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TELUS periodically contacts select customers via email or SMS text to offer them service improvement options. TELUS is a telecommunications provider in BC, Canada. save. [ERROR_NO_CARRIER]22:21:41, 30 Jun.PPP: Stopped PPP daemon(0,1,5)22:21:41, 30 Jun.PPP LCP Receive Termination ACK22:21:40, 30 Jun.PPP LCP Send Termination Request (User request)22:21:40, 30 Jun.PPP: IPCP down22:21:40, 30 Jun.PPP: LCP down22:21:40, 30 Jun.DSL Link Up: Down Rate=68910kbps, Up Rate=17080kbps; SNR Margin Down=5.8dB, Up=6.1dB. GPON must meet the requirements of FTTH, FTTC and FTTB. Hello, As the Title says i just recently got the new modem installed they swapped out my Action tech 3200 model but now i cant view my security cameras on my Cell phone (Its not TELUS security its a different company). 6. Get the TELUS Smart Hub for $10 a month for 24 months on a 2 year term5 with all plans listed below. Change your Wi-Fi name and password. Late reply but I’ve been having the same issue too. I called up Telus today because I was so fed up and they were of no use, they didn’t even know what port forwarding was and told me to call Actiontec to get it fixed. I would like to not even use the Telus router if its possible to use Optik TV without it. You will need a router that supports IGMP snooping/proxy and still there is no guarantee it will work. Http:// save. I don't see any point in just having it plugged in and running as a bridge router when I will be using my own equipment or lan and wifi. The future is friendly. If that's the case, it completely eliminates the need for a separate ONT, which is awesome! Plus, upload and download up to 3 times faster. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Once your new Wi-Fi booster is installed, it will appear on your My Wi-Fi app’s home and network screens8. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, this what the Arcadyan Fibre AC gateway looks like. Is Telus still the sing the Huawei routers? yeah i went to the port forwarding part on the web but didnt work... unless im doing something wrong. Products - FTTx: To meet the requirements of high speed bandwidth and video transmission, broadband network technologies have moved towards optic fiber applications, especially VDSL and PON developments.Arcadyan's PON technology development includes the following key areas: I have a fibre line to the house and even plugging my laptop directly into the LAN1 of the white fibre box and completely disabling firewall still doesn’t help. Sign up for Internet today and get our industry leading Advanced Wi-Fi modem at no extra cost. A subreddit for Telus, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada. Wait until the LED light to turn from solid purple, to flashing blue, to flashing purple, to solid blue. Posted by 1 year ago. If I were you, I would get any unmanaged switch and plug the ONT, your router, and the Telus router into the switch. That's an EE Smart Hub. This may take up to five minutes, Note: This step transfers your existing Boost Wi-Fi network settings to your new Wi-Fi booster.6. 4. Also did they plug the fibre optic cable directly into the gateway? It's quite normal. Select another. Not your modem? Only available through 1-844-377-6333 or in select stores - Manage your Boost Wi-Fi when using a TELUS Wi-Fi Hub. hide. Unleash all the capabilities of your TELUS Wi-Fi Hub using TELUS My Wi-Fi. Not that IPV6 is working here though. *To learn how to install a third (or more) Wi-Fi booster, use the Expansion Pack Quick Start Guide . Say goodbye to dropped connections with TELUS Wi-Fi®. This is the hub used to power TELUS Boost WiFi. 4 comments. In this article. TELUS Smart Hub is an easy, out-of-the-box home Wi-Fi solution that you can install in mere minutes. Its Industry Canada ID is IC: 4711A-PRV65B. 1. I'm also waiting for my install though so haven't tried it yet. The My Wi-Fi app will guide you through this installation process3. I want to change the house what is the procedure. To phone EE: Dial Freephone +44 800 079 8586 - Option 1 for Mobiles; Option 2 for 4G WiFi; Option 3 for Home Broadband & EE TV. Plans start from just $12 per month when bundled with TELUS Home and Mobility services. The connection fee includes a SIM card and access to a TELUS team member to process your activation or renewal along with other exclusive TELUS services. I asked a Telus rep about this and you should be able to run the SFP cable to the Telus router for Optik TV and up to two RJ45 cables to a third party router. Please refer to TELUS' internet traffic management practices and wireless network experience optimization for full details.. Select your router model below. Enjoy whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub and Boost Wi-Fi – the perfect addition to the fastest internet speeds in Western Canada. