the ballad of songbirds and snakes theories
Katniss describes the arena by saying, "It's the most breathtaking place imaginable. Our site is constantly flowing with the times and with the growing popularity of YA books and its relations in TV and movies. It’s strange to see Coriolanus living in District 12 as a Peacekeeper, but the big surprise was seeing Sejanus there too. He places a handkerchief riddled with Lucy Gray's scent in the muttation snake tank to prevent them from attacking her. David Levithan discusses THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES! Since the end of the prequel reveals that music was outlawed in District 12, the only way Katniss' dad would have known those songs to pass down to Katniss is if one of the original singers secretly kept the lyrics alive. Or what do you make of the fact that Coriolanus wants to hide his poverty? We welcome respectful comments. Are you surprised that Coriolanus was able to, essentially, scam the Plinths out of their money? We documented our reactions and thoughts as we read the book and included some of the biggest reveals in our notes. It’s even more surprising to see how Gaul spins that criticism to “improve” (for lack of a better word) upon the Games. Were you surprised to learn that the Snow family invested heavily in District 13 before its fall? The reconstruction period 10 years after the war, commonly referred to as the Dark Days — as the country of Panem struggles back to its feet — provides fertile ground for characters to grapple with these … At the same time, Lucy Gray realizes his betrayal of Sejanus and his loyalty to the Capitol. Fan Casting The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes The Hunger Games Prequel by Suzanne Collins. What are your thoughts on Casca Highbottom — the supposed brain behind the Hunger Games? Here are the notes we took as we read the book. Only one is still alive." On the one hand I loved all the new things we learn about Panem and the Games — I don’t think I realized just how much I would love them. Who better to do that than young Maude, who could remember whole songs after hearing them only once? Nina Jacobson returns as a producer for the film alongside author Suzanne Collins. Then there's the fact that the Mockingjay birds only listen to and pick up songs from some people — Maude being one of them. Updated hourly. Posted by 3 months ago. The love story between Lucy Gray and Coriolanus is a lot to take in, but even more so when you realize that Lucy Gray is the writer of the lullaby Katniss sings to Rue, ‘Deep in the Meadow’ and ‘The Hanging Tree.’. Collins' upcoming prequel novel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, will focus on Snow's younger years. What about when Lucy ran away and set the trap with the snake? It makes me think that the female district 12 tribute that Snow will be mentoring, who may well be the first victor in district, is going to turn out to be Katniss' great grandmother or something. He fires into the woods, hoping to kill her, though it is unclear if his shots connect. Our only rule is to be kind. The prequel is almost entirely made up of new characters, excluding a young president Snow and his cousin Tigris who show up in the later books. The golden Cornucopia sits in the middle of a green meadow with gorgeous flowers. The bird on the cover appears to be a mockingjay, and we know that Katniss and her dad have been associated with mockingjays. The film's writer is Michael Arndt, one of two writers of Catching Fire. Did you suspect Sejanus of dishonesty and rebellion? But on the other hand, I feel like all the interconnectivity that’s revealed makes Panem seem much smaller and even cheapens some aspects of the original books. Were you surprised to see Coriolanus give Lucy Gray his mother’s compact? Lucy Gray then makes it to the final three, where she kills Treech by throwing one of the snake muttations that she had hidden in her dress, at him. so we are all having speculation on the Identity of the district twelve girl and a lot of people agree that she might be the other district 12 victor. Quite a bit happens here at the zoo. Scholastic spokeswoman Tracy van Straaten declined comment on the new book's contents or featured characters beyond what's described in the first official announcement.[2]. One of the chosen mentors, Arachne Crane, is killed by her own tribute and several tributes and mentors are injured are killed in a bombing of the Capitol Arena. I thought we would see his life and political career. I also had some theories about who Lucy Gray might be if she ever decided to go back to District 12 and changed her name. Country Twenty-four of the Academy’s best and brightest seniors had been tapped for the job. [11] The title has also been announced for release as an audiobook. This explains why later in the series, the Capitol was lined with traps: they were able to test out whatever methods they wanted on 26 teenagers annually. A canary" (Catching Fire 172). At the very least, we can say the idea was put in his head from a young age. Tigris is revealed as a cousin of Snow who is aiding him with his wardrobe. was launched December 26, 2011 by three fans of The Hunger Games. What do you think is worse: Allowing the tributes to starve in cages or prepping them up for pigs like slaughter as they do with Katniss and Peeta? [13] This version of the title will also be released as a pre-loaded digital audio player, a format intended mainly to be purchased by libraries for patrons to check out and play without the need for any additional equipment. What was it like to view the Hunger Games from the perspective of the mentors and Gamemakers? What were your initial thoughts about Coriolanus and Lucy Gray running off together? . Reddit user Burnnoticelover argues that the true purpose of the Games was not to provide bloodsport entertainment for the masses or to commemorate a historic event, but to judge each district's