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Wonderful stuff you did in exposing O’Reilly also. In 1946, he became publisher.

And people are going to get sick, and they’re going to die. Everything with these people gets stripped down to that. Then when Tanenbaum came in with Sprague, he visited Schweiker. Phil received 70 percent of the stock, his purchase financed by his father-in-law. She returned the confidence by telling Johnson that although Phil Graham had gotten along well with JFK, she did not and that she very much admired what Johnson had done so far. His view of international issues was rather similar to their ideas about the importance of stopping the mythical Red Hordes of Russia and China. Eugene Meyer, Katharine Graham’s father, was part of the Lazard Freres investment banking clan. In 1961, the Post company, under Mr. Graham’s leadership, purchased the controlling stock interest in Newsweek from the Vincent Astor Foundation.

In social and political Washington, Mr. Graham was widely known as a man of influence. But it never happened.

(Davis, pgs. That, between now and Election Day, is what Trump is going to divide this country into—the timid people who seek safety and science and reassurance, and the brave souls who are willing to embrace the liberation of death.

It’s instinct vs. intellect. Katharine Graham received 30 percent as a gift. (Himmelman, pgs.
John Hayes was from the Armed Forces Network of the OSS, the CIA’s forerunner. Early in life, he proved to be a financial adviser of the highest ability. It had been used repeatedly in the Post in the 1940s and the earliest known use was by Alan Barth: "News is only the first rough draft of history,"[3][4] and earlier expressions of similar sentiments dating to the first decade of the 20th century. Through such relationships, the clan quickly rose up the ladder and became a force on the American scene. But in Trumpworld—well, all this needs to be said, but there’s no point in saying it.

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At that time the once shaky newspaper had just begun to show a profit, but its growth potential remained doubtful because of keen competition from The Washington Times-Herald in the morning field.

What Bradlee was doing in Paris had more than a faint echo of what Phil Graham was doing in Washington at the time.

payment on the $8,985,000 purchase price. The two became fast friends, and through that relationship, Ben Bradlee met Sen. John Kennedy, an up-and-coming politician from Massachusetts. Bradlee appears to have been a major operator in the campaign to convince Europe that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who had already been convicted of atomic espionage, deserved to die in the electric chair. National/N.Y. Finally, Rolling Stone in 1977 and Deborah Davis in her 1979 book Katharine the Great largely exposed Mockingbird and Phil Graham’s role in its formation. 60-61), Bradlee grew up on Beacon Street in Beverly, an exclusive town on the North Shore about 26 miles from Boston, where his father bought a summer home from Harvey Bundy, McGeorge Bundy’s father (ibid, p. 106) and where Bradlee began his newspaper career after his father arranged a summer job for him as a copy boy for the Beverly Evening Times.

In Katharine Graham's book Personal History, she notes that her husband was always intense and spontaneous, but occasionally lapsed into periods of depression. He “consulted with business leaders” Wednesday. To prove that devotion, and to prove that your hatred of the libs and the doctors and the experts and suspects elements among even the business community is pure, you must be willing to do certain things. The deal gave the merged paper a monopoly in the morning field. If Bradlee would have learned this, he would have seen how this echoed just what JFK was going to do back in 1963.

There were several other major lapses, e.g., the murders of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy in 1968 and the CIA’s Contra-drug-running in the 1980s. Sheriff S. S. Hall Jr. of Fauquier County, whose office is at Warrenton, Va., said that Dr. James L. Dellinger, county coroner, had ruled the death a suicide. Davis wrote that Bradlee’s Rosenberg campaign covered 40 countries on four continents. When Katharine Meyer graduated, her father got her a reporter’s job at the San Francisco Daily News. This is why, in 1968, Kate Graham would have preferred Republican Richard Nixon over antiwar Democrat Eugene McCarthy. Much of the Post’s hawkishness during the 1960s has been forgotten because of the newspaper’s later role in publishing some of the Pentagon Papers in defiance of Nixon’s court actions to block their release to the public. 27.8k . Bradlee also worked with a CIA-associated agency called the ECA, the Economic Cooperation Administration, which spread anti-communist propaganda.

Phil Graham rewarded him with a finder’s fee: not in cash, but in Post stock options. Kennedy told aide Mike Forrestal that when he got back from Dallas, there was going to be a long review of how America got involved in the war. He vacationed with the likes of novelist Irwin Shaw in Biarritz. A visitor left a Tribute on the Death Notice of June BARNETT Bath.

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He rented a chateau really a castle built in 1829 and covering around 100 acres, including a swimming pool and a pond. He was really a Henry “Scoop” Jackson type of Democrat, what we might now call a neoconservative. Sports | You may recall that Gonzalez told the press that Sprague hired “someone by the name of Gaeton Fonzi who’s never so much as been in Washington. as Trump and his party attempt to frame it, Trump announced his “guidelines” Thursday for reopening. Phil Graham spent a lot of his off-time drinking and talking at private clubs with the likes of the CIA’s Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, Desmond Fitzgerald and Richard Helms. She decided to replace Al Friendly as managing editor, while Ben Bradlee did all he could to flatter and charm the new publisher. But do not underestimate its power. McGeorge Bundy, George Ball, Ken O’Donnell) — grew increasingly frustrated with Johnson’s escalation policy. Cooperating with a hidden network of famous Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter and Cyrus Sulzberger of the New York Times, Meyer worked Wall Street for huge sums of money from wealthy Jewish families like the Schiffs and Guggenheims. Was it just happenstance that Bradlee never publicized John Kennedy’s well known philandering during the 1960 campaign? Phil Graham, then editor at the Post, granted him a leave of absence.

