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Our team play approach and our no one person in charge. 7. the team was originally founded in Arizona, but did not become public until half a decade later.____________________________________________ Wed:  2pm - 9pm    Sponsored by Hard Strike Milsim, we frequent Texas events as well as National ops all over the USA. Actively recruiting in the Houston area. Texas Airsoft MILSIM Forum - Forums for Texas airsoft enthusiasts to plan field play, general meetups, part swaps and talk about local hobby.

• Prior Law Enforcement background Follow us on: Our goal is to build comradary, team work, and host a fun and fair game. DEA is a MilSim/speedQB team based out of San Antonio Texas. SAFETY FIRST! Sons of Liberty Airsoft Group (S.O.L.A.G) was officially founded in February 2017 by one of the first admins Matthew Flint" (Call-sign Dusk) While deployed to Iraq in 2017.

We consists of serious Airsoft enthusiasts and also former military personel.
Facebook - www.facebook.com/tac2milsim ... TAC-2 is a small MilSim team based in South Texas. FALCON BATTLE SYSTEMS

BRS is a field vs field team we love to play friendly skirmish and having funTR7 is a Milsim only team. We are a diverse team, get together and have fun. As of now we are only 4 players consisting of myself (49 y.o. About AMS; AMS Staff; AMSL Fields; AMS Photos; Contact; Store; 0 . 3. Add your Field, Shop, Team, etc to AirsoftC3, Looking for a team I'm 28 and have paintball and military experience. The team also looks forward to the annual Operation "Starburst" event hosted by Third Coast Airsoft. ABOUT MARAUDERS GROUP Go register so you don’t mi, We encourage fair and friendly gameplay. The RENEGADES strive to build Team Work, Leadership, Honor,& Commitment. • Age 17+ • Will be willing to purchase team uniform. If you're interested ... We are an airsoft team based in north Texas.

With our MOTO being.... 3. Check us out and maybe we'll see you on the field! The Mechanics have been together since late 2011, were always looking for expanding our team or opening new chapters in other locations.

Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. We are located in the Dallas TX area, and we are a Law Enforcement/Mil founded group/team. Featuring 78 acres of battle space. We maintain a professional and ... We are a fun and unique team based in North Texas that attends both milsim and non-milsim events.

The most recent events S8 attended were the Operation Lionclaws Events "Bulldog" and "Irene" at Ft. 1) Blowback Pistol ($20) - & 2 Mags (loaded). Instagram Timberwolves.airsoft Currently, we have over 10 members ranging in ages from young to old. American Milsim is highly regarded as one of the top Milsim event organizers in the country.

We have members from Oklahoma and Texas. We train more then we play so that way we have the most fun at OPs and to show everyone what Milsim is. Thats why we created MilSim Supply. • Security Established Milsim Airsoft Team located in North Texas. I created this group to better inform everyone on airsoft events in Texas.

We are a small team we are rarely new but we all have been playing for awhile. We are a North Texas based airsoft team. 1. We base the sport off of having fun and facing challenges. 2020 Events CALENDAR : The best and the most airsoft milsim and paintball events at the most unique venues. Just a group of friends who get together and do stuff. Headgear: Fri:  2pm - 9pm     Springfield m1903

The team has been active since 2010 and calls the Southeast Texas Airsoft Community (http://www.se-tac.com) "home". 3. The requirements for joining our group/team are as follows: 7. Section 8 (Sec8 or S8) prefers MILSIM events and travels extensively throughout Texas to various large and national-level operations and MILSIM-themed events. If you're interested in joining or getting any form of information just send me an email-Alchemist. 6. Pale Horse was founded by Ronald Martin, Jeremy Lesley and Joshua Smith in 2016 as a milsim focused airsoft team.

Military and combat simulation group in the DFW Area. We normally play at HGA in tight CQB skirmishes. Located in/near Sanger Texas, home of the D14 airsoft field. For information on joining the team contact Luke Haynes or Shaun Danalewich by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2285083228486961/about/ or email us at deathraiders@yahoo.com . We normally play at HGA in tight CQB skirmishes. Wir sind Jäger! $59+ SHIPS FREE! Mosin OD Green safari shirt We are an airsoft team based out of San Antonio, Texas. We are always looking for people to play with. Our one required event for all team members is Conquest of Avalon. Chi ni ochita tori wa kaze o machiwabiru But we pride ourselves on being a team and running as a team. We have all been there, just a few days away from a big event only to realize that you are low on bbs, you stripped a piston, or could just use an extra battery or two and simply can not wait a week or more for shipping.

