the man i used to be'' (pipe dream)
It's either a whore house, or it isn't. She is doing well at the burger joint, but is grateful to Fauna for giving her confidence. [32], Pipe Dream was nominated for nine Tony Awards; it lost for best musical to the only other nominee, Damn Yankees. This is alluded to in the musical, but never expressed outright. [43] The Organization announced that a new vocal score would be published in 2012, though it has not appeared as of 2017—the existing score reflects revisions made when Nancy Andrews took over the part. "[33] He terms Suzy's "Everybody's Got a Home but Me", a "gorgeous ballad of yearning". Billboard, 10 December 1955, 18. Suzy and Doc are attracted to each other; she has in fact been quietly tidying his rooms while he is down at the tide pool catching specimens ("The Man I Used to Be"). The operation took place on September 21, 1955; within ten days of the operation he was back in the theatre watching rehearsals, though for some time only as a spectator. ", "Tony Winner Leslie Uggams Joins Cast of City Center Encores! The next morning, the girls of the Bear Flag are exhausted; the members of the private party wore them out. It had no national tour or London production and has rarely been presented since. As the show progressed through tryouts, Hammerstein repeatedly revised it, obscuring Suzy's profession and the nature of Fauna's house. [35] In 1995 and 2002, 42nd Street Moon presented it as a staged concert. They wonder how Suzy's date with Doc went. [48] The Times praised both Tyler and Johnson for their singing on the album, and while acknowledging that Traubel had difficulty making the transition from opera singer to Broadway belter, wrote that "for the most part, she makes the transfer amiably and effectively". [12] Following his first audition for Rodgers, Fonda asked the composer for his honest view, and Rodgers stated, "I'm sorry, it would be a mistake. By some accounts, Rodgers and Hammerstein attempted to get Julie Andrews, only to find that she had just signed a two-year contract to appear in a musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, tentatively titled My Lady Liza. Fonda later stated that at the end of six months of singing lessons, he "still couldn't sing for shit". [9] Before agreeing to do the Sweet Thursday project, the duo had considered other projects for their next work together, such as an adaptation of the film Saratoga Trunk. The accommodating Hazel promptly breaks Doc's arm as he sleeps, bringing the two lovers back together. According to author Frederick Nolan, who chronicled the works of Rodgers and Hammerstein, Pipe Dream "cost them a fortune". Fauna goes back to the Bear Flag ("Sweet Thursday"), and works to give Suzy confidence ("Suzy is a Good Thing"). [32], The poor reviews of Pipe Dream made a national tour or London run impractical. Doc is unhappy, and Hazel decides something has to be done ("Thinkin' "). ("Finale"), Pipe Dream premiered on Broadway on November 30, 1955, at the Shubert Theatre, with Helen Traubel as Fauna, William Johnson as Doc, Judy Tyler as Suzy, George D. Wallace as Mac and Mike Kellin as Hazel. He spent the weekend before the operation writing one final song for Pipe Dream. [2] The two agreed to write and produce the adaptation. As Fauna and the girls arrive, so do the other Flophouse boys, and Mac gives Doc what was bought with the raffle money—the largest (tele)scope in the catalog. She is confident enough, indeed, to reject Doc, who is unhappy, but philosophical ("The Next Time It Happens"). When the scene returns to Doc's lab, he is receiving treatment from a real doctor and trying to puzzle out how he broke his arm. In March 1956, in a final attempt to save the show, Rodgers and Hammerstein revised it somewhat, moving several musical numbers. Having secured the rights to the farce Charley's Aunt, they produced it as the musical comedy Where's Charley?, with a score by Frank Loesser. [5] Doc's friends Mack (Mac in Pipe Dream) and Hazel (both men) are still around. [33] These tragedies convinced Traubel that there was a curse attached to Pipe Dream, and she began carrying good-luck charms when she performed. Who gives a damn? Song lyrics to Broadway show. Hazel sees Doc even more dispirited than before, and asks Suzy for an explanation. Francis, Bob. The show was a hit and helped establish Feuer and Martin on Broadway[1]—they went on to produce Guys and Dolls. Steinbeck noted this tendency on a page of dialogue changes: "One of the most serious criticisms is the uncertainty of Suzy's position in the Bear Flag. [33], During rehearsals and even during the run of the show, the music was repeatedly revised by Rodgers in an attempt to gear the songs to Traubel's voice. His unintelligent friend Hazel (a man) comes in to chat with him ("All Kinds of People"). Suzy comes in and tells Fauna of the date; that Doc made no pass at her, and that Doc confided how lonely he is. They felt that some of the characters, such as marine biologist Doc, would work well in a musical, but that many of the other characters would not. Feuer was the former head of the music department at low-budget Republic Pictures; Martin was a television executive. Doc, whose lack of a medical degree does not stop the denizens of Cannery Row from seeking him out for treatment, bandages her hand, as the irritated Millicent leaves. [59] The elder Hammerstein's biographer, Hugh Fordin, tied the failure of the play to the lyricist's prudery: South Pacific, Carousel and [Hammerstein work] Carmen Jones have stories that rest on the power of sexual attraction. 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