the truth behind tanked
They are obviously not interactive pets, nor are they often viewed as companions. What responsible aquarist fills an aquarium with tap water, mixes the salt, then throws the fishes right in? And, since one of your uncaring guests is A. Fatal Attractions produces piercing criticism towards people with large and dangerous pets. i would like to get a tanck with baby sharks. If the clients choose the specific fish, they sure don't present it that way a lot, and that's the problem I think you a were addressing in your hub. A manufacturing company flies Wayde and Brett to Chicago on a private jet to pitch their ambitious plans for a large aquarium over a second-floor staircase; a Caribbean restaurant in Philadelphia wants an interactive window tank with remote-controlled submarines. Wayde and Brett build a tank for comedian, Wayde and Brett meet NBA Houston Rockets Basketball player, The guys build two tanks. When a client asks for any object to become a tank, if it's a drum or a telephone box, Brett & Wayde must make it happen, as their motto is 'If you can dream it, We can build it'. Aquariums are indeed like a fine wine in that they get better with age. They produce aquarium displays that are unique, well-built, and perfect for their customers (I mean, not everyone wants an aquarium in a telephone booth…). I’m outta here. Meanwhile, a couple hosts a party for the Marine Aquarium Convention. Fish (of which most in the show are from the ocean) vary in their behavior. Wayde and Brett have two clients who want aquariums in their own backyard: basketball player, Demarcus Cousins, wants a corner tank for his Las Vegas house; and a pet store wants a tank for both fish and reptiles. Why. The first thing I saw was one of them taking a puffer fish OUT of the water and letting it puff up with AIR. I overlooked that. They ALL DIED!!!!!! They've changed their format to appeal to a younger audience with a focus on males in their early twenties. The team is tasked with building a tank for Ethel M, a chocolate factory in Vegas, and also the team has a surprise in store for Wayde. You're probably right about the money part, but along with that the standards for distributing these creatures need to rise. Unlike the pets in Fatal Attractions, save for some venomous species, fish are not dangerous and stay permanently contained to their aquatic enclosures. The guys’ concern that “the fishes can only be in the bags another few hours” while installing a very expensive aquarium only begs the question as to why in the hell anyone would bring out the fishes before the aquarium build was completed in the first place? Fish might be overlooked, however. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Things to consider before getting a complex aquarium includes having extra generators and having gallons of extra water on hand. Remember that fish in your tank can never leave, so be very mindful of this when stocking it. I’d love to see the stats on how many of those fishes actually made it through the first week. Tanked is a tv show but the company the show is based on is very real. I knew that wacky antics and lots of yelling and reality-show absurdity would be included to provide entertainment value. Little emphesis on technique. Closer to home, the guys get asked to build a custom acrylic waterfall as part of a memorial in Las Vegas. Brett Raymer and Wayde King, the brothers-in-law who own the operation, indeed do amazing work, give or take some of the playful tackiness that may turn off more serious aquarists. Redneck designs a RV aquarium; the team builds a large indoor tank that holds both alligators and sharks. It is very informative and interesting. Really. Fish are shown in the program as being selected for their looks and the aesthetic needs of the client’s project. Fish are seemingly added to a tank as soon as it is filled with water. Stocking will also depend on the specific needs of that species. It's not rocket science. Fish essentially serve the purpose of being living ornaments. They must instead be taken from ocean reefs. Let’s face it. No man cave is complete without an elegant, saltwater aquarium that is viewable from two sides. Dr. Oz asks for an aquarium which will include an Oz-theme interior that will have the fish swimming down the yellow brick road. They are skipping over a lot of important info to get to the tank building, the tank reveal, and the planned shenanigans that a lot of these shows feel they need to shove in (like Pawn Stars). Tanked seems to be a good example of this with a format similar to Pimp My Ride. Splinter | Politics, News, Media, and Opinion. So little time was spent explaining the design or merits of a quarantine system or process that it just felt “unclean” to me. An amazing airport restaurant request; A Massive ship replica, One of the most famous Hotel Casinos ever, Bellagio, charge a large deal for a giant tank. 'Call of the Wildman' is another such show. Wayde King and Brett Raymer of ATM are incredibly talented individuals that have built a great business giving their clientele the aquariums of their dreams. Many owners of large aquariums purchase the latter filter, and owners of smaller aquariums often buy this water in stores. Required fields are marked *. On the plus side- I learned that Goldfish have no stomach! What nitrogen cycle? They can become stressed (often fatally) if their environment does not meet these needs. The show had potential, but... Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on March 18, 2014: I agree mariekbloch. The series follows the operations of the Las Vegas-based aquarium manufacturer Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, owned by brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King. Plus a vineyard owner requests his historic old wagon be used for displaying a tank outside. Staged hilarity and hijinx. As an aquarium professional, the hardest thing for me to reconcile is my own values versus the clients’ perception of the aquarium as a piece of “kinetic art”. ", The team shows the new shark tank of comedian Tracy Morgan, This page was last edited on 14 August 2020, at 04:48. Wayde and Brett revisit their most challenging Tank builds. The next episode of “Animal Hoarders” is on now, followed by “Hillbilly Hand Fishing” and “American Chopper”. Why? Also, Morgan's baby gets a tank. While you can get away with immediately adding animals to a tank fairly, it is difficult on them. As such, they are prone to end up in the hands of owners who lack experience or the willingness to commit to a higher standard of care. Freshwater fish can deal with higher nutrient levels a little better. A skateboard ramp tank has Wayde & Brett grinding their gears to find a solution to keep the acrylic from scratching; The ATM team builds a surprise octopus tank for Wayde's birthday; and Vegas weather is threatening a meltdown on an outdoor gumball tank. Bravo to these guys! They likely omit when the guys perform crucial (but boring) water tests, discussions involving the long-term care of the species chosen, and the intricacies of maintaining and cleaning the aquarium so that they remain presentable and healthy. Wayde and Brett design a multipurpose tank for a fitness mogul; an Alabama casino requests a tank with a scaled replica of a historical lighthouse. Brief mentions of some of the things I've mentioned here can be included, either verbally or with little footnotes at the bottom of the screen (right now, this area is dedicated to little titbits about the cast and other on goings.) Depressing really. Many will die in transport and even more will not live long in aquariums. Really talented aquarium fabricators. Wayed and Brett build a volcano tank for a Hawaiian restaurant, and a drum kit tank for a music store. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy, “Tanked” – A Dose Of Reality That Doesn’t Hold Water, Seneye aquarium monitoring unit unboxed and exposed to a camera, Orange Scolymia are in season at Cherry Corals, Calculating Actual Tank Volume Using Pre-Measured Salt Mix, The CoreXC & CoreXP Are All New Slim Fixtures from HM Electronics, We Finally Know What an Adult Venusta Multibar Hybrid Looks Like, Announcing ReefStock @ Home for Saturday, Nov 14, Time Capsule of German Mini Reef Aquariums from 1985.


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