telus modem t3200m internet light orange
Please help ASAP I’m a university student and I have homework. I'm pretty sure that using the power button on the back is the same as unplugging it and plugging it back in. Just tested my iPhone 8+ with my new channel of 11 selected on 2.4G and got 71 Mbps download and 6 ms ping. I was beyond frustrated. I'm on channels 11 and 161, one neighbor near me is on channel 11 and 149 is showing a signal quality of 25 and 45. I tried but I just missed their business hours for customer support. Then you just get the strongest connection in the moment. I have a newly installed T3200M modem/router. Does this happen when connected to the 2.4Ghz channel as well? It usually indicates a connection problem between Telus and the modem/gateway. I have tried turning it on and off and also resetting the modem and neither of these things have worked. Keep in mind you will need to redo all your wireless settings as they've been reverted to default. @DavidR8 The number of SSID's is just part of the equation. I use an opensource WiFiAnalyzer on my phone. Hence my previous question about how many SSID's are visible which remains unanswered. My old Motorola router when I was with Shaw on Internet 75 would get around 80 down and 15 up on wifi everywhere in the house with no issues. I will unlock my galaxy s6 and have to manually connect back to the internet each time. Is there anything I can do myself to fix it? Reply. It's been cutting out like crazy especially in the morning. I'm beginning to think it's on their end, even though they say it's good. @RonAKA We did have two SSIDs but I've since turns Smartswitching back on as service was even worse than with it off.I'm frustrated beyond belief, between waiting on hold to speak to someone and actually talking to a rep I've spent 5 hours on the phone with Telus and the service is barely better than when we had the old modem/router. You can also turn on smart steering so that it will automatically switch between 2.4 and 5 ghz. Have you tried calling Telus yet? Enabling Band Steering on the T3200M resolved that problem. Shows what frequency they are on and what channel they are using. If it doesn't give you the information you need, I spoke to Telus on Friday afternoon.The tech walked me through turning off Smartswitching. I have tried turning it on and off and also resetting the modem and neither of these things have worked. When I get home today I intend on trying to change the channel to 11 as referenced by someone else. It would connect but then disconnect an hours or so later. Are your issues on the Ethernet connected devices or the WiFi devices, or both? Strangely enough I recently switched cell carriers from Wind-->Public Mobile (Telus subsidiary) and now my S6 keeps 5G connected much better no clue why that would make any difference, Would you mind posting current Firmware version T3200M is running now from Actiontec config I had a similar issue with my Samsung phone always disconnecting. Well, once discovered, that was an easy fix! The internet light turns red while the wifi light stays green. Let me know if you got it resolved, I have a tech coming this Monday for the 2nd time. TELUS Neighbourhood: Forums: Home Services: Internet & Home Phone: Actiontec T3200M Modem; Log in; Actiontec T3200M Modem. I read this to mean that I would be better using Channel 1 or 11, instead of the channel 6 I am using by default? I tried WiFiInfoView on my PC laptop, and it seems to give good information.


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