strut bar myth

thats why the ljm bar was designed and then tested on the same exact car.

A strut bar, or any other structural member, provides strength almost exclusively in this tension/compression range, and most E30/E36/E46 BMWs exhibit movement purely laterally across the strut towers, as our measurements reflect. Before you can truly appreciate a BMW on track, you have to learn to fully exploit driver performance. Thanks so much for the great service from start to finish, and always done with a smile and as professional as possible.

Nick Large, BimmerWorld’s Product Development Engineer, configured the onboard AiM MXL2 data system to include linear potentiometers in several locations/configurations to measure distance changes between points. I would love to see this data on a “street” car, or at least one without a full cage. Thanks much for the strut bar info is appreciated. And do a before bar and after bar. But he did explain why he thought that strut bars did make a difference to a certain extent.

Larry-A did make a good point POST 25, but he never got around to proving it or didn't care to. I always feel like I’m getting the best advice, and suggestions for true race car set up. Who knows, that was like 4 years ago lol. This is not at all unusual on a modified M3. Whether you like road racing, drifting, HPDEs, karting or off-road racing, or even if you prefer car shows, camping, lawn … Read more, Talk about living the good life. Further testing of additional locations showed similar minimal movement, although those locations wouldn’t typically be affected by an aftermarket strut bar regardless. The scientific answer is, “It depends!” Based on the data from our specific Spec E46, this car didn’t need one on this particular test day. Trust me!

That’s not as easy to answer. Is a Strut Brace Worth It? This demonstration has hopefully illustrated how a strut tower bar can be beneficial. William: My posts concern the Mk3 chassis sorry if people missunderstood and think I mean ALL Stb's. I would like to have this test repeated on the stiffest chassis BMW has ever built, the Z4 Coupe. That brings us back to the main question: Is a strut brace worth it? Note that the measurements are in millimeters, or more specifically tenths of millimeters.

Anything you can do to help distribute loads and avoid deformation of the strut towers is a plus, but there are less expensive ways to do that if you don’t need a strut brace – BMW’s factory strut tower reinforcement plates being a prime example. We might end up doing the test again down the road with some more race miles, at which point a before/after would be planned. Particularly on something like an e36 or e46 (a chassis old enough to have some more flex). So we can compare the graphs between the two? also made a HUGE diff when i installed one on my mk2. I INSTALLED A BRACE ON. One could argue that a lot chassis flex is taken out by having a full spec race cage.

Basically useless in a supra.

If someone has a force gauge and one of the strut bars, go make use of the two, rig up something and drive around, see what kind of numbers (if any) are present, See this short thread where 2 well respected Supra Guru's (Larry-A and IJ) almost went at it:biglaugh:. i would like to see some numbers with drawings proving these "myths" true or false. Werd. FORGOT, PRE LOAD AND BOLT TO THE FIREWALL IF POSSIBLE.

our cars have lower and UPPER a-arms, the uppers are where the force of the suspension is impacting the chassis. thats what sucks. What we get is: F1(L2) = F3(L1)         or,         F3 = F1(L2/L1). ... THAT point is where the force of the suspension is being absorbed.

Its cause the Mkii has machpherson struts. You’ll feel it working!”. Since the inside wheel is un-loaded there is no corresponding force generated at the inside strut tower. We can solve for F3 if we do a balance of torque's around the outer ball joint (where the control arm attaches to the strut). I have one on my E36 vert. Is there data with the strut brace on? Figure 1 shows the forces of interest in a strut bar analysis.

Back when WM developed their strut bar, the thinking was that their setup would decrease chassis flex by fixing the upper strut to the chassis. This gives you twice as much material to deal with the same cornering force and helps reduce fatigue stress in this area. First, consider an M3 cornering such that it experiences 100% weight transfer at the front wheels. Unless the brace is made of bungee cord there can’t be significant change in the distance between towers once a brace is bolted in. i have drivn a mk3 with and without one and it made a very noticable diff around corners wehn installed. Oh, and different driver skills too, and between track and mountain driving. While plenty of people like to run strut tower braces on street cars, we wanted to get measurements on something that would see much more severe duty, so our test car was our BimmerWorld Spec E46 BMW 330i, and we used both Lime Rock Park and the full course at Virginia International Raceway (VIR).

Larry-A did make a good point POST 25, but he never got around to proving it or didn't care to. Testing was conducted without a strut bar in place to determine “the problem” that a strut bar would otherwise solve.

Fact: STB are no better than a piece of rope tied between both strut tower. Ultimately, we’d like to perform this same test after five years of racing with this car. The minimal movement shown in our test graph proves to us that a strut brace would be most beneficial if you have an older car or tired chassis with noticeable flex and/or pre-existing issues.


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