likelihood to revolt. He ditches Lucy Gray for a much richer, Mayfair Lipp, and upon learning that Billy Taupe was dating them both, Mayfair ordered her father, the mayor, to call out Lucy Gray’s name in the reaping. Coriolanus made his way through an entry draped in black banners, down a vaulted passage, and into cavernous Heavensbee Hall, where they would watch the broadcast of the reaping ceremony. The journal is adorned with mockingjays from all four titles in the series and features 192 lined pages, an exclusive Hunger Games design, and a ribbon placeholder. Katniss says in narration, "I don't want to talk about dying songbirds. Who would've suggested the name Katniss to Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen, and who would have known about that little lake that Katniss had mentioned learning how to swim in than the Coveys? Did you call that she was going to leave him? But he only allowed himself one swallow. "[7], The cover art for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was designed by Tim O'Brien. Competition will drive him. Their fates are now completely intertwined — every choice Coriolanus makes could lead to favor or failure, triumph or ruin. The next day, he travels away to become an officer, but is diverted back to the Capitol by Dr. Gaul. This book is written in third-person past. I was hoping to read more of Snow through the years versus just the 10th Hunger Games. Her parents owned the sweetshop. Turns out I was right about the female tribute from district 12 being the unnamed victor aside from Haymitch by the start of the hunger games (Though it now seems that Haymitch went in without a mentor), and that I might have not been too far off from Lucy Gray being related to Katniss. Annalisa Quinn of NPR panned the novel overall, feeling that Coriolanus is ultimately a "flat, wily sociopath," whereas the character of Katniss Everdeen allowed for contradiction and that while The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes tells us what we should think. Is that just kindness for fresh meat in the Hob all those years, or from one Victor to another who knows the true horrors of the Hunger Games? [27], "I'm going to fight like all-fire to win these Games.". The Coveys related to Evendeen, big possible, passing down songs and skills. Amazon Best Sellers: Our most popular products based on sales. Saul Marquez founded Bookstacked in 2014 and serves as the site's Editor-in-Chief. [14] As of October 2019, translation rights for the title had been sold in 28 territories. I get that with each killing, the author is trying to show Snow getting further away from his moral center, but I thought the Lucy Gray and Dean incidents were rushed and didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the book. Collins only touches on it in Fire. Related: The most shocking revelations from ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’. The third occurs while Katniss and Peeta are watching the tape of Haymitch's Games, in which Maysilee was competing. Catch her on Twitter: @kaitmary. "[21], Suzanne Collins reads from The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Amazon designated the title an "Amazon Best Book of May 2020." They bring up thoughts of my father's death and Rue's death and Maysilee Donner's death" (Catching Fire 331). A theory about ballad of songbirds and snakes and the mockingjay pin. The scuffle between Coral, Mizzen and Tanner was shocking as well. ‘Lucy Gray’ by William Wordsworth One of the most interesting theories that are circling around the internet these days with regard to the ending of The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes is that the fate of Lucy was mentioned in a song. Page 22 of the first book in the triology "The Hunger Games" contains 3 sentances that say: "Then he reads the list of past District 12 victors. We learn a lot about jabberjays in this book. Who else remembers how terrible the 'Eragon' movie was? Katniss mentioned in, I think Catching Fire, that Greasy Sae raised money for her in the Games and they were able to help send her something, although she doesn't know what. Is Coriolanus’s reaction to his death expected or surprising? And one of those newly introduced characters is Maude Ivory, who could be Katniss' grandma — if the fan theories are correct. He begins studying at the University in the Capitol and also takes on a position as an apprentice Gamemaker although the others treat him as a full fledged member. They’re most useful when used for surveillance, when set to “record mode.” When they record humans, they produce the perfect replica of the voices from the conversation. She likes to like things. The reconstruction period 10 years after the war, commonly referred to as the Dark Days — as the country of Panem struggles back to its feet — provides fertile ground for characters to grapple with these questions and thereby define their views of humanity. At the time, all anyone seemed to be saying is that it’s set 64 years before The Hunger Games, following characters through the “Dark Days,” the period after the massive war between the districts and the Capitol that the latter ultimately won. Be kind and read good books. Not everyone is treated with such respect," she said. There are several similarities between Maude, Katniss, and Katniss' father, besides the fact that they all lived in District 12 . Caesar Flickerman’s family was prominent way back at the start of the Games too. which is very much in line with the story that Suzanne Collins is telling. "[5], The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Journal, In association with the book's release, Scholastic is also released The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Journal on the same day as the book itself. They gave her songbird after. Am I the only one that notices the similarities between the names Lucy Gray and Greasy Sae?


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