suzuki van van 200 vs yamaha tw200
Does anyone reccommend a Yamaha Dual sport bike, XT225 or TW200, over a Suzuki DR200 ?

It has the most power of all 3 and has more of an aftermarket support of all 3. Front suspension; travel: Non-adjustable fork; 6.3 inches, Rear suspension; travel: Non-adjustable shock; 5.9 inches, With 50 years of riding experience, Don Williams is a fan of all kinds of motorcycles. Some features of this site require JavaScript. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

People smile at you, and if you have to blaze a trail not strictly approved by the authorities, the Yamaha TW200 graciously obliges in an amenable manner. Bruce, I have rode each of these bikes for extended amounts of time.

Welcome to the Forum Still.Cruzin.

Choice is almost always a good thing for the consumer. I weigh 210 and the XT moves me smartly on or off the road. Time will tell. NJ-Brett Brett. With a Seat Concepts kit and an ATV pad, a TW fits me moderately well because the combination raises the seat two inches. Thanks to each of you for your respective suggestions. Let the deep-pocket guys establish the market, and then come in and copy their design and hope to share a slice of it. Also i ride sportbikes so the lack of power on the little ones would be too sad. The 200s will haul 380 pounds. The bike only has 60 miles on the odometer and its running easy to 55 mph. Glad to read you resolved your head gear . It's a shame that it weighs a bit more though. I do like the retro look of the Zuk, it has more appeal to me than the plastic on the TW200. . The TW200 is a great bike for a beginner or somene that likes to put around in the dirt.

One local saw me, and smiled at my cute little whispering steed. The Bridgestone Trail Wing tires work far better off-road than you might think. ANYTHING FOR SPEED! Both are street legal and have 6-speed trannys. Get the Gear You See Here at! The rider will have to learn the intricacies of a clutch and five-speed gearbox, though the light-touch levers help matters along. White House K10 - a story of regeneration. Production stopped in 1982, but RV 125s and 200s returned in 2002 for worldwide distribution. . Maverick Vinales: Valencia akan Sulit Tapi Saya Suka Sirkuit Ini, Alex Rins: Saya Tidak Merasakan Tekanan Apa Pun, Stefan Bradl: Saya Tak Bisa Bicara Mengenai Marc Marquez, New Aerox 155 Connected Sudah Mendarat di Vietnam, All New Aerox 155 Connected Resmi Dirilis, Ini Ubahannya. If there’s a problem, it’s easy to put an authoritative foot down, or paddle along, as needed. Plenty of power in the dunes, LARGER FUEL TANK FOR YOUR POLARIS RZR & YAMAHA YXZ, Can-Am’s 14 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas. I like it. Taking a small bike on a big trip is a great way of seeing places in a new light. Round the world adventurer Nathan Millward heads down through Devon and Cornwall on Suzuki’s new 200cc machine… Just west of Padstow, overlooking the village of Trevone. The TW200 has a sterling reputation in the reliability department. Kawasaki copied the Grom, and now Suzuki is copying the TW. #5. The TW sucks offroad with that huge tire and highway sppeds are tough. "Suzuki's Answer to the TW200".


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