the love by hypnotic
He brings Ming Yue back to her room and tells her that he can’t sleep alone. As he falls asleep by her bedside, he starts to dream. He strikes a deal with Ming Yue. Hui Xin throws a sword onto the floor for Li Qian to pick up. On the other hand, Li Qian thinks that Ming Yue has made her decision to leave. Yun Si ushers Li Qian and Ming Yue into a secret chamber. Before he leaves, he visits Hui Xin who is still feeling heartbroken by Li Qian’s rejection. Kai Er Bi pretends to do so and signals to Ming Yue to play along. He begins to show some affection towards Ming Yue which makes Hui Xin unhappy. In the morning, Li Qian manages to grab back the bracelet from Ming Yue. Li Qian reminds her that Li Xun had never forgotten to be a filial son. Yun Si confronts Kai Er Bi about Ming Yue being secretly hypnotized. Li Xun struggles to write a note before he leaves his room. As a prince, Li Qian is smart and capable. Yun Si and Ming Yue are actually lovers in Yixue. Li Xun makes it hard for Li Qian during the wedding ceremony by tampering with his food and drugging his wine. Watch The Love by Hypnotic Ep 4 Eng Sub (2019) Chinese Drama. To prevent Ming Yue from going for a meal with Yun Si, Li Qian tells her that Si Kong Zhen is sick and that they should pay him a visit. Li Qian struggles to wake up from the hypnosis. This helps cover my site costs! He is disciplined and needs things to be clean, tidy, and organized. This gives Li Qian a different perspective of life from the eyes of an ordinary citizen. Due to recent site issues, some images are not loading in posts. Time seems to reverse. Hui Xin comes by to see Li Qian but he refuses to meet her. The Emperor is also worried that Ming Yue is being a bad influence on Li Qian with her lack of knowledge towards Beixuan customs and etiquette. After he recovered, he lost all memories of the incident and his childhood. That night, Ming Yue asks Li Qian to stay with her and share her bed. So, Ming Yue makes the decision to leave Beixuan. Li Xun and Hui Xin wickedly suggest to the Emperor to get Li Qian a second wife as a solution. Jin Yu is a happy-go-lucky man and often seen as a playboy. After she is freed, she bids Li Qian goodbye from outside a room as he refuses to meet her. Form their conversation, Li Qian also suspects that the Emperor may have been deceived about what has happened. However, there is still no answer as to who robbed the grains in the first place. She loves him deeply but it is a one-sided affair. But Li Qian opens up the sachet to reveal some lucky symbols rather than any gunpowder. Li Qian is transported back to his childhood whereby he was surrounded by burning buildings. Chinese and Korean drama recaps & reviews. But even after regaining her memory of her past love with Yun Si, Ming Yue still chooses Li Qian. When Li Qian comes to save Ming Yue, he discovers it is a trap. Yes, if you are looking for a romantic theme that isn’t too intense. Chinese, Korean & Hong Kong Drama Reviews, November 17, 2019 by Drama Addict Leave a Comment. Li Qian has never shown any romantic feelings for Hui Xin and treats her coldly. This is a marriage that Li Xun is not happy about because it would give greater powers to his brother. There is tension between the 2 men and Yun Si challenges Li Qian to a duel to display their martial art skills. Li Qian seeks counsel from Si Kong Zhen when Ming Yue starts to avoid him as a result. He suggests that the problem is Li Qian hasn’t made an effort to sleep with Ming Yue which leaves her insecure. He is skillful but has a stubborn streak. To get back Ming Yue, Yun Si kidnaps Kai Er Bi. Filed Under: Chinese Tagged With: Alen Fang, Ling Mei Shi, Romance, The Love By Hypnotic, I absolutely LOVE LOVE this drama! This makes Ming Yue angry especially when Li Qian seems to care less about her. When Ming Yue falls onto Si Kong Zhen while retrieving a kite, Li Qian rushes out to grab Si Kong Zhen’s hand and pulls him away. She is disappointed that Li Qian didn’t turn up. He dies at the hands of Hui Xin but does so willingly so that Hui Xin will wake up from her obsession to gain revenge. Li Qian helps Ming Yue to wrap up her wound. Ming Yue drops the pot outside the door and runs away after hearing Li Qian’s words. The Emperor is a fair ruler. Everything is pretty predictable. Your email address will not be published. Li Qian finally has a chance to learn more about his mother. Yun Si tells Li Qian that Kai Er Bi has removed Yun Si from Ming Yue’s memory. Li Qian is angry at Ming Yue as he is confused if their feelings are fake or real due to the hypnosis. He says that all that he has done is for Hui Xin. He sleepwalks again at night after hurting Ming Yue’s feelings during the day due to his anger. Li Qian leaves Beixuan for Xiyue. The following The Love by Hypnotic Episode 14 English SUB has been released. The Emperor is suspicious of Li Xun and seeks Li Qian’s opinion. Li Qian is dreaming that he is looking for Ming Yue. Required fields are marked *. Li Qian gets her back from the princess’ residence. Li Qian continues to take care of her. Hui Xin has to sell the house to pay off the servants after the death of her father. Then boldness takes over and they finally do the deed as a married couple. *I don’t want to talk about this girl because she’s one of those classic refuses-to-give-up types, even after being clearly and politely rejected multiple times. Yun Si is not satisfied with her decision and trails her. But Hui Xin is not satisfied and wants to avenge her father’s death. Feeling heartbroken, Ming Yue goes and drinks with Princess Kang Le until they are drunk. Li Xun tells her that he shares the same suspicion and that Li Qian could be betraying the state due to Ming Yue. This raises his suspicions and both of them start to ask around about his mother’s death 13 years earlier.


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