We as a squad are also here to try and help out our newer generation of players, and to show them that the honest way to play is the best way to play. Local airsoft/milsim team from Amarillo Texas. We like the old 60s-80s style of load out like Vietnam and 1980s U.S. military gear. Kar98k

Marauders is looking to become a entity that will span from Sea to Shining Sea.b Our goal is to bring the MilSim world together and continue to grow the sport of Airsoft to bigger than its ever become.
Panhandle Patriot Milsim is a squad of airsoft players from Amarillo TX.

Some of our members have previous military training. We fight the tyranny of the United Federal States on every front. Welcome to the November Dawn Corporation. We are an airsoft/milsim team based out of Houston, Texas.

Plays at Evike Outpost at High Grounds Airsoft.

The core focus of the group will be cohesion, small unit tactics, and solid communication. We also believe that you are only as good as your brotherhood / Team playing ability's. We are a small group of friends looking to expand and always looking for new fields to play at. their was a joke long ago about her which stuck "AngelWatchingYouStill" which eventually was a running joke with the Studios name AWS but the letters meant Automotive/Weapons/Services as the years went on AWS Studios went through several iterations and developments but the timeless goal still remains. We are mostly family but are open to other members.

Email Kayman "Doc" Hatthorn Sponsors: ARCustoms.com CustomGunRails.com TacLace.com Tankspaintball.com We are a team made up of 6 individuals with different combat roles. Currently under sponsorship by The field Airsoft in Vidor Tx, We are Heroes4Hire Airsoft Team Texas Chapter our main branch is Heroes4HireAirsoftTeam out of Las Vegas. Currently have 11 members for now ( Team Co-founder and Cptn. Approved airsoft replicas: Victory Forever. Cart.

A MilSim team based out of Houston, TX led by Wolfe (Silverwolve). Subscribe to the AMS newsletter to get exclusive news, updates and offers! 5. These events are 1 – 3 day events concentrating on player experience. We are currently recruiting new team members that live near Tomball TX or Magnolia TX.

We can't wait to meet you on the field! Fedora © American Milsim, LLC.

We are a group of friends that all have experience from LEO to Military Veterans. We dedicate ourselves to training on simple tactics, while also training on certain situations. We are so sad to say but we, IRONHORSE 3 is LIVE! Wir sind Jäger! Forney Airsoft, CQBravo Airsoft. Players from all over Texas head to D14 Airsoft every weekend to battle it out on our 37 acre field. 4.

We will fight and we will win. Our team play approach and our no one person in charge. Our brotherhood is strong and our ability to work as a unit is even stronger. D14 Airsoft, Team Mayhem is a small airsoft team in northwest Houston. German tunic (M32 to M36) Houston based The Death Raiders will be a tight knit team centered on good laughs, maturity, and realistic game play. All Airsoft Guns MUST be UNLOADED and CASED/COVERED before entering the building. 5. The FMC is not a volunteer force, with exceptions; all mercenaries are expected to serve permanently or not at all, with exceptions. 4. All bags, backpacks, cases, bulky clothing, or otherwise concealable locations are subject to inspection upon entry.

Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. We are a dedicated team that utilizes teamwork, communication and cooperation to overcome any challenge and complete any objective given to us. We are a group of friends who have over 25 years of joined experience in the airsoft world. Ammo bandolier (leather)


Now Hiring P/T! Pale Horse was founded by Ronald Martin, Jeremy Lesley and Joshua Smith in 2016 as a milsim focused airsoft team.

1. Sun:  2pm - 9pm, CAN SCHEDULE SPECIAL EVENT OTHER TIMES: CALL FOR SCHEDULING. Subscribe to the AMS newsletter to get exclusive news, updates and offers! A small team with experience, looking to go pro. Wir sind Jäger! 5. we are guys that will play for fun not fame. Fumareta hana no namae mo shirazu ni We are a team that enjoys milsim and playing together. We push ourselves to the limits in order to both grow as a team, and better ourselves individually. Hood, TX. Because we respect and love this sport. 1.


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