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. These are our port forwarding guides for the Arcadyan routers. Each time the hub disconnects and everything stops working for a few seconds, then it's back but with a different IP address. The future is friendly. EE must be doing it. What would I look for in a switch and Wifi router to be able to use Optik TV? Separate ssid for 2.4 and 5ghz on new wifi hub by Anon6037a: AB: 1/185: Tornado15550 : 16th Oct 09:40PM : Will a phone with these bands work for Telus 5G by … I have the Telus Wifi hub but no connection to ethernet and have no idea what to plug in/unplug in order to get it working. By doing so, ping now is usually 0.5-1 ms, even my wifi is down to 2 ms. if you only getting gigabit service and NOT the 1.5Gbps internet they offer then I would't change it your wifi hub unless you really need for specific reasons. To meet the requirements of high speed bandwidth and video transmission, broadband network technologies have moved towards optic fiber applications, especially VDSL and PON developments.Arcadyan's PON technology development includes the following key areas: Arcadyan Technology Corporation. I have noticed the system uptime has reset and things have gone offline from time to time but didn't look at the log every time. Arcadyan routers have a similar interfaces and a different guide might work fine for you. That log extract suggested to me that it was something to do with IPV6? The problem is that not every one of my Optik tv boxes will be plugged in via ethernet, at least two will need to be connected through WiFi and I don't really want to deal with signal conflicts or 4+ wifi networks. This device does not have a FCC ID as it is only sold in Canada. 2. Posted by 6 days ago. Worry-free Wi-Fi. Is it possible to connect the ONT to a third party switch and Wifi router and still be able to get a Telus Optik TV signal? Regular prices are subject to change. Once the purchase price of the Smart Hub device has been paid, the service will continue on a month-to-month basis without the monthly charge for the Smart Hub device. For a SmartHub: login and go to Advanced Settings/ Technical Log/ Information. My NAT type changed from 3 to 2 on my smart hub and I have no idea why. Change your Wi-Fi name and password. Ensure that you have installed your previous TELUS Wi-Fi boosters from the Starter Pack. If Smart Hub device is moved out of this address or if the Smart Hub SIM card is moved to a different mobile device, these data plans will cease working. report. I have the Telus Wifi hub but no connection to ethernet and have no idea what to plug in/unplug in order to get it working. TBB just now - always wired using gigabyte connection. I still have the ONT due to having home phone and the gateway doesnt support home phone yet. To install and manage your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi, use your device’s app store to search for and download the TELUS My Wi-Fi app; Note: If you are downloading the app on an iPad and cannot find it in the app store, you may need to select the iPhone Only option at the top left of the app store screen. To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback. For a BrightBox: login and go to Advanced Settings/ System/ DSL Status. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. That's the exact setup I have. Hey, is this what the Arcadyan Fibre AC gateway looks like? With the TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi modem, you can browse and stream without interruptions. Arcadyan is its manufacturer. $40 connection fee applies to activate your device. then it's back but with a different IP address. So my pc doesn’t let me connect via wifi, only Ethernet. Download speeds averaging 10-25 Mbps 1 Repeat steps 3-7 for each additional Wi-Fi booster you install. 7. 2. The TELUS My Wi-Fi app instructions will help you do the following:* To optimize coverage, pick a location halfway between your modem and an area of poor or no signal* Use the app’s location tester to determine the area is in a good position* Below is an example of an optimally-covered home:7. All rights reserved. Hi also waiting for my install though so haven't tried it yet, I'm Dad. Experts found that even with an entire household of users, scattered all over the home, using Wi-Fi at the same time – TELUS Boost Wi-Fi … These data plans do not include any voice minutes or capabilities. It's quite normal. Twice in a week is not drastic. Post your full router stats. 5. For more details regarding the connection fee and optional service fees please visit


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