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The village of Norton St. Philip held annual wool fairs from the late 13th century until 1902 and the Inn was purposely built to accommodate the travellers and merchants. Read more » Cambridge, Massachusetts: Ghosts, Legends, & Lore E. Ashley Rooney. {mso-style-parent:""; The New Inn is on two storeys with six bays and six panelled doors. My tip, stay at holiday inn. The karaoke machine might as well have been in my room. Twilight Shadows Paranormal was Team 3. We positioned ourselves around various areas of the room and switched off the lights. All people in this group experienced this. of the inn was where sheep were penned.  We all also sensed an energy moving around the room. Appalling! Chandeliers are said to sway and cold spots can be detected. We also managed to capture what appear to be very loud footsteps in the dungeon during the time when no one could be in there. Dropped into The George with my son early Sunday evening, had a couple of starters and then steaks, all the food was lovely and staff couldn't have been more helpful. at heel pony and trap struggling past the houses to the south. We were very lucky to have access to some great rooms. If nothing else, it all just adds to the mystery of the Inn). Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. mso-footer-margin:35.4pt; She said that every day, she is thankful that she has been given the opportunity to live at the GeorgeInn. We sat and discussed our experiences. When he appears, he is typically sitting at a table with a large pot or drinking vessel at his elbow. Trigger objects are a form of experiment where you leave an item (that you often draw around) in a supposedly, paranormally active room. Please see our partners for more details. of the street that runs south from the George The rest of us went to the lounge (called the Norton Room) and chatted for a while longer. To make it worse one bar has karaoke. The blue drapes around the bed were thick with dust and the six foot high shelving around the room, decorated with willow pattern plates hadn't obviously been dusted in years. (I know this sounds cranky but I can’t explain it accounts with a steel nibbed pen in a large card bound book. Chris said that he felt nothing in this room but Sharon and I felt very shivery and I did not like the atmosphere in there at all. redirected through Norton St. Philip and immediately felt that I knew the place, Dave was the only person with a key for this room and he checked the trigger object and was amazed to see that it had moved slightly. Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to convey their gratitude to Mark and Harriet for letting us investigate their beautiful Inn and for their outstanding hospitality and kindness. The three women dealing with breakfasts were not attired properly according to H&S, they were wearing flip flops, scruffy cardigans and one was wearing a strapless t shirt.   We had a discussion to whether the area may have been used as living quarters at some time, as there is a partition at the far end of the room with a fire place. about |  The Duke of Monmouth (an illegitimate son of Charles II) used the Inn as his headquarters, following his retreat from Bathon 26th June 1685. We entered the building, the interior was amazing! In fact, somewhat perversely, it is so bad it could actually achieve cult status! We tried conducting a séance in this room, sitting quietly at first and then a few of us gathering around the table. George Hotel: "So filthy even the ghosts have left!" Meeting House. George Hotel: Quirky Stay - Read 373 reviews, view 156 traveller photos, and find great deals for George Hotel at Tripadvisor. Pepys passed through the village of Norton St. Philip with his wife and servants on a journey from Bathto Salisbury on the 12th June 1668. He was narrowly missed and the shot went into the wall. There are 2 bars in this hotel and they are very very noisy. We decided to set up two locked off Camcorders and left them running while we slept. As I needed to leave early in the morning for work and it was late in the evening I just went directly to bed. Yes, this is potentialy a beautiful old building, yes, it is full of charm with twisted floors and beams etceteras and yes, it has character. Good location Loretta is unsure whether she momentarily tapped into the feelings of the prisoners but wonders if it was just the power of suggestion because she was listening to the information Dave was telling us. A few years ago my daughter was at Bath Beautiful old building I think that is a wise decision. Not much was sensed there but we found the location very interesting. The Red House. ledgering was something to do with sheep. Jacqui was 'calling out.' @page Section1 Black dust along the radiator grill (which was leaking and rusty in one room) and grimy window sills in both rooms, cobwebs, dirty toilet bowls....the list goes on. I suspect there is even a bit of bubonic plague still knocking around in there. Pentridge Hall. One day due to roadwork’s or some such thing I This hotel boasts a haunted elevator and sixth floor. On the 25th August 2010, I received an email from a gentleman to tell me of his experience connected with The George Inn. This is the real deal!I also love the 'crooked house' feel to the upstairs rooms, itself a certificate of authenticity. On Friday 27th February 2009, Twilight Shadows Paranormal was invited to join Phoenix of Wessex Paranormal to stay the night at the George Inn at Norton St. Philip. margin:0cm; Trying to get some sleep before waking up at 6:30 for work on a Friday night was impossible. have woken myself coughing and choking. Nobody who has paid to stay in any hotel, anywhere in the world, regardless of price or how the hotel was described, should have to suffer a lack of cleanliness and good basic hygiene! In both the rooms that we stayed in (after asking to be transferred because of the karaoke scheduled until 2am beneath our room, and no, we were not informed of this initially) there were what looked like urine stains and food and drink stains on the carpets that must have been there for years. On many occasions I In both the rooms that we stayed in (after asking to be transferred because of the karaoke scheduled until 2am beneath our room, and no, we were not informed of this initially) there were what looked like urine stains and food and drink stains on the carpets that must have been there for years. Before we started, Mark's team went off to take base-line tests so we had a good idea of what sort of ambience and temperature readings were to be expected on arrival. I decided to use money as I felt that money is always of interest and anyone is more likely to want to try and move that, rather than the usual religious artefacts used. We contacted Dave who came to find us. We should have realised at check having seen the scruffy office where you stand at the door to check in and pay in advance. Not a spa hotel, just a room in a nice old building.Ideal stop so that you can visit Stonehenge in the morning at opening - an entirely better experience. But upon reviewing the footage, there is a very bright light anomaly captured behind Loretta in this room (in fact there are several but this one is slightly different). This room was beautiful and we all stepped back in time. There are deep chamfered cross ceiling beams. I arrived late on a Sunday night to a room with an extremely dirty floor, scummy bath & cobwebs hanging from a curtain rail that is falling off the wall. The few good points: This room contained an amazing 4 poster bed. I thought I felt the presence of a least two spirits but they seemed static. Will be back when passing this way again!! George Hotel: Excellent location - See 369 traveler reviews, 146 candid photos, and great deals for George Hotel at Tripadvisor. Legend has it that a double murder over a lovers' quarrel occurred here. This investigation was particularly exciting as the Western Daily Press had printed an article about our visit the day before and also we were informed that we had other media coverage of which I will reveal at the end of the report (the article can be read on the Phoenix of Wessex Paranormal website - found on the links page of this website). I sayed here while working at Boscombe Down. Behind the bed, the dust was even thicker. Contact: Jacky Wicheard Location Booking Manager, Private Investigation in South West England, On the 25th August 2010, I received an email from a gentleman to tell me of his experience connected with The George Inn. more. How anyone can write an eccellent review of this "hotel" is beyond me! We went to the bar and met Mark (the landlord) who welcomed us and informed us that the others had started a séance somewhere. We were all quite excited about this. Please check the other reviews and photographs.