6, was willing to reach a settlement, . Ben Bradlee was the son of Frederick Josiah Bradlee, an investment banker. He made clear that his ultimate objective was to replace Phil Graham as executive editor of the Washington Post. A visitor added a Photo on the In Memoriam of Thorne Beryl Devon. Special Report: Washington Post’s editor Ben Bradlee, whose memoir was entitled “A Good Life,” is remembered by many as a tough-talking, street-smart journalist. But how could such a thing happen with Bradlee’s obeisance to Kate Graham and her infatuation with Lyndon Johnson, who was still alive at the time? Job Market | As Bradlee once said, “If we could persuade somebody to buy it who shared our goals in journalism, it would be a wonderfully worthwhile thing to do.” (Himmelman, p. 75. (Himmelman, p. 457) Bradlee’s boyhood friendship with Dick Helms had paid off in spades. He held various high positions under Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. Phil Graham worked for Gen. Douglas MacArthur and rose to the rank of major, returning home in 1945 from Japan.

Phil Graham’s death opened the door for Bradlee’s ascension to the pinnacle of power at the Post. 25 ff for the secret roles of Brandeis and Frankfurter), Eugene Meyer also attended meetings investigating ways to supply arms to the young paramilitary group the Haganah. Upon her return, an unsigned editorial endorsed Johnson’s escalation policy as part of a long war to drive communism out of Asia.

(Davis, p. 141) This agency later became known as the United States Information Agency, which controlled the Voice of America, a pet project of the CIA’s Allen Dulles for many years.

Sheriff S. S. Hall Jr. of Fauquier County, whose office is at Warrenton, Va., said that Dr. James L. Dellinger, county coroner, had ruled the death a suicide. And devotion to the leader. We all know. Unlooky.

Its circulation, which now is over 400,000 daily and 480,000 on Sundays, went up sharply.

If the relationship with Kennedy brought Bradlee prestige and status in the world of journalism, the deal he helped broker for Newsweek made him filthy rich for life. Page One Plus | In 1938, Katharine Meyer started working for the Post. Volume 26, Number 310–Thursday, November 5, 2020, ← Petraeus: Poster Child for Double Standards, Ben Bradlee’s Not Such ‘A Good Life’ – Part 2 →, Until This Day–Historical Perspectives on the News. I suspect the latter I also suspect that his ‘courageous decision’ to print the Watergate story had more to do with his position as a Kennedy family hack than journalistic integrity because, despite Chappaquiddick, the Kennedys still harbored dreams of a return of Camelot. And strength.

Thank you. So Phil checked with his bosses at Heart Corporation in New York, and they gave the “OK.” Now, he’s excited to have the chance to take non-profit investigative reporting to a new level. Graham was born to a Lutheran family in Terry, South Dakota.

In June, in a fit of depression, he broke off his affair and returned home.

But that was not hawkish enough for Bradlee/Graham.

Graham was one of four children.

Therefore, Church only referred to it in the most general terms. (ibid, p. 230) Bradlee also would get rid of other members of the Post’s old guard, such as John Hayes, and he confined Russell Wiggins to the editorial pages. Seems credible to me. At the microphone he made a number of provocative comments, including the revelation that Kennedy was sleeping with Mary Pinchot Meyer. (Davis, p. 237-38). In 1946, when Washington Post publisher Eugene Meyer was named the first president of the World Bank, he passed the position of publisher to Graham. Richard E, Sprague has an interesting chapter about covert government taking control of the media in his Taking of America, stating that Ben Bradlee was one of the 25 leading CIA clones in the media. Should write about how The Post covered the Cuban Missile Crisis, how it was to be revived at JFK’s expense exactly 13 months later, his going to Texas after the constant prodding by Governor John B. Connally to do so, Nixon going there too despite being under a threat by apparently Lee Harvey Oswald, the downing apparently by the Cubans of Captain Joe Glenn Hyde, Jr.’s U-2 plane, Tricky Dick stating so much that he needed no police protection that The Dallas Morning News advertised the fact on the front page on the fatal day, Connally crying out that he had been doubled crossed when he belatedly discovered that he had been shot too, the scape goating of LHO despite his having an iron-clad alibi on its pages the very next day, etc.
His most recent book is Reclaiming Parkland. He then went to another private institution, St. Marks in Southborough, Massachusetts, for prep school.

Meyer remained a close adviser to his son-in-law until his death in 1959, at which time Graham assumed the titles of President and Chairman of the Board of the Post company.


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