starbound frackin races
Advantages: +5% Speed and Jump, -50% Fall Damage. A human. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Analytics cookies. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. This mod also introduces monster girls, and colors have been adjusted as well. Rapidly regenerate food from direct sunlight. On Cold biomes, -10% Health and Energy, -20% regen rate. On cold biomes you gain +15% Health and Energy. In hot biomes, gain an additional 5% Speed and Jump, +10 Protection and +25% Energy Regen. Avoid plant matter other than fruits. +20% Mental Protection thanks to a hyper-developed psionic ability. Consecutive Perfect Blocks increase damage by +2% and protection by 2 per block. On all cold planets, you gain 20% extra health, but lose half of your energy regeneration. Hey guys/gals! Apex are technologically advanced, but effectively ruled by their stomaches if they are to keep their primal sides at bay. Thanks to an evolutionary quirk, their scaly hide can repel many minor blows, and metabolically they are able to sustain themselves for a while without needing to feed. Advantages: Glow, -5% Knockback +10% Speed, +12% Jump. The Akkimari are a broken race, their society still recovering from the loss of the AI that ruled them. Please see the. In riverine biomes, you drop your speed penalty and gain +15% attack power and energy capacity. Advantages: Dark Vision, +15% Speed, +10% Jump. Tied to nature, they are generally not found outside of forested regions. Advantages: Glows in the dark, -25% Knockback, +5% Speed. However, they can glide and are quite agile in the air. This makes survival in other environments a challenge. In water, they have zero need to breathe and can walk on mud without being hindered. Diet: Glitch prefer a very specific diet, generally of mechanical plants and goods. You fall slowly thanks to wings, effectively nullifying fall damage. Their bonuses are 50% reduced on Casual. Advantages: Seldom eats, 20% Knockback Resistance, +2% Shield Bash. Taking damage or failing a block cancels the stack. Here is an added mod to help make your farming process more bearable. There's also the already-mentioned immature system names, the confusing revamp to basically every vanilla mechanic, the questionable behaviour of the mod's creator, and a … Not much is known of these creatures. You require very little food thanks to a super slow metabolism. If you want a little more variety in the NPC ships you encounter, give this mod a try. They were originally a much more human-like race until a completely natural mysterious water-borne pathogen of unknown origin threatened their survival. At home in toxic, nearly inhospitable swamps, few species are as resilient in the face of poisons. They are exceptional miners, squeezing the most from Matter Manipulators and Mining Lasers. They are very hardy in irradiated environments, benefiting from radiation instead of being injured by it. Frackin’ Universe is a massive mod that has been in the works for years. If your wondering why your mod-pack of 300+ mods has stopped working, this might be it... You need to sign in or create an account to do that. On Cold Biomes, you have -15% Health and -10% Energy. Irradiated, Toxic, Alien, Proto, Chromatic, Jungle and Fungal biomes increase Power and Energy Regen by 14%. If the space portion of the game is starting to feel stale, changing up encounters is a good place to freshen things up. Created Aug 13, 2015. Let’s take a look at some of the best mods we have come across. Resting in oil, erchius and liquid protocite pools will regenerate your health and increase Energy. Broadswords, Shortswords, Wands and Staves gain +5% damage. Advantages: +12% Speed, +11% Jump, Slight Glow (nightvision). Diet: Omnivore. On cold biomes you lose 20% Health and Protection, On hot biomes you gain 15% Health and %10 Protection. Exceptional defenses in melee. In bogs, swamps and other mired biomes you gain +25% Health and +15% speed. Diet: Omnivore. You can also customize your members with new uniforms and head items, making each crewmember stand out more than they did before. In moderate wind conditions, you fall even slower and gain increased agility and health. Racial Tech: Pharitu Psionic Blast. Half are war-thirsty madmen, while the other are pacifist free-thinkers. Sapient "living" digital constructs, the Indix are not incredibly durable...but are exceptionally quick witted and dangerous. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Noble and wise, the Hylotl prefer the path of the open palm. Interestingly enough, the Thelusians are a sort of insect/reptile hybrid. Advantages: 40% Knockback Resistance, +14% Speed. Their fiery bloodline allows them to survive immense heat, including lava. A very adaptive and borderline childish species, these vulpines once transformed using stones. Advantages: +1100 Oxygen, swim speed boost. Their upper-body strength makes them extremely capable with their favored weapon, the Broadsword. for Starbound 1.4.4. They are quite skilled with boomerangs, and have honed their poofy, adorable paws into defensive implements when using fist weapons. These bee-like people are swift and sticky, and a slow metabolism helps them go longer without food. Advantages: Gain up to 30% maximum Energy when fed, Gain increased damage (up to 25%) the more you starve. On Lush, Forest, Rainforest, Primeval Forests (+dark versions), Gain +25% Energy (Saturnians) or Health (Thaumoths). Florans are known throughout the Universe to be aggressive, carnivorous hunters. The Trink were built by a species native to a frozen planet, and their systems run more efficiently in cold climates.


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