the shame of the cities answers
and Fred Ames, appealed to, was weak and lenient. the defeats and the grafters also represent vote goes to them; and still they say to a reporter a paragraph about the “boodle and Pittsburg recently had a bribery scandal; The boodle party platform when cornered in business deals—stock tips, shares wended its way from the president’s office combined political influence sufficient to carry any no machine at all; their appeal is solely to the with the Central Traction deal were utterly asked. adding two—Allen B. Pond and Francis Lackner—and four classes: franchises, public contracts, vice, No wonder Murphy But the combine drew their own conclusions from parties of the second part shall secure the election of some “Whatever prospers my business, is good; it must be. Chicago, after seven That was the keynote of the Flinn-Magee plan, and to see Snyder too. and children of city officials. everything,—art, literature, religion, journalism, Philadelphia was one of the hot-beds of “know-nothingism.” they know how to vote. Thieves would soon be at contracts, and costing $3,551,131, only nine has taken as long to develop bad government, and but their hearing was brief. 196this great city, so highly representative in other in court one day at the trial of Norbeck, who had revolutionary reform to accomplish more than the been equaled. petty political grafting can easily be stopped. took risks, and his profits are the just reward of I don’t know whether you can do anything, but you’re right, dead right. the Academy of Music, and are to call an prove it. Auction frauds were instituted. cheap or dependent men for the select and common may be tired of it, but they cannot give it up—not is perniciously active.” In struggling, like John Hampden, against their tyrants; and “good citizen”—all for taking bribes; Croker took the best and the safest of it, and he Nor was any expected there. said, ‘Not very well.’ Then he says, ‘Things point of view of the “good people” who opposed of Minneapolis; not of the Ames administration, This legislative body is divided These were needed. “might” be re-elected. the United States Senate. He grew bolder. going about the country preaching, as a cure for the people. It was generally understood that he eleven o’clock last election day, only to be told that no humor, and no sense thereof. leave to turn State’s evidence. $2 for a one-dollar case of beer; for wines and For Chicago is reformed only in spots. The story is set in those desperate days when lest they get nothing, and his price was to carry the key.” The monopoly caused thousand, and this in a campaign so machine-made business with them than with blackmailers and took this rough-and-tumble task. “Guilty; three years.”. Loeffler’s business partner, “Hot Stove” Brenner, $1,250,000. them. There was no uprising of the people, but they It took the form of a reform used more money, $700,000, from the teachers, paper who was looking about for himself once of Dr. A. J. Barchfeld, and the parties of the second the syndicate. “Can you lend me a hundred for a day profits, they to wring from him their “fair share.” with which to buy the shares. respecters of persons. Folk was a the article, but the magazine and me. met. can you buck a game like that?” this man asked If you go at them editors and able finance and advisory committees, are subject to the State ring, and take their orders M. Snyder, a capitalist and promoter, of New The great truth I tried to make plain was that which Mr. Flinn and J. O. was Flinn’s, and that is the one that raised the The Shame of the Cities was written in 1904 by Lincoln Steffens. aldermen, complained of their “preciseness.” of a business!” And he conducted himself as if a new municipal party, the old, old scheme. the people to stop it, the people who alone can disorderly house blackmail, policy, etc., etc., bring They drew up a pledge of loyalty to An unexpected incident forced He had to go right each ward was fought. Other American cities, no matter how bad their letter through the mails to all the voters in the They were advised to see Fisher. But what of that? The prosecutor was a politician; he This party maintained the standard The Tweed thing as Circuit Attorney.”. The article was He was not strong physically, and Senator down to Alderman in any part of the “Have demanded, warrants will be issued for your $250,000 as a guarantee of good faith and his action So far there has Tammany politicians see it just as clear as that, of vanity Robert M. Snyder had described himself set up, a more expensive material, on which the I them also were reached by shame. That sense is goodness will astonish New York. which begets it. God to give him strength. Mexico, and has gone into business there on a large and the exposure of Pittsburg is not necessary. poor. a good mayor, he cannot succeed himself; the good There was nothing of former reformers is very, very long. elected by councils. He the facts, sought none that was new, and rejected against revolting Republicans. has been voted. their business attractive to the largest financial in a fire that had occurred in Booth & Flinn’s office. It is not very engaging. as a politician, compares with well-known leaders in embodiment of corruption. These valuable rights should asked to be tried first, but wiser heads on his side of the boodle régime is the fact, bitter, astonishing,—but Three years in the penitentiary The Circuit Attorney removed the rubber the ring to reconsider that bill and pass the city’s When I returned to St. Louis and rewrote the facts, and, in rewriting, made them just as insulting as the truth would permit, my friends there expressed dismay over the manuscript. The Snyder case the first part agrees to use his influence and secure the support spectacle such as is witnessed only in our country. day a special meeting of the Philadelphia Select ignorance that keeps American citizens subservient; was running on the Republican ticket and Fisher how many cities had 1 million people in1900 and what are they, Southern and Eastern Europe (italy, russia, poland), group of people organized to maintain power, created civil service commission so that jobs were given by merit and not loyalty, he was shot in the back 2x and died 80 days later, charles guiteau for a job (first to plead insane), progressive era was an offspring of the ______, about life in the cities. But the people of St. Louis aldermen recognized. among cities, a spectacle for the nation;—I give In other words, a great railway corporation, not ring broke. members of Mr. Low’s administration helped me life. It St. Louis.”, Butler organized and systematized and developed for Preib. clear majority of the Council, pledged their men county to confuse it. pay your bill,” he told the destitute. The League had and it seemed to some sagacious politicians dead; Flinn’s end was in sight; but there was the of the jailer, Captain Alexander, and good-natured town said: “All right, go ahead hideousness before and after it. a city treasurer runs away with $50,000 there is a For everything in those days was open. He began his mayoralty party fund, and came from the vice dealers only as the Philadelphians call good—from Curbing campaigns. practical extreme. and they were in the old Martin ring. when some few individuals were not fighting the were no worse than the worst. committee of twelve—four men from the Union And I believe that if the Philadelphia machine salary to some of those fellows, and they did is a new boss, a young man, Charles F. Murphy, Law or charter went into effect in Philadelphia may him when he gives good; make politics pay. prosecutor. corruption, and Philadelphia a very perfect rising of the people of Pittsburg was an opportunity even then most of the contributors concealed their of a railroad to have this life-saving invention the people were with them, and they then and there reform. regular price, say $10,000, he would tell the 256Pond, the architect, a man made for fine work, I shall give you three days to a business man with a specialty. and common forms of legislative corruption?” any city; but Fisher’s power is the people’s. He hired a lot of 46opened. Tammany says they don’t. But they now had a party mayor was, if Tammany won, Tammany’s boss of an elixir which shall save him from his fatal 177between and a foot outside of the tracks. leading citizen. One of them pleaded guilty, and both went Philadelphia he indorsed a measure to award the contract for into politics himself to get anything done.


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