sto best starship traits 2020

You'll see the top 12 (or more if you add more) recommendations for starship traits specifically for your ship! (Reputation: Nukara Strikeforce – Rank 1 @Tier 4, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Energy Refrequencer

Because of those lovely plasma explosion embassy science consoles we use.

Added the following traits: Rhythmic Rumble, Fiery Entrance, Enhanced Nanite Regeneration, Regeneration Cycle, Slippery Target, Automated Shield Alignment, Smooth Landing, Into the Fray, Target that Explosion, Spore Infused Anomalies, Invasive Maneuvers, Rapid Response Shielding, The Ruin of Our Enemies, Concealed Repairs.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. you could join discord via a browser too, no need to install anything at all . So the only way anyone from DPS League is willing to help us is if we join your Discord? when u have 20 sec from pets with base 40 sec cdr your doffs gives lowest effectiveness. bad choice? (Reputation: New Romulus – Rank 1 @Tier 1, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Magnified Armaments
It has some useful info. Starship Trait: Target That Explosion Fun but not really that effective from a DPS point of view. While this trait is slotted, the duration of Photonic Officer is increased. APDP) : When the target of Attack Pattern Delta is hit by damage while APD is active, to target: +1.5% Critical Chance and +3.75% Critical Severity per shot for 5 sec , stacks up to 10 times. Just wondering if there a better option. Feel free to leave a question here or contact me directly. There are also some traits, which you can get from episodes and others from lockboxes. Your directed energy attacks heal you for a portion of the damage dealt: Tyler’s Duality The marked foe is less resistant to you, and when they are defeated, a swarm of Section 31 Attack Drones will spawn to hunt down other targets. Or are my Romulan/Aliens still worthless? For Space you should choose intelligence as primary and pilot as secondary. While this starship trait is slotted, activating a Hull Healing Bridge Officer ability will apply a weapon power cost reduction and a hull regeneration buff. I tested both normal + elite versions of the squadrons and scorpions lost out to peregrine fighters by quite a bit and to’duj squadrons lost out to to’duj fighters by a lot. I.e. If you mean personal traits there is a link in this guide to another guide of us, where you can find more information about traits – also cheaper ones:, what i mean is , that most skills u mentioned, are skills u can get with : lobi,dilithium, epic load of credits, or even zen …..for a new player , lets say me , all this stuff u mentioned is definatly NOT affordable.a basic guide, should have “normal stuff, traits, items,skills, in it , where new players can lean on.and not high end , end game items, they will get after months of playing ….this guide dosent cover any questions like : what is better to use, what is more usefull , stuff like : when a ship has 5 for weapon slots, fill them all with energy weapons, or use a torpedo, or for the rear weapons .. what to use a 360 beam array, turrets and so on … a basic guide ….i dont want to smack down your work, ofc not, but this is not a basic guide …for me i can say, iam a returning player after 2 years , and nothing of this guide covered any question i had, nor even is he any helpfull since i cant afford any of this mentionet items of this guide ….and i guess, there are more players like me arround who have the same problem …the link u provided for the skills and traits, did u even read it yourself ?

But it get additional +16 for all subsystems from the Plasmonic Leech and +20 from Supremacy, so 75 will be reached in all systems. Starship traits are unlockable by advancing through the Starship Mastery tiers of different Tier 6 starships, by advancing through a Captain Specialization, opening a Trait Pack, playing a mission or doing Delta/Temporal recruit tasks. This buff stacks up to 3 times. 25-125% of Maximum Hull regenerated per minute when captain or bridge officer heal is used on self. With the above build the Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons and To’Duj Squadrons are massively beating previous top hangar pets like Droneships.

What is the multiplicative of cat2? We tested a small fraction of those.

For KDF To’Duj I have not had chance to compare Basic against Elite but other Carrier pilots have told me Elites are worse and basic blue are best.

While this trait is slotted your Aceton Beam and Overwhelm Emitters abilities cause radiation damage over time to enemies within 3km of the target. It provides recommendations that should be useful for your build based on your budget, but is not perfect, nor does it know exactly how your build works. I’m look at the miracle worker tact cruiser for the trait. (from the Battlecruiser T6 in the C-Store: Fed: Arbiter, KDF: Kurak, Rom: Morrigu), Withering Barrage for fire at will this is every 20 seconds. You could go with any other as a replacement or even slot a defensive trait. For space missions the following passive reputation traits are recommended: The active ones depend on what you are doing. At 10 stacks of Delphic Phasing, you become immune to Energy Damage for a short time.
Like Scott, I have also been a lurker here for quite some time. Note: The budget in this example is set to Lobi, so no Torpedo Barrage, no Reverberation.


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