tethealla server setup instructions
Mapper Client – a user’s time logged in to the PC and macOS Map Drive client. 10. What Are The Main Recent Technological Advances in Web Security? MyWorkDrive Server supports online editing of documents stored on local file shares in Office 365 Online or using a Local Office Online Server in our Web Browser client and in iOS Office apps. In addition to making the file shares available over a web browser, the MyWorkDrive server enables our API for securely mapping drives using our Mapped Drive, Office 365 & Mobile Clients. You can limit who can login to the MyWorkDrive site by restricting user groups on the MyWorkDrive shares – only the users or groups who are added to at least 1 share in MyWorkDrive will be able to login (even if they have underlying NTFS permissions they will still be denied login to MyWorkDrive). Enable Remote Desktop: Use this option to enable the Remote Desktop feature, which lets you administer this server from another computer. Zip File Download – the timeout length the zipping process will run preparing zip files in the web client. ; Direct Internet access on the server running MyWorkDrive (no proxy services) to activate and initialize the software with outgoing firewall access to ports 443, 7844. Admin Panel  – the administrator’s timeout session for the admin panel on the server desktop. In this phase, Windows setup begins the actual process of installing Windows. The installation should start, wait for it to finish. Installing Updates: The setup program checks Microsoft’s website and downloads any critical updates to the operating system. Do not worry as this is normal; the server is generating files and folder… Login using various users to test web file access, shares and home drive access (if allowed) on the Server. The file name used in your start script mustmatch the name of the file you download. 4. Two Factor Authentication requires an Enterprise or Partner License. To login with the Administrator user, use Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination. Email Domain Lookup: The Email Domain lookup feature saves users who are logging in on the Desktop or Mobile clients a step when using their email address as their user name. The next step is the Install Setup Files step, where SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) setup will download, extract and install all necessary setup files to your server. Provide Computer Name and Domain: This option lets you change the server’s computer name and join a domain. MyWorkDrive will display the UNC path as specified for that user in AD Users & Computers. Configure Networking: The default network settings are usually appropriate, but you can use this option to change the defaults if you wish. Set the Time Zone: This is necessary only if the indicated time zone is incorrect. When a timeout is reached, the user is prompted to log back in using the server’s configured login process – username/email/mfa/sso/etc. With MyWorkDrive server version 5.2, you are now able to export and import your MyWorkDrive settings. Depending on the volume of activity at your organization, the alerts themselves, the count of events and timeframe are adjustable to match your organization.


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