the pilliga princess
The forest is located near the towns of Baradine and Narrabri and the villages of Pilliga and Gwabegar. she was just sitting there, I locked the brakes on the bike and yelled out to my mate to come back but the girl was gone, he thought i was just talking out my ass, but it was so freaky, and there is noway any human could of got through the trees and thick scub, nor could a branch so thin hold someone’s weight. She would return favours for smokes/ grog / food. However, there are reported cases where Yowie like creatures are the violent and fearsome beasts that the Aborigines feared. But it freaked him out, seeing a ghost was certainly a surprise. Conservationists still haven’t forgiven him for that claim. They didn’t stick around to find out what the locals were like, reckoned it was all a bit too scary, but it would be a good place to disappear into if you wanted to do that. dressed like and old English style clothing all white . Or maybe something like this stays with you forever who knows. The Pilliga Scrub is also where a man known only as “Bongo”, claims to have seen a horrific Yowie. Could anyone who has had authentic experiences with the Pilliga Princess or any other happenings in the Pilliga please contact me at if you are willing and happy to share your experiences. We wouldn’t either. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I just found this facebook page about a pilliga film that is now in 70 countries? One night in 1993 the Pilliga Princess was hit and killed by a truck. Years ago I lived in Thirlemere near Picton. The trucker who hit her said she was wondering across the road and hadn’t seen her until it was too late. The dead silence in the forest was amazing. I clearly remember one night about 2 am I was completely buggered an wasn’t goin to make to the end of the Pilliga so I pulled into Pilliga no2 rest area n jumped in the bunk. Running through the giant Pilliga Forest of NSW, there’s a 20km stretch called the Newell Highway, where a great amount of spooky stories have originated, regarding that of the Pilliga Princess. Looking back I think he was trying to tell me to NOT. My dad is a truck driver but hasn’t seen her yet and hopefully won’t!! Was it a Bunyip removed from its waterhole? My brother because of his travels and his work that keeps him on call 24/7 is often awake in the early hours of the morning. Andy, Kelly and Kathline I would love to hear from you! She had a breakdown and used to live in humpies along the way . Thanks to the person who emailed me the following image from the Australian Cemeteries Index, we now know the name of the Princess. There are many more Pilliga stories from truckers, and there are a couple in particular that I’d like to include here later. Regardless – it is a place of very different energy unlike l ever felt . No Fee. Well, put aside what you already think you know about ghostly apparitions and scary sights because we have a list of the most haunted roads to plan a detour down on your next big trip – if you’re game! Scared the hell outa me at first. It sounded as if someone had attempted to open the door. But a quick look around the room proved all were in bed. next thing I remember was bright lights and a honking horn .., a massive truck was pulling up behind me .. Yowies, Bunyips and Mysterious Tales from the Pilliga Forest. I’m not a believer in ghosts and the similar but the eerie and unsettling feeling that you are being watched or someone or something is close by in the silence is enough for me to keep going. About two years ago my husband and I parked our caravan off the road near one of the truckstops and stayed overnight. They sometimes sport a halo or helmet like head dress; others have short antennae. As it turns out, nothing to note happened that particular night, but almost a decade earlier, at approximately the same time, a bike went off the road and both the riders (husband and wife) had died — it still gives me shivers thinking about it, and I remember it like it was yesterday.”. It is a call in show and it appeals to residents of small towns and rural areas. And then there’s the account of Jamie W, who recalls a hair-raising incident of when he came across a woman standing on the fog line of the highway near Coffs Harbour, swaying back and forth in the early hours of the morning. But I’m new in these parts, what do I know. In the morning my mate woke me up complaining, saying why the F did you unzip my swag. Enter your email address to follow this Old Broad in the Outback and receive notifications of new posts by email. not something i would normaly do but i agreed to. He didn’t follow me and I didn’t stop until Goondiwindi . Others driving through the area claim to have seen Min Min lights – a light that floats above the horizon and follows you across the land. You’ll have to watch to find out. There’s even a film documentary (trailer below) that. Similar to slim Dusty’s song, angel gear in that old would nearly kill you. One report claims that she walked in front of the truck, looked the driver in the eye and ran towards him laughing. I also remember seeing the angel of Goulburn hill too. Yowies are not confined to this area but this is where they have been most frequently reported. Once I had settled I went back to sleep and put the whole experience down to maybe a bad dream and after telling the boys what happened we left the forest the next morning. We planned to cover about 700 miles. This blog brought to you by Braun Transport Brisbane Darwin. I know people who hunt out there regularily and they ran into an off-grid, off-map settlement in the middle of the place on one recent trip. But this was not the only reason. Ask any trucker to tell you a scary story and they’ll likely bring up the tale of the Pilliga Princess. I hunt out there quite regular and have never experienced anything unusual until the last time we went shooting. As the caller’s tale goes, the fellow, identifying himself only as “Bongo,” had dialed the popular Australian radio program Overnights, which was featuring a number of strange legends and stories from a dense wooded area known as the Pilliga Scrub. They are massive, dangerous, and something so evil that all creatures learned to stay away from them. Boo! Immortalised in Henry Lawson’s poem, The Pilliga Princess, Newell Highway, NSW, Anti Gravity Hill, Straws Lane, Woodend, VIC, In  there are countless anonymous stories online that speak of a girl in a white dress that appears on the Middle Creek Bridge in Wakehurst Parkway west of Sydney as unsuspecting drivers go through her, or a nun apparition that sits in the back seat of cars.


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