs are normal sized and also normal regarding structure. For my Maritimes website, follow this link: © 2020 Rick Cavasin. It is hard to say without seeing a photo of the species or the butterfly itself, but based on your description I thought the above links would provide the most potentially helpful resources. We are in the process of considering feedback to help further update our site. Silver-spotted butterflies are known to feed on nectar flowers such as the Canada thistle, cow vetch, Indian hemp, Brazilian verbena and even the New England aster among others. The postmedian part of the upper hindwing is a black strip with spots of yellow along the margin.

For a fritillary to find a mate of its own species, pheromones and smell play a crucial role in mate recognition. They also have a gray border along both wings. Scientific name: Papilio glaucusFamily: PapilionidaeWingspan: 75 – 100 mm, a large butterflyDescription: bright yellow wings with black “tiger” stripes, hind wings with “swallow tails,” females have more extensive blue on hind wings than malesLarvae: up to about 50 mm; early instars resemble bird dropping; when disturbed older caterpillars will rear head and extend red horns (osmeterium) that resemble a snake’s tongue; older caterpillars brownish with gold and black eyespots on thoraxRange: Carolinian zone (e.g., Windsor, Sarnia, London, Kitchener, Toronto), range north of that is uncertainHabitat: deciduous broadleaf forest, edges and river valleys. Content may not be reproduced without permission. Except for the ONnatur…. approx 3/8″ thick. Butterflies fall under the classification of Lepidoptera. Habitat: deciduous, mixed and coniferous forestLarval foodplants: mainly pine, maple, oak, sycamore, sweetgumFlight season: June to AugustOverwintering stage: pupa in the soilTrue fact: This species is dimorphic, with the female being larger and usually yellower than the male. In Toronto, observers have reported seeing thousands of Monarchs in Toronto Islands and the Leslie Street Spit. Habitat: forested areasLarval foodplants: birch preferred, but also walnut and several other speciesFlight season: mid May to JulyOverwintering stage: cocoonTrue fact: Male giant silkmoths like luna, polyphemus and cecropia have much larger antennae than their female counterparts. I have just discovered a clear wing humming bird moth at my parents on stoney lake Ontario close to nephton mines beautiful creatures. It looks like a Tau Emperor or a male lo moth- Automeris io or a Polyphemus. They are also found as far up North as the coast of Nunavut at Coppermine and Arviat.


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