sunflower stalk flute
compost pile, and also poke them into active piles to help introduce The most popular color? haha no I’m not neighbors with #Joanna but man I do LOVE her to death being a fellow Texan and all. Speaking of LOVE I love your website!!! It looks like a tootsie roll, just cut off a piece and knead it together. Plant your veining plants at the base of them and allow them to simply crawl their way up. Sunflower stalk flute. Let this dry for about 24 hours and it works quite well. The African instruments are really great. I know this is a flute forum but who do you listen to for Kora music? Yes! Duct tape is the best, but electrical, or packing tape works just fine. When dry, I add the end plug, drill into the slowing chamber, taper, Did you scroll all this way to get facts about sunflower stalk? Food Pantry of North Branford Needs Donations, Business SHOUT OUT: Inspiration in Motion. I LOVE working with this stuff! I know this is a flute forum but who do you listen to for Kora music? Many Blessings…Robert. shade a patio, garden sitting area or children’s summer playhouse. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. well-ventilated place. It is mostly used in Orthodox Music and spirituals. supports in a circular pattern, and plant beans around them. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Well you're in luck, because here they come. the mature sunflower seed head attached, saw several stalks off near Most traditional Navajo flutes were made of sunflower stalk; today the flutes are evolving into a medium of artistic expression that uses a variety of materials. Once you have a hole in the plug, you can shove a dowel through the plug and push the sandpaper and broken dowel out of the bore. I use a small flashlight aimed into the bore, and the “Spots” show up like a lamp! Garden Music. From shop MACsArtWork. wall to strengthen and increase the wall thickness as needed. Im really curious about this. Food banks are experiencing declines in donations, volunteers stuck at home and skyrocketing need as…, Andrew and Michael Horn created a fantastic video highlighting North Branford's finest and the community…, * Local Recycling news* North Branford Sunflower Project & Pollinator Pathways seeds available* Letter from…. Have you ever seen the film “Music of the Mande” by Robert Knight? You have inspired me I too like Toumani Diabate and Foday Musa Suso. Hawk, I use a little different approach on my stalk flutes. Can North Branford Achieve Certification as a Sustainable Community? My original solution was simply a dowel with sandpaper taped to the end. I decided I would create this little tutorial because about a year ago, I discovered a great set up to sand the bores of my branch flutes. I LOVE the way my oldest shouts it out‍♂️ I have it spelled three different ways on my cd’s so I guess it depends which part of Ethiopia they are representing. Thread starter jcl-MD; Start date Jun 22, 2015; jcl-MD The Enigma. off at the ground and then dry for several days in a cool, dark, If you are sanding larger bores you can add more sandpaper. Liz, YES YES!! One slip led to the cut out design. The person I play with has made some wonderful field recordings! Jun 22, 2015 #1 from Mata Ortiz, Native American Katsina and Kachina Dolls, Native American Painted Hides and Paintings. As such if your planning on using Okra it’s best to grow them in the spring and use the summer sun to dry them with. Some times if I find the right spot in the stalk the wall is thick enough to accommodate both. I know this is a flute forum but who do you listen to for Kora music? Would like to have some experienced information about the wood texture if possible. The stalk I am currently using also seems to have had some type of bug that bores within a few thousands of the surface of the stalk and then stop. As such if your planning on using Okra it’s best to grow them in the spring and use the summer sun to dry them with. Kevin just got time for a very quick response-I play kora every wednesday have done this for the past 15 years and I am running otu the door now. The problem was, once I glued the flute up,  I still wanted to sand the bore to make the edges flush and remove any glue. climb a ladder to do so but leave the vertical stalks undisturbed. You may enjoy the CD ‘Africa -Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music’ hmmm, wood putty, (smacking forehead) GREAT idea.. :blink: stare at cans of it in the shop but gee? t me to write about please please let me know growing gardening love is something I just love to do! Sale Price €0.91 Want to know more? When I first started making branch flutes, I would take a lot of time sanding the bore when the flutes were split in half. 20,584 Views! Those little critters can sure make some challenging situations but to me they add so much character to the flute. At that point they were ready for the garden. You guessed it: yellow. fill in the walls. A member of “The Flute Portal” recently asked about sanding the bore of a sunflower stalk flute he is working on. I think you started a thread about Fulani flute (play that too-a little anyway), I think sunflower would make a nice fulani flute. Sometimes when I am making a Cane flute after I cut the section I want sometimes I find that some little critter has already bore a small hole in the wall at the node that I have left for separating the two chambers.


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