super ratting eve
Ratting like a complete moron during their prime time. For any ratting carrier you Rigs should be: 3x Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers.These rigs increase your Warp Speed by 20%/25% depending on the T1 or T2 variant.Price for the Tech ones are 43 million, whereas the price for Tech 2s are 190 million, which begs the question “is it worth it” and you are the only one that can answer that question. Let rats scram you. OPTIONAL: If using the NSA, single-cycle it at the beginning of each wave. You will find commander spawns in the "home" region of the pirate faction, as follows: Sansha's Nation - True Sansha - Stain Region, Serpentis - Shadow Serpentis - Fountain Region, Guristas/Pithi/Dread Guristas - Venal - Officers: Estamel, Vepas, Thon, Kaikka, Sanshas/Centi/True Sansha - Stain - Officers: Chelm, Vizan, Selynne, Brokara, Blood/Corpi/Dark Blood - Delve - Officers: Draclira, Ahremen, Raysere, Tairei, Serpentis/Coreli/Shadow - Fountain - Officers: Cormack, Setele, Tuvan, Brynn, Angels/Gisti/Domination - Curse - Officers: Tobias, Gotan, Hakim, Mizuro. ), I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class. EWAR: Nos, Neuts, Jams, Webs, and Scrams. Fitting your carrier is very important if you want to achieve the high ticks and not just the low ones. This is where nos can be very helpful. Hauler spawns - these spawns are industrial ships (Badger, Iteron, Bestower, Mammoth, etc.)

Main article: Ratting 101. Commander spawns - these are like ordinary rats, but their bounties are much higher. DO NOT run sites in GE-8JV. Some frigates will warp jam (disruptor or scrambler) and web you. Less isk per hour compared to active ratting. Kiting: This is the art of keeping the rats at your optimal range and dishing out damage while keeping the rat away. Therefore there is always a chance of the highest bounty BS or officer spawns. The warp engine will suck whatever cap it can and partially jump you away. If you encounter one of these spawns, go after the commander ship first. Missions also frequently involve active ratting. There is a good reason to do this: when you kill a lower value spawn of rats, it tends to be replaced with a slightly better spawn, until you reach the maximum value spawn possible in your system due to its security status, and then the cycle begins again with the lowest value rats spawning. The value of the rats is dependent (mostly) on the true security level of a system. This is a syllabus for a class provided by EVE University. Note that you can use a narrow-angle Direction Scan to check if there's anyone else in an anomaly you're interested